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I hate being alone.
I hate the cold, I hate the rain, but most of all, I hate being alone.
I grumble as I step over stones and small patches of grass, walking down the concrete streets of Castelia City, shivering my little ass off due to a mis-predicted weather report.
Partly cloudy my ass.
I look up at the dark clouds of that lonesome night, as rain falls right on my face. Thank God I'm not a fire type, I'd probably be dead by now if I was. The cold wetness runs down my face and onto the ground to join the other raindrops that fall around me.
I kick little stones, and continue to grumble about how pathetic and horrible my life is. Why is it so? Well, I used to have a fairly decent life, but I was one of those Pokemon who ended up with a power-hungry, douche-bag of a human trainer. We were happy - Or I thought we were, anyway. Battling, winning, eating calcium and irons...
Then, we went to face Brycen in Iciriss city. How's the place? I seemed to not notice due to my excitement of facing another fantastic battle...
...That I lost.
I did everything I could, but they were too fast - Too strong.
So then Mr. Jerkwad (Which is what I call him now), got all anal with me and said it was all my fault, that I was weak, and he had no room for weaklings on his team. Can you believe that bullshit? After seeing this new side of him, I had no problem leaving him whatsoever. I flipped him off and went on my way.
But I still can't help but miss the Good ol' days.
Especially now that I'm searching for shelter in the pouring down rain, nearly getting hit by cars, trying to avoid other wild Pokemon, and trying not to be seen by trainers, for I do not want to be caught again.
I stop for a moment, for a strange sound hit my ears. It sounded like somebody was beating on a door, but more subtle. It has a rhythm, too. As I listened in more closely, I realized this sound was music, and what I was hearing was the base. Curious, I follow my ears, which lead me to a small door in the alleyway of which I was walking.
A door my size, to be precise.
There's a Snivy standing at the door, wearing a red bow-tie. He gives me a hard look as I approach.
"Halt!" He says, sticking his arm out.
"You on the list?"
Confused, I just stared at him for a moment.
"Well? Answer me!"
This guy was anything but nice about it.
"I-I'm sorry, I'm just looking for a place to stay, and-"
The snivy laughed.
"My dear boy! This is not a Pokemon Center! This is a Pokemon Club."
I gave him an odd look.
"A what?"
"A club! You know, music, dancing, protein drinks and berries? Ya gotta be at least level 30 to get in, though."
"I'm level 38," I replied, curious to see the inside of this place. Other Pokemon? It'd be nice to have a sort of social life.
"What's it take to get on the list?"
"The list," the Snivy began to explain, "Is for the VIPs. Anyone can get in, as long as they have payment."
"Payment?" I inquired. "I don't have any yen!"
"No, not MONEY. Berries. We charge a berry a visit."
I froze for a second. I was tempted to hand over one of my last Oran berries, and go dance, but my little should Audino was telling me to save it.
Then my shoulder Houndoom told me I should go have fun.
He won.
I reached into my "Pants" and pulled out an Oran berry, and handed it to the Snivy, who in turn without missing a beat, opened the door and smiled.
"Have fun!"
I stepped inside, and was instantly blown away by what I saw.
The room was dark, but so bright at the same time. The checkered floor was adorned by lasers of red and green. Strobe lights flashed in tune with the beat. There was three levels of dancing Pokemon: The floor level which I was on, lined with four stages, which was level 2, and then, in the smack dab middle of everything, there was a tall platform, a small one, so only one Pokemon could dance on it at a time.
And that's where she was.
A whimsicott, but not the normal color. She was black, with blue horns. She danced like a Goddess, her cotton-white hair moving almost as much as she was.
She was adorned with bracelets and necklaces that glowed like an Ampharos's tail in the night. I couldn't help but stare, she was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I wasn't sure if she had the Cute Charm ability, or she had used attract and not known it, but I knew one thing was for sure:
I wanted her.
"Impressive, isn't she?"
The sudden voice made me jump. I turned in shock to see a Timburr grinning at me.
