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Hawks x Reader - Instincts
He made it a habit to watch the morning news. Not because he found the dry reporting and the constant string of bad events entertaining, but because he figured he might as well be prewarned of any issues before he went out for the day’s work. He padded out of the bathroom, scratching at his bare stomach as he made for the kitchen.
The TV screen mounted above the counter showed Miyagi and his one horn reading off the morning reports. Something taxes, something French ambassador, something something litigation against a politician…
‘Boring, boring, boring,’ he muttered under his breath, pulling open the fridge and yanking out the carton of orange juice. He left the twist-cap on the counter top, took a swig, and climbed onto one of the breakfast-bar stools.
'What’s boring?’ you called from the bedroom, rifling through your sock drawer.
'Everything!’ Hawks called back, followed by a noise of dismay. ’Eurgh. I shouldn’t
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Hawks x Reader - Ruffling Feathers
Lo-fi hip-hop drifted from the open kitchen door, along with the smell of roasting chicken. Barefoot footsteps sounded back and forth on the tile -plap, plap, plap- and a contented humming that faded in and out with the melody of the music. Casual and unconscious.
You edged closer to the door, feet silent on the thick hallway carpet, and put your eye to the crack in the door.
Hawks had his back to you, wearing low-slung sweatpants and little else, save a watch with a leather strap. He turned his wrist to look at the latter, checking the time. He bent to peer into the oven, enormous scarlet wings flaring slightly to adjust his balance. He moved unconsciously, unaware he was being watched.
A slow, wicked smile curved your lips. Target acquired.
You waited until he was pulling the tray from the oven and clattering it onto the stovetop before you risked opening the door. You slipped inside, edging along the wall. Hawks grabbed the tongs, turning over the breaded chicken drums
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Aizawa Shouta x Reader - Quirkless Coffee pt. 2
Five-thirty in the morning and your eyes were still gritty from sleep. A yawn cracked your jaws open wide. The back door squeaked when you opened it. Damn it. Need to oil that. You flipped the switches and the lights flickered on. A soft golden glow, not harsh fluorescents, because fuck that noise.
Living in the apartment above the coffee shop meant you only had to roll out of bed, shower, and walk down the metal back stairs. Pretty easy a commute. It was why you opened each morning and closed up most nights. Why make some seventeen year old, sleep-deprived student get up at the asscrack of dawn and get the bus when you could do it yourself.
You had half an hour to get the coffee machines running, wipe down the counters, and prepare the sandwiches for the early morning rush. The moment you opened your doors there’d be a steady trickle up until 10. Your day staff would arrive at seven, but for that first hour you braved the coffee-zombies alone.
The windows were panels of g
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Todoroki Shouto x Reader - Shopping and Soba
The department store rose four storeys from street level, the lit windows gleaming in the chilly, overcast January afternoon.  Situated on a sharp corner, Mitsukoshi looked like a slice of cake draped in fairy lights. Shouto stared up at it, hands shoved in his pockets. His breath misted as he turned to look at you.
‘Why are we here, again?’
You smiled. ‘I wanted to buy you something for your birthday, but you’re kind of hard to choose for.’
‘I am?’ He looked genuinely surprised, like it was something he hadn’t known about himself.
‘Yeah, unless you want a lifetime supply of zaru soba.’
He opened his mouth, his face suddenly earnest. You tugged at his sleeve to lead him into the store before he could say that yes, actually, he did want a lifetime supply of soba.
As the son of the #1 Hero in Japan, unwilling as he was to acknowledge that fact, he was used to a relatively priveliged lifestyle. In terms of his family
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Tokoyami Fumikage x Reader - Mad Banquet
A mad banquet, according to your colleague. You’d heard him muttering it to himself yesterday when you stood behind him in the line at the deli. He’d been buying a small bento box and a couple of apples, apparently unaware of your presence, and you’d heard the little murmur.
Classic Tokoyami.
Today he’d left Hawk’s office later than you, so you were already sprawled in the shade of a tree in the park when he turned up, carrying his lunch. You paused with a morsel of food halfway to your mouth and squinted up at him.
‘I usually eat here.’
You blinked. His voice was toneless, so you couldn’t tell if he was explaining himself, or telling you to leave.
‘Well, you should join me for lunch then,’ you said, making an expansive gesture at the uneven circle of shade. ‘It’s a good spot if we’ve both picked it out.’
‘I like the shade,’ said Tokoyami as
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Kyoraku Shunsui x Reader - Sake
Choosing sake is a delicate affair. There are many types, some finer than others, some sweeter, some designed to be served hot, room temperature, or chilled. Generally, the finer the sake, the cooler the temperature it ought to be drunk. Naturally, the purer the brew, the more the cost skyrockets.
