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Sexually Subtle

What are we about? We are into art work (mainly photography) that shows the sensual side of human nature. The emphasis is work that is subtle rather than being deliberate with sexuality. It doesn't have to have a straight on shot of a person's "junk" to turn people on. It's about attitude and emotion.... that playful expression on a person's face with the flirty pose - this is what we are talking about.

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Sexually Subtle
This is for non-nude photographic material that displays sexuality.

Skin Is In
This is for implied and nude photographic material that displaces sexuality.

This is for material that features couples or anything with more than one person.

Art Work
This is for any type of work that is not done with a camera. Paint, pencil, digital...

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Our mission is to create and collect imagery that displays the subtle nature of sexuality. Whether it is being flirty or simply a small facial expression, we as humans are driven by sexuality.
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Select Seven | Oct 22, 2014
Been a while since the last Select Seven.  I'm stuck at home since I just had surgery, so now is a good time to catch up.  This time I am drawing from material featured in this group rather than material from both the group and my feed.

DSC 7617v by KallyUa
DSC 7617v // KallyUa
I am just in awe of the composition of this shot.  The window light provides a nice outline highlight of the subjects hair, arm, and leg.  It shows of a lot of skin without revealing any nudity.  The pose and position is also great.  All in all it is a well composed shot.

Morning Coffee by nikongriffin
Morning Coffee // nikongriffin
This is a perfect example of real life and the this group's principle of "Sexually Subtle".  The lighting is realistic of the moment and the amount of grain in the background is perfect.  

Mature Content

Espelho 1 by kamigiel

Espelho 1 // kamigiel
Beyond the sexuality of the wardrobe, this shot reminds me of my own experiences in the studio.  During pauses in a shoot, say when I'm reviewing a previous shot or moving something on the set, I tend to catch the model looking over into one of the mirrors.  They all do different things.  Trying a pose, looking at their hair, or whatever.  This shot creates nostalgia for me.

Mature Content

I See Fire by H0LL0W25

I See Fire // HOLLOW25
Bam!  The model in this shot reminds me of anti-matter (Like in Angels & Demons).  Her pose, the top, the color, and her beauty.  It is the beginning of a sensual cataclysm.  This is good photography mixed with good modeling.

Mature Content

445 by yaz212

445 // yaz212
I love this shot because it can be so dynamic with the imagination.  It could be some twisted museum or exhibit.  Hell it could be a bordello. Very interesting and well composed.  It is an inspiring piece of work.

Mature Content

Monica Elizabeth 6 by Scottworldwide

Monica Elizabeth 6 // Scottworldwide
I see plenty of the "against the wall" shots, but this one is very well executed.  The strong shadow defines the body from the wall which would otherwise blend into it.  The models pose is seductive.  I also love how the model is completely nude, but you only see enough to be teased.

Mature Content

761 by photoduality

761 // photoduality
I love the strong direct light to the front of the model.  The model is positioned well to have the line between light and dark down the middle of her body.  I believe this shot is a perfect way to accentuate breast without really emphasizing the breast.  

Thanks for reading!
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