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:star: Sewing Central is open to EVERY sewn project.:star:

Sewing Central is the sister group of Needles-and-Thread and a catch all group for EVERY type of sewing and sewing project. I hope this club will in time become a network to unite all those deviants who like to sew.

If you like to sew, please consider joining and showing off your artwork!
:bulletgreen: Membership: We are always looking for members, but members should be deviants who sew and display their work on DA. Please see the blog entry about "Becoming a Member" if you are interested in joining:…

:bulletgreen: Submitting: As with all groups, we do have submission guidelines. ALL NEW MEMBERS should read these rules before beginning to submit. The blog about submissions will also instruct you on how to submit to the group!…

:bulletgreen: Group Favorites: ALL members are welcome to suggest favorites for the group, these should not be your own works! If you would like to suggest a favorite, all you need to do is click the button at the top of the group home page!
:star: If you'd like to help manage this group, please send a note to the group

Please message the group if you ever have suggestions for improving the group! We will frequently update and streamline the group when we see things that can be made better, but appreciate a regular member's point of view on what can be done to improve!

:bulletpurple: Affiliates:
Sewing Central has our own affiliate directory. Our goal is to affiliate with as many sewing-related groups as possible, and make them accessible and searchable to members.

If you would like to affiliate your group with ours, please just send a request! The only qualification is relativity. Please check out the directory here:…

:bulletpurple: Members' Stores:
Many of our members run online stores to sell their creations. Please support our artists and check out our list of members' stores:…


We now have a chatroom! Please come join us at #sewingcentral!

Gallery Folders

Walking Work of Art by Misguided-Ghost1612
Kaiserin Elisabeth - Wenn ich tanzen will ballgown by giusynuno
Belle's burgundy ballgown - Beauty and the Beast by giusynuno
Paladin of the Silverhand - Warcraft Alliance WOW by Carancerth
Dragon Ball Super: Liquiir plush by FabricFigures
Lackadaisy: Freckle Custom Plush by NazFX
Balloon Bojack Plush by Zareidy
Dragon Mask FINISHED. Ember by Thoaee
Commission Offers and Contests
Steampunk Spider by WorkshopAyami
Unicorn Hair - Handspun Yarn - For Sale 45$ by CorvidCreates
Plush owl holds book by WorkshopAyami
Costumes: Non-Cosplay
Assassins larp costume by OokamiWorkroom
Princess Red Wedding LARP fantasy dress by OokamiWorkroom
Elven Cloak Hooded Versatile Fantasy Ranger - LARP by OokamiWorkroom
Doll Clothing
Justice Tots - Bumblebee by Lil-Hawk
Justice Tots - Miss Martian by Lil-Hawk
Marvel Tots - Black Cat by Lil-Hawk
Justice Tots - Robin by Lil-Hawk
Dolls, Plushies, and Custom Toys FULL
Etoile by Zareidy
Nagini the plushie snake by DeathEaterRed
Shiny Buneary by Zareidy
Commission: Small Megumi Bandicoot Plush Doll by Sarasaland-Dragon
Emerald and black by MARIEKECREATION
Spiral bag is ended by MARIEKECREATION
Tote bag, the last one is ended by MARIEKECREATION
Cthulhu is back ! by MARIEKECREATION
North Carolina Lighthouses by pinkythepink
Portrait of a Friend by pinkythepink
Stucco House by pinkythepink
Portrait of a Mother by pinkythepink
Moth embroidered plush by DemodexPlush
Pencil Roll Prototype by LadySeshiiria
Beaded Felt Pin by CielCiella
Gnome Barfing Rainbows Hoop by kayzebra
Sewing Stamps and Icons
Sewing room. by koolcat-23
Sewing Central Icon by Durnesque
stamp sewing central by sternenstauner
Tutorials and Sewing Patterns
Ysera Xstitch Pattern - WoW with Frenone by pinkythepink
Jewellery and Hair Accessories
Steampunk Red Rose Headdress by SeraphimFeathers
Purses, Bags, and Cases
My last tote bag by MARIEKECREATION
domINNA2014[2] by AliceGothic
Pillows, Cushions, Blankets and Quilts
Garden Island by ChaosFay
Hats and Scarves
Pleated Black and Blue by TEMPERATE-SAGE
Charity Work
Charity Blanket 1-3 by LadySeshiiria
Home Decor
Cute Quilt Magnets by ChaosFay
Outdoor Decor
Holiday and Seasonal Themes
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Quilt by inaligrimalkin
Couture Fashion
Water Ensemble - I Element by LauraNiko
Costumes: Renaissance and Medieval
Dragonfly Doublet by CorvidCreates
Cosplay Costumes
The Arcana - Julian Devorak Costume - Cosplay Ha by OokamiWorkroom
Costumes: Other
HALLOWEEN_31.10.2020 by AliceGothic
Submit Here If You Don't Know
Henk in the snow by DeathEaterRed
Accessories: Gloves Armlets Wristlets Chokers
Women's Attifet Elizabethan Shaped Headdress Renai by OokamiWorkroom
Clothing 2
Restoration Work - Beaded Gold Dress by pinkythepink
Dolls Plushies and Custom Toys 2
Dragon Ball Super: Belmod plush by FabricFigures
Sewing Room Accessories
Vintage Pin Cushion Front by LadySeshiiria
Needle Work Patches
Tokoyami and Ren by TickingArt





