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Samuel entered his house. His things remained untouched by the queen, but why would she take anything, anyway?
"Guh, I can't believe it," Samuel hung up his coat, and his hat, "That out new queen..."
He trailed off as he heard a slight "Mew!" coming from the other room. Knowing what it was, he walked over to a fluffy black kitten, and bent down to pet it. The kitten purred in delight as he rubbed over it's soft, warm fur with his hand. It didn't just feel good to the feline, it felt good to him as well. He continued to pet the cat, looking at it with kind, loving eyes. The animal eventually got bored, and trotted away.
"It's alright, we'll make it through..."
Samuel went over to the window. It was dark, and most of the villagers had gone home, though some still stood around and spoke of what had happened, and what they should do.
Samuel looked up to the sky, and saw a star, brighter than all of the others. As silly as most thought it was, when he saw a star as bright as this, he always made a wish. He leaned over the sill, and clasped his hands together and closed his eyes.
"Oh, Queen Abigail, your kingdom misses you so," he held his hands tighter, "your daughter isn't anything like you were. If only I had known, if we had known. Please, I ask you, and God, for help. Show me what to do. I know you both know what she's planning on doing. There must be some way I can help her, help her find her true self and heal from the poison that's been afflicted onto her mind, and into her heart."
He felt the rubbing of his cat against his leg. The feline had come back for more, but he paid no attention.
"Please, I know inside of that...That person, there's a light that nobody can see. I can't see it myself, but I know it's there. Any Kin of Queen Abigail must have some of her qualities. Please help me bring that out of her..."
He paused, as if trying to figure out what else to say.
"Thank you, so much for everything. I thank you, I love you. Amen."
Then, he let go of the thought, and went straight to bed, picking up his kitten on the way.
"Don't worry, Truffle. Everything will be alright, I can feel it."
He crawled into bed, hoping the cat would stay with him. But it didn't, and jumped down to chase a mouse.
"Oh, thanks Truffle," he mumbled, knowing what his cat was doing. He watched the animal scurry away, and turned to blow out his bedside candle. Before he did, he remembered that his face had still been covered in blood, which was now dry. The aching in his nose has reminded him, so he quickly got up and went to wash his face.
He walked hastily over to a pail of water, which was used for hand and face washing. Full body bathing was done in a stream nearby. He knew he would miss that luxury, but pushed the negative thought out of his mind. He had no time to dwell on the future, only the now. He washed, and ensured that all of the cracked, hardened blood had been washed away from his wounds. The cold water stung his nose, but he knew it was good for him.
He then took a moment to cry his face with a nearby cloth, and saw from the corner of his eye, his own reflection. But something was different about it....There was something on his head.
He looked straight on to double check, but his face got gotten back to beaten and somewhat normal. He felt the top of his head, confused.
Was that...A crown? he wondered, I must be seeing things...
He then went right back to bed, and this time, was able to blow out his candle, and go to sleep.


A loud noise made woke Lilith, making her jump and look to see what could possibly have happened. Nothing. The room was dark, and it was quiet. Curious, she got up and went over to her window, just in case there was somebody trying to break in. As she stared out into the night, she wondered what could of awakened her.
Deciding to let go of the thought and get back to sleeping, she turned around to head back to her bed. But when she did, she saw a light. A bright, blinding flash of yellow and white, which almost knocked her back in shock and surprise.
"W-Who goes there?!" she demanded, frightened by what she just saw.
Have no fear, my child a soothing voice seemed to come from everywhere. Then, a figured manifested. First, it was only a blur, but then like a reflection in the water, the image was clear. It was her mother, in spirit. At least, it looked like her mother.
"Who are you?" Lilith demanded, scurrying away from the ghost but not turning her back to it.
You don't recognize your own mother? the voice rang again, bouncing off of the walls.
The voice wasn't a sound, but in Lilith's mind. The spirit was using telepathy.
"What? No, my mother is dead! Deceased! I demand to know your true form!" Lilith shouted back, trying to sound brave.
Yes, I am. I come to you in spirit, because i have a message for you. Now, please, be quiet and listen to me. I am not here to hurt you, but if you continue what you are doing, you will have to feel the pain you are inflicting upon our Kingdom the ghost has a soothing, calm aura around her, and she walked closer to Lilith, who was still on guard.
"What do you mean by that?!" Lilith inquired, stuttering.
This process is named Karma, and everything you do comes back to you. God has a plan for you, and I know you will not like it, the ghost explained, not once moving her lips.
I am warning you now, cease the abuse. Treat others like you want to be treated.
Lilith huffed, and smirked.
"God doesn't care what I do, I'm his favorite. Why else would he have me be queen, and force the rest of the kingdom to live in dirt?" Lilith said, her voice calmer now, but not any less mean.
The ghost was silent for a moment, then spoke again.
God does not play favorites. Every single person is placed in their situations to learn what they need to learn in life. You are all God's children, and he loves you all the same, but my dear daughter, the mother stepped back
He is displeased with your actions, and your lack of kindness. If you do not call off your plans and return the kingdom to way I had it, you will have to face the consequences.
"Oooh, I'm so scared," Lilith put her hands up in false fear, "What's he going to do? Send me into Hell? Have demons rape me with pitchforks and fire? We both know that isn't true, mother."
I can not reveal to you what shall happen, all I can do is warn you. Please, I beg you...If you do not call it off by tomorrow, you'll have to suffer to learn.
With that, the ghost vanished before Lilith could say a word. The young girl sat there, arms crossed.
"Like hell I'm doing anything for those rats," she huffed and went back to sleep.
"They don't deserve it," she repeated to herself as she fell asleep, "They don't...."
Fade to black...
I think this is the last part of this chapter.

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