You rubbed your thumb across your lower lip, eyes roving back and forth over the rustic wooden shelves. This particular sake brewer was little known, but his prices were enough to make a Kuchiki blink.
‘You sure you haven’t accidentally put the decimal in the wrong place, Kokori-san?’ you called to the wizened old man standing stooped behind the counter.
He gave a rusty laugh, used to your candour. You’d already spent a good hour in his shop, browsing and chatting. It was nice, he thought, having a pretty young woman in his shop, even if she haggled like a dog with a bone.
'My eyesight hasn’t failed me yet, young lady,’ he retorted. 'When it does, you might
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Yamada Hizashi x Reader - Let Rip
Support developers, both independent and corporate, pride themselves on the durability and comfort of their inventions. Those that specialise in costumes are at the cutting edge of fabric technology, developing new manufacture and treatment methods to give every Pro a striking costume that will both fit their aesthetic and either work with or support the user’s Quirk.
There is, however, only so much that can be done when your client favours tight leather pants. We’re not just talking a little snug here, or even clingy. We’re talking so tight that extra fabric had to be put in around the knees just so the Pro in question could walk.
That, friends, is why Present Mic’s support tech had a nervous breakdown.
And why you, the producer for Put Your Hands Up! Radio, were about to see more of Present Mic than you’d ever expected. The man himself swanned into the station at half-past eleven that Friday night, early as per usual, arms full of bounty. H
:iconsexintheseireitei:SexInTheSeireitei 36 3
Aizawa Shouta x Reader - Quirkless Coffee
It was the first thing you said to him, when you found out exactly who this scrufflord was, sitting in your cafe with his bloodshot eyes, raggedy clothes, and general air of exhausted impatience.
Eraserhead? What. Like the movie?’
From the tightening around his eyes, you could tell it was a question he’d heard many times before. And not one he found amusing. You smoothed over the situation by refilling his cup. He gave a muttered thanks, hunkering over the steaming cup of coffee not unlike a tramp over a burning trash can.
‘So, is your Quirk to turn into a baby and twist your head around?’ You sloshed the coffee pot. ‘Free refills if you demonstrate.’
A snort. ‘No. I didn’t choose it,’
‘Was it the cockatiel guy who meets you here? He looks like the nicknamer type.’
‘Good guess.’
‘Okay, free refills from sympathy, then.’
You generally weren’t this chatty with customers, especial
:iconsexintheseireitei:SexInTheSeireitei 147 8
Shouta Aizawa x Reader - Headphones
Technically, you weren’t supposed to order things to the school. All the mail was scanned by the security robots before it was delivered, so the Principal would have a record of what you’d ordered. You were willing to put up with his tea-time lectures if it meant your neighbours wouldn’t steal your shit.
And, you thought, opening the cardboard box and wrenching the styrofoam out of the way, it’s totally worth it for these babies.
They spilled out onto your desk in the teacher’s lounge, wrapped tight in plastic. You didn’t even bother with scissors, tearing open the plastic with your bare hands and dumping the shelled husk into the trash can. You unfolded your new beauties, holding them reverently in your hands.
‘Hey, hey,’ drawled a familiar, loud voice. ‘Nice gear!’
Mic leaned over the desk, arms braced on top of your computer screen. He grinned, pointing down at your new headphones.
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Shouta Aizawa Cat Plushie by SexInTheSeireitei Shouta Aizawa Cat Plushie :iconsexintheseireitei:SexInTheSeireitei 3 0
Bakugou Katsuki - Dango
‘Are you sure you don’t want some?’ You dangled the skewer of dango in front of Katsuki’s face, one plump dumpling left, drizzled with mitarashi sauce. ‘Last offer, Kacchan.’
He stared at it as if it had personally offended his mother, something only he was allowed to do, of course. ‘I told you, I don’t like sweets.’
You shoved the last dumpling in your mouth, glaring at him sidelong. You smirked as the thought popped fully-formed into your head. ‘Aww, but aren’t I sweet? And you like me!’
Bakugou’s head turned slowly, red eyes narrowed with disbelief, face set in an expression of pure disgust. ‘Tell me I didn’t just hear that from your fucking mouth.’
‘This mouth?’ you asked innocently, pointing at your lips. You could feel a crumb in the corner and licked it away absent-mindedly.
Bakugou didn’t answer. His expression had cleared to a strange, eerily focused
:iconsexintheseireitei:SexInTheSeireitei 138 8
Toshiro Hitsugaya x Reader - Ice Skating
‘Why are you sulking?’ Your skates hissed against the ice as you slid to a stop in front of the tall, white-haired young man who looked as though he’d rather be anywhere else in the world. ‘You are, quite literally, in your element.’  
