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Group Rules

Please place things in the right folder

Submission will be denied/deleted in incorrect folders. So if you find something denied it is most likely because of this. If you're not sure what the folder means, it will say it inside the folder. Folders will have their specific rules within the folder itself.

Please do not spam the group with submitting art.

Though we have unlimited submissions to most folders, please try to do it in small quantities at a time.

Things acceptable for submission ✔️

Sexy things of course; general to adult rated; Furry related; Things in the right folder and up to a quality standard.

(prefer drawn stuff over photos but still have that option) Photos in photography only. All submissions of characters must be 18+ of age.

Content Not Accepted 🛑

Things against DA policies; content submitted to the wrong folder; content not following folder guidelines; content requiring users to be a watcher to view (walled content); content with minors or illegal. Content that is part of NFTs. Ai generated content.

Submitting blogs

Ask the main admins first, AshWolves5, if it is acceptable to post. If you do not it will be deleted without notice.

And of course follow deviant art's rules If anything is noticed in violation it will be reported and deleted from the group.

Becoming a Member:

Member guidelines: Anyone can join. Members are to follow the group rules applied to everyone. Group submissions may be limited in a couple folders but unlimited for all the rest and are reviewed and voted on for acceptance. Invitations to become a member are instantly accepted.

Users that do not follow the rules will be blocked from the group. Submissions placed wrong will be deleted.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact AshWolves5 if you wish to appeal a block please contact.

A Folder is Full:

If you try to submit to a folder but it is full please comment on the group's page to notify us, otherwise we will not know it is full. I will make additional folders once others fill up. Thank you ~