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Note: This is a few months after the crowning


"I wish to go for a stroll in the village."
Lilith brushed her hair, but didn't put it back into buns. She liked how she looked with her hair down now that she was the queen of the kingdom. She put the brush down, and turned the servant girl standing at the door. It wasn't Ambriel, she was attending to other matters.
The servant didn't ask why, but just nodded and replied with "I'll go get some guards for you, and your carriage".
"I'll meet them at the doors," Lilith replied back, standing up. She wore a sly grin. She wanted to reconstruct the houses so that she could raise the taxes, and kick out the poor. She really had no concern for what happened to them.
She headed downstairs, and out the door, not looking at the paintings on the walls. All of the ones with Ambriel in them had been removed, and burned. Being queen now, she didn't want that brat's face on her walls. She quickly crawled into the carriage that had been prepared for her. It was big, and it was beautiful. It was made of the finest wood, trimmed with pure solid gold. The family crest was displayed on each door, and was adorned with two lanterns on each side, all while being drawn by two black stallions. It was a sight to see indeed.
"Take me to the center of town," Lilith demanded without a please or a thank you. Without a word, the driver pulled the reigns, and the horses began to strut. Lilith watched out the window as trees, people, and buildings passed her by. She felt above the world, that nobody else mattered but her. She loved this feeling of power, that everybody had to walk but she. When she reached the perfect spot, she demanded for the carriage to stop.
"Let me out," she said sternly. The driver got down, and opened the held the door for her. She looked at the houses, and at the people.
She approached a house in particular, and looked it over.
"Yeah, just as I thought. Dumps. Not even a rat could handle this sort of housing. If we're to move in the wealthy, we're going to have to destroy all of these and build new ones..."


The boy had been walking down the path, when he saw nobody else but her highness. But what was she doing? He drew in closer for a better look...She was inspecting his house! She quickly opened the door without noticing him, and stepped inside. He ran to her, yelling.
"Hey! What are you doing?!"
He was soon met with the gilded back hand of a guard, which knocked him back and busted his nose. He could feel the blood gush down to his mouth, and he wiped his lips.
"Fool! How dare you speak to the queen like that?!" the guard demanded in a harsh voice.
Lilith, now noticing the commotion, stepped back outside to see the poor boy laying down on the ground, attempting to get up.
"No, stay there." she smirked at him. She loved what she saw, the boy lying there, bleeding. To her, he was no more than scum.
"You heard her," the guard who had assaulted the boy put his hand out, palm facing the boy.
"Stay on the ground!"
Lilith took a couple of steps forward, and looked down at the male through her nose.
"What did you do? To get back handed by my guard..."
Before he could answer, the guard cut in for him.
"He didn't bow, and he was treating you with disrespect."
"Hm," Lilith looked thoughtful for a moment.
"Nobody disrespects the queen without reason. What's your excuse, boy?!"
She pointed at him with her staff.
"Speak! Now!"
"That's my house, your Majesty. I was-"
"Oh, it is, isn't it? I apologize..." her fake kindness was sickening. She was trying way too hard to make it seem that she didn't give a crap.
"Actually, I don't. I'm the queen, I do whatever I want. You'll stay outside while I inspect."
She huffed at the boy, and then started to walk inside again, when she heard him say softly, "Why?"
The guard instantly turned around to strike the teen again, but Lilith put a hand for him to stop.
"Why? You're asking me why?"
Lilith preferred to deal with the "Brats" herself, rather than watch her guards beat them up.
She walked towards the adolescent again, and crossed her arms.
"Alright, I'll tell you. I'm inspecting for construction. I will be tearing down these....huts, in place for new ones."
"Really?" The male looked surprised, and Lilith recognized that look.
She laughed. The laugh was vain, and mean. The male knew right away that it wasn't for the reason she assumed.
"It's so I can make room for the wealthy. They have more money to pay higher taxes, of course."
"What? You...You wench!" the boy jumped up to yell at her.
Lilith nodded at the guard, who then kicked the male in between the legs.
Lilith laughed at his pain, as he fell over, clutching his area.
"Haven't you learned not to disrespect your queen? Get up!"
The male didn't respond.
Before he could move, the guard and another guard pulled him up aggressively to face her.
"Tell me your name, rat."
He panted, glaring at her. He had once loved this...This bitch?! It seems that you really can not judge a book by it's cover.
"Tell me your name, NOW."
Knowing he'd be assaulted again, he finally spoke.
"I'll remember that when I tear down your home and banish you from the kingdom. You have three days. Your house goes first, then it's the rest of them!"
She glanced around to see other villagers watching in horror and fear.
"Stop staring and return to your business! Or you'll end up like him!" she yelled at the people, who then fearfully walked off, wanting to avoid being beaten like Samuel had.
She then turned to her guards.
"Drop him. Hard."
The two guards threw Samuel down, making him land face down in the dirt.
"You look a lot more attractive when your face is in the manure." Lilith smirked, then motioned for her guards to escort her out.
When she was gone, a few villagers, friends of Samuel, rushed to his side.
"Are you alright?" a girl asked, helping him up.
"My genitals hurt, but I'll be fine" Samuel replied, brushing himself off.
"Is that the same Princess you had fallen for?" another boy asked in shock.
"No, it is not, though she looks the same," Samuel glared at the departing carriage.
"It's hard to believe that such a wonderful and benevolent queen would bear such a...Demon."
"Is she really going to tear down our houses? For higher taxes?!" another male called in anger.
"She already raised the taxes to an unbearable level, and now she plans to kick us out?!" another girl cried, "I won't have it!"
"Hey, calm down," Samuel motioned for them to sit down, and he sat with them.
"Remember the first king before Queen Abigail? He was bad, too, and we survived."
"But we won't survive! She's kicking us out of our homes!"
The other villagers started yelling and talking amongst themselves, and Samuel got up. His two friends got up as well, and the girl patted him on the shoulder.
"Don't worry, Sam. God is with is."
Samuel nodded,
"As he always has been,"
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