Toshiro huffed through his nose, a stream of white vapour. With his cool, teal eyes and pale colouring, he looked like a Prince of Winter stepped straight from a child’s storybook. Except, most princes didn’t sulk.
‘This is not what I had in mind when you suggested ice skating,’ he said stiffly.
Another gaggle of teenage girls zoomed past, their eyes fixed on Toshiro. Their giggles floated on the cold air. He winced, tugging his green scarf higher up over his chin.
‘Where else did you think we would go?’ You braced yourself on his arm as you leaned on the rink wall beside him. It was reassuringly solid. ‘Besides, it’s fun!’
Your idea of fun, maybe.
:iconsexintheseireitei:SexInTheSeireitei 19 1
Byakuya Kuchiki x Reader - Chocolate and Ginger
‘Why have you brought me to this…place?’ Byakuya asked coolly. He pronounced ‘place’ as though it was a synonym for ‘cesspit’.
He gave the inside of the coffee shop a once-over, his thin eyebrows pulling together. Garlands of holly, dripping with fat red berries, and ivy twined around the low wooden beams. Stockings -red, gold, green- hung over the fireplace where an actual, real-life fire crackled. The air smelled of cinnamon and chocolate, peppermint and ginger.
Humans filled the place to the eaves. They crowded small wooden tables or huddled around the fire to thaw themselves out. A long line snaked from the counter out the door. The pair of you stood near the front of it.
You smiled up at him. ‘It’s a western coffee shop. They decorate for Christmas every December.’
‘I know about Christmas,’ he said, a touch miffed by the suggestion that he didn’t know everything. ‘I am not Western, so I stil
:iconsexintheseireitei:SexInTheSeireitei 22 2
Shunsui Kyoraku x Reader - Tangles
The sun had set over four hours ago and crisp, cold air drifted in from the garden. You could close the shoji, and the room would turn cosy in no time, but the chill was the only thing keeping you awake. The magazine on your lap certainly was not.
The Seireitei Communication had its merits, but your husband's writing was not one of them. You only read his dire little romance series out of some twisted sense of loyalty.
And he'd sulk if you didn't.
The Rose-coloured Path was...not good. What it lacked in literary finesse, it tried to make up for in melodrama and steamy romance. It failed parlessly on both counts. You'd tried pointing these things out to Shunsui, but he took your opinion rather hard. It didn't matter that no-one else sent him fan letters, he wanted you to like it.
Oh, the sufferings of a wife.
You smiled wryly and tossed the magazine onto the low table, reclining further on the assortment of low cushions Shunsui favoured over a couch. Better for r
:iconsexintheseireitei:SexInTheSeireitei 13 1
Shinji Hirako x Reader - Lame
You didn’t know why he tried, really. He was fighting a futile battle, and you certainly weren’t going to help him.
A loud, obnoxious voice drifted from the front room, laced with rising annoyance. His accent was always so much harsher when he threw a tantrum. You lifted the rice off the burner and set it to one side. A small hand burrowed into yours as you crept to the doorway dividing the kitchen from the living room. Your daughter clung to your side, peering around your robe at the scene.
Shinji knelt in the middle of an ocean of LPs. His cravat was askew, teeth showing in a grimace. He gestured with a vinyl record. ‘Ya just don’ get it, do ya? I thought I’d raised ya better’n this!’
‘Dad...’ sighed the young boy on the couch. Kentaro had his legs tucked up under him, a book splayed open on his lap, and a resigned expression on his face. ‘I don’t like jazz.’
Shinji’s eyes widened, his eyebrows crashed toge
:iconsexintheseireitei:SexInTheSeireitei 13 1
Kensei Muguruma x Reader - Flowers
The cellophane crinkled between your nervous fingers. The hall was empty, which you could only count as a blessing, considering your current mission. It was a deadly one. Your target was intuitive, lethal, and grumpy. You rocked back on your heels, eyeing the closed office door. He was in there. You could feel his spiritual pressure, like a small maelstrom of heat and power on the other side of that slab of wood.
Your fingers twitched nervously on your burden, eyes wide and wary. Would he accept it? The scent was fresh and sweet. The colours perhaps a bit bright, but not outrageous. Your lips pursed. Would he laugh at you?
Probably not. As much as you loved him, he wasn’t a man who laughed a whole lot. His quiet snorts and small smirks were enough for you. By now, you could read amusement or displeasure in the merest twitch of his pierced eyebrow.
He was always good to you. Did his best not to be such a grouch, looked after you. Was it so crazy, what you’d done?