I tried to play coy.
"Emma. That Whimsicott you were eyeballing?"
He laughed. He laughed so loud that he almost drowned out the music.
My usual yellow face turned red in embarrassment.
"Don't try to play dumb. Every other Pokemon in this club wants her. She's the owner's daughter, you know."
"R-really? Whoa..."
I turned my attention to her again for a moment, but she wasn't on the pedistool anymore.
"Where'd she go?"
The Timburr laughed again.
"Probably went for a break, but don't think about talking to her. See that Simisage over there?"
He pointed at a green monkey-like Pokemon sipping an Iron at the "bar".
"That's her boyfriend."
With that, he laughed and danced off, leaving me in pain and sadness. Of course she was taken. Of fucking course.
I hadn't even talked to her and I was already heartbroken.
I wondered about the club, interacted with a few Pokemon, but nothing really happened. I was still down about the bad news about Emma's relationship status.
It wasn't long before I decided to go outside for some fresh air. The rain didn't seem so bad anymore.
"Who needs love, anyway?" I grumbled to myself, kicking another stone.
I was angry and bitter. Who could blame me for it? I certainly couldn't.
As I sulked against a wall, once again thinking about how horrible my life was, I heard a voice from close by.
"Fred! Knock it off! You always pull this shit..!"
I perked up, and glanced over. It was her. Her and that Simisage.
He was trying to do something, and she didn't like it at all. She pushed him off again and again, but he'd always grab her again and try to kiss her.
"No! I told you, I don't want any eggs! Not here, dammit!"
She stepped back and slapped him across the face. He paused for a moment, chuckled, then back-handed her. She let out a shriek as she fell to the ground. She turned and scowled at him.
"You asshole!"
I couldn't watch anymore.
"Leave her alone!" I bellowed, with more courage than I thought I had.
At once, both of them looked at me. She had tears in her eyes, but she was still beautiful. He, on the other hand, looked startled, then really pissed off. He started walking over to me.
"Listen, punk," He growled at me, "This is my bitch. You stay out of this!"
He raised his hand to hit me, but Emma grabbed his arm.
I flinched.
"Knock it off! You've had too many berries, god dammit!" she screamed. He knocked her back, and in what seemed to be the same motion, he punched me.
Before I knew what hit me, I sort of went flying. I wiped my face as I heard her screaming at him.
"Stop it! God dammit, stop it!"
I got up, ready to fight.
He walked over to me again, and tried to punch me, but I grabbed his fist.
"Look, pal...You may get away with hitting other Pokemon, but you won't get away with hitting your girlfriend...Or me, for that matter!"
I tried to kick him in the crotch, but he used his free hand to block the kick.
With that, he tried twisting my leg. And he succeeded. I twisted myself in the air to prevent from getting my leg broken, and landed on the ground with a thud.
I quickly turned over and used chip away, knocking him back.
We continued to battle for awhile, and other Pokemon came to watch us brawl. The battle got intense, more so then those I had faced in the Pokemon League.
Just when it seemed that my ass couldn't get bloodier, a Sawk came and split us up. I spit out some blood. I'd never bled in battle before...
"You'll regret this, punk!" the Simisage cursed at me.
Emma bravely walked up to him, got close to his face, and said very softly,
"I'm leaving you."
With that, she walked away, and I felt that she was even more courageous than I.
The Simisage let out a stream of cursing, and the Sawk, along with a Toroh, escorted him off of the property.
Emma walked up to me, smiling.
"You didn't have to do that, you know."
I turned red, but then exclaimed, "But he hit you!"
"Yeah, it happens. But I'm through with his sorry ass."
She sighed.
"Thanks for sticking up for me, though. It's good to know somebody cares. Would you like to dance?"
I chuckled, and said "No problem. I'd love to, but I need to get cleaned up first..."
I tried to stand up, and clumsily fell over. She grabbed my hand and pulled me up.
This was the start to the most wonderful adventures I could ever imagine having in my entire lifetime.
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