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Despite the warnings from her mother, Lilith did not call of the plans. In fact, she started making the plans, and had an architect start working on the designs for the new housing. As she worked throughout the day, her mother's words rang in her ears.
God is displeased with your actions and lack of kindness. If you do not call off your plans and return the kingdom to the way I had it, you will have to face the consequences.
Lilith shook it off each time, convincing herself that the message was just a dream. But it always crept back, along with a contradicting question: If it was just a dream, why did she have it? Usually dreams like this actually meant something. As much as she didn't want to, she ended up worrying about it, anyway. What sort of consequences? Didn't the rats deserve what they got?
The servants had taken notice of the Queen's uneasiness by lunch, and inquired if she was alright.
"I'm fine," Lilith waved her arm as if to swat away the issue, "my mind's just a little busy. Nothing a little nap won't fix".
She slowly stood, and climbed up the staircase back to her bedroom, without even finishing her tea.
With every step, she felt weaker and weaker. Her unnerved mind was now affecting her body, making her tired with no energy to spare. In each portrait, the eyes of her mother and father seemed to stare, even glare at her as she went by. She wanted to run, but she couldn't due to fatigue. She tried not to look at them, but she felt as if she was being watched. The paranoia turned into fear, and she managed to muster up enough stamina to rush up the rest of the staircase, slamming the big wooden door to her bedroom behind her.
"What is wrong with me? Why am I acting like this?" Lilith panted, looking around her room in fright.
"It's not...It doesn't look right! Nothing feels right!" she spoke out loud to nobody, and rushed over to the mirror to adjust her hair. Playing and fiddling with her locks and makeup always made her feel better.
She picked up the brush, and started grooming herself, but the handle was soon too hot to touch. She dropped it, gasping at the pain.
"What the hell...?"
And then she turned to see her reflection. She didn't see her face, she didn't even see her head. It was her, but as a headless corpse. Instead of eyes staring back, she saw her neck bone, and blood squirting from several veins.
She shrieked, and ran to her bed.
"What is happening?! What is happening to me!!" She ran into her bed, and pulled the covered over her head, and forced herself to sleep.
"You're seeing things because you're tired, it's not big deal, calm down, calm down..."
Lilith jumped up and looked around frantically.
"Who is that? Who's there?!"
You always ask the same question, again, a form manifested in front of Lilith's eyes, to reveal that once again, it was the spirit of her mother.
"You again!" Lilith growled when she saw the spirit once more, and her fear turned into intense anger.
"Was it you doing this to me?!" She got up and stomped over to the spirit, staring her in her ghostly face. She had no time to be afraid, she was too busy being angry.
"How dare you, you-"
It is not my doing, child, Abigail replied calmly, It is yours. You can stop this at any moment.
"How?" Lilith asked impatiently.
The spirit smiled, Call off the construction. I told you that's what you did to do, did you not listen, or did you ignore me?
"Why should I?!" Lilith demanded, yelling again, "Those rats don't deserve any favors!"
The spirit was silent for a moment, then let out a long sigh.
Let me show you something...
I need to find a better writing style for this, I feel like I'm slacking.

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