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You make me fell like life is worth living. Love is a war and if you fall in love you lose. I feel like I’m falling apart inside.  How can you break my heart and  say  it’s because I deserve better.
Can you break a heart after it stops beating? It’s funny how you can break your heart and you still love them with all the little pieces. What did I do to deserve this? Feel my pain… hear my screams… and watch me fade. Doesn’t it make you sad to find yourself all alone? I close my eyes but I can’t seem to block you out. Even if you can’t see it there is so much pain behind these eyes. Every time some one asks me if I’m ok it’s just a reminder that I’m not. I always feel so worthless. The pain may pause but it never goes away. I’m everything that I hate because of you. I’m to sad to care anymore. The tears just keep falling and now I’ve cried too many tears. I’m so sick of speaking words no one under stands.  Never again will these tears fall for you. I would have died for you if you if you had just tried to love me. I know it’s hard to  love me.. But you could have at least tried. I still love him. Tired of everything.  The worst way to miss some one is when they are right next to you and  you know you can’t have him. I’m so use to being alone… it’s the only thing I can rely on these days. I was so sad… but I never said a word because you wouldn’t listen even if I told you.
i was really sad when i wrote this and i still feel sad
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This is how i feel right now...
It is very good.
I feel similarly now.