A go
:iconsexintheseireitei:SexInTheSeireitei 5 0


Lone Wolves (Lon'qu x Archer!Reader)

Arrow after arrow buries into the straw practice dummy, making it jerk with each blow. You mechanically reach over your shoulder into your quiver, nocking an arrow with movements so automatic you don't even register doing them. Your body is taut with outrage as you loose another arrow, hitting the crude man-shaped effigy straight in the center. Your fingers are aching, legs and back straining with the effort of standing in one place for so long, but you reach for another arrow, seething with indignation. How dare he? How dare he?
The image of the stoic swordsman’s face flickers in your mind's eyes- his own eyes cool and remote as he turned to you, his expression seeming to size you up, judge you and find you sorely lacking.
The truth was, there was a certain amount of intrigue Feroxi swordsman- the stoic man who was Basilio's personal champion, renowned for his swordsmanship, yet he possessed a strange aversion to women- even being near one seem
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 209 34
Mature content
It Only Takes a Taste (Gaius x Reader) :iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 13 2
Your Quirk. Shinso x Reader
       Several hours after classes had ended for the day, you stealthily made your way back into the school building. Though the empty halls sent a shiver down your spine, you forced yourself to head up several flights of deserted stairs. Once on the right floor, you half ran to the library door and hoped no teachers were still around to catch you. Now just outside the door, you crept inside to return a book that was long overdue. Thankfully, the school librarian had left hours ago, meaning that at least for today, you'd managed to evade getting scolded. Breathing a sigh of relief as you placed the book behind the counter, you saw something in your peripheral vision move. Worried it might be a teacher, another sigh escaped your throat when you realized it was only Shinso. “Hey, what are you doing here?”
Sure you were talking to him, as there was no one else you could be talking to, Shinso answered you without so much as looking up from his book. “S
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 73 6
Late Night Tempura (Aizawa Shouta x Reader)
The overhead lights kept flickering, accompanied by a metallic buzz that grated on his nerves.
Aizawa Shouta sighed and rubbed his temples. He was tired, even moreso than usual. What he wanted was to go home, retreat into his sleeping bag and sleep forever. Obviously that wasn't a feasible option, but a few hours would make a lot of difference to his current mood. Oh, nothing spectacular had gone wrong at UA or while he was on patrol, but there was still an ache in his lower back and a slump to his shoulder that signified it was time for him rest.
Of course, he wasn't expecting to see what he did around the corner.
Aizawa stopped in his tracks.
You were standing down the aisle, frowning slightly with concentration as you mentally debated over which flavouring of instant noodles you were in the mood for. The sight was so innocuous that it seemed bizarre. How often had he imagined scenarios played through his mind of meeting you again?
Aizawa had never been a social man. As you might exp
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 57 7
July Reviews
Soul Cage - Tetsuya Honda (4/5)
I did genuinely enjoy the plot, a man's hand is found in a garage, surrounded by blood. The police are searching for a possible murder, but the man they are looking for might not really be him at all...
There's something kind of pleasant about this book, like the whole storytelling just flows nicely and shifts between perspectives of the characters. There were some clever twists thrown in here and there and it was fun getting an insight into Japanese suburban life and the struggles of trying to assert yourself as a woman in a very male-dominated society. Officer Himekawa was a really fun protagonist to get behind and I was rooting for her the entire time.
What stops is being a 5 is that the whole narration is just kinda...slow. It just goes along at the same pace all the way through, there's no real amount of tension or urgency, even when the cops are racing against the clock, it doesn't feel like they're in a hurry at all.
Little Fires Everywhere
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 3 7
Serene by wlop Serene :iconwlop:wlop 7,383 130
April Reviews
Hello! Time for my monthly review-a-thon. Technically I have cheated a bit with this, because the first book on this list I actually finished in March, but it sucked and I didn't want to do a review containing one book I didn't like, so March and April have been combined. Prepare for a lot of swearing.
Chasing Harry Winston - Lauren Weisberger (2/5)
The book revolves around three spoiled bitches women, Emmy, Leigh and Adriana. And all of them have incredibly shallow "problems" that could have been interesting if the author was interested in writing an actual book instead of an episode of Sex and the City. Emmy gets dumped by her obviously-terrible fiancé (or boyfriend, it's not important), spends some time moping about it and then her friends decide what she really needs to do is travel around the world and get some dick in her in every continent. No, that's not a joke, this is an actual suggestion and one she actually follows through on. But,'s just such a stupid
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 5 7
Yin Yang by moni158 Yin Yang :iconmoni158:moni158 22,434 684 Yumichika by SMaskVXN Yumichika :iconsmaskvxn:SMaskVXN 21 2



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