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Psychedelic Croagunk

The picture is obvious, isn't it? A shiny Croagunk sitting on a giant mushroom amung other giant (And one tiny) mushroom enjoying a joint.
(Of course, he quits when he evoles so he'll be allowed to fight in the Pokemon League. They drug test, you know)

Speaking of which, does this need a mature tag? I won't tag it until someone says something about it.

Well, not sure how I got this idea, but I was determined to put it on paper, so I drew it.

Question: How did you get so good at coloring all of a sudden?

Answer: Good question! Well, this was a collab between my mother and I. I asked her to color it all at first, but then decided to have her use this picture to teach me how to color.
She pretty much did Croagunk and the mushroom he's sitting on, the stem of the red/white polka dotted one, and minor details to other things. I did everything else, of course.

How long did this take? Three hours. I think I did good for my first lesson.

I'm not sure how well I did the body of Croagunk, but meh.
His sitting hand is in the wrong direction. Thank God it's a possible pose, too bad it's painful IRL. I realized this mistake halfway though the coloring, so I couldn't do anything about it.

I'd like some criticism on this, but anything rude/mean, and I'll bitch at you and delete the comment.

...And yes, he is wearing a Hypnotoad collar. Anyone notice that?
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Now that really is psychedelic... :D
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This looks awesome! Crogunks are my favorite Pokemon. ^^'
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Well done! Croagunk just gives off that impression that he... you know. :XD:
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Yeah. Haha!
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I noticed the collar when you pointed it out, which means you betrayed yourself somehow~ :giggle:

This is REALLY awesome, and it totally fits!! Given that today I watched an episode of pokemon where Coragunk just stared into a mirror for the entire episode, it is TOTALLY obvious that he is stoned or something!! :XD:

All in all, it's a great tokemon picture~ :giggle:
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Thank you, thank you very much!

What episode was that?
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Umm.. I think the episode was called "Steamboat Willie"... all the pokemon end up on a runaway steamboat heading towards a waterfall.. it's in the Diamond and Pearl Series..
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Ya, I figured it as in DP.

Well, I'm watching all of the episodes in order, from Kanto to DP, so I'll come across it...Eventually.
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Oh well of course!! If it has croagunk in it it can only BE DP, can't it? ^^;

Ah okies.. actually it's the episode after he wins at the Eterna City GYM. =P
Do you have the entire series? :la:
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