Trinity Blood.  Astharoshe Asran by MarionetteTheatre Trinity Blood. Astharoshe Asran :iconmarionettetheatre:MarionetteTheatre 3,010 237 Red Wedding Ensemble by Cuddlyparrot Red Wedding Ensemble :iconcuddlyparrot:Cuddlyparrot 873 85 noodle on bias by noodle-cup noodle on bias :iconnoodle-cup:noodle-cup 956 150 On Wings of Gold by Fairytas On Wings of Gold :iconfairytas:Fairytas 3,355 347 Maya Hansen Bridal Couture III by ladymorgana Maya Hansen Bridal Couture III :iconladymorgana:ladymorgana 3,996 313
I feel like I need to make a huge apology. I am sorry. This has been a difficult time for everyone due to covid. I'm homeschooling, etc.. There probably have been a lot of expired submitions. I have no internet at this time and I am only limited to the phone app. As you may know app doesn't allow for moderation from that end. I am on limited mobile data please be patient with me. I am unsure when I will be able to get the internet back on. We're guessing estimate a month.
I am hoping that there are some active mods here still and I thank you so much for your help. It's really appreciated. If anyone is willing to help accept and decline submission based on folder criteria. We would love the extra help. We do not want this group to go the way if the dodo. We feel that this group is a staple here at DA.
Thank you again for your patience and many apologies.
- LadySeshiiria
I guess I should have been more clear, on this folder? I have had to delete a few images out of the folder of wips, and sewing machines, and rooms themselves. In a lot of these folders in the group there are descriptions to help you decide if your deviation is right for the folder. In this particular folder the description helper states:
"Pin Cushions, Machine Cases, Needle Cases, Ironing Board Covers, etc... If it belongs in a sewing room and is used in sewing or helping along your process you may post it here.
Other examples: Storage Baskets, Organizers, Wall Hangs, Themed Rooms, Serger Scrap Catchers, Pressing Hams..."
This was more directed towards artisan crafting projects or things you have personally made for assisting you in your craft. I used to work for Joann Fabrics, and tried to base some of the folders off of how we divided categories or popular crafting's I saw. I thought it might help for some of those of you who made things but had no folders to really place them in. Sort of like an odds an ends folder. Example Picture:
I decided since this particular folder has caused some confusion to rename it to Sewing Room Accessories in hopes that it will help clarify the types of things that should be placed in the folder.
If you have any questions about folders please feel free to ask. And as always if you have suggestions for folders or changes and edits to this group, we are always welcoming towards your input.
One last thing before I close. As a reminder this group doesn't accept wips or works in progress as per the founders wishes. I think they decided against wips to keep the group easier to manage and keep a cleaner look. Also as part of this if you wish to show multiple angles of a finished project be sure to collage it as the group doesn't accept multiple deviations of one project.
If you are hazy on the rules and need a reminder they can be found on the groups main page towards the left and the top. If you have questions feel free to ask.
In the next few months I will be trying to clean up and resort where I can. Covid has made it hard for me as a parent to devote enough time to this group. We are already physical day 4 in pre-school and we've had a break out. In our state we are looking at a potential school district already being shutdown before the year has started and if it does everyone will probably have to follow in suit. This means I will have added responsibilities to make sure my child's education is taken care of so he is prepared for the next year.
We still welcome those of you who would like to help in the management of the group, and we are still looking for more roles to be filled. If you are interested please message me @LadySeshiiria.
We thank everyone for their patience in this difficult time, in the hard transition of DA.
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I so wish this group were more active. 😥
Chonky Raymond Plushie by RyStitched
WR33N Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2020
i have a question thought i would ask a sewing group if that's okay maybe someone may know?
Does anyone know where i can buy from that prints designs on minky or fabric used for plushies?
pinkythepink Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2020  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hello! I my submissions are expiring, is everything alright :)
LadySeshiiria Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, sorry I've been sick and I've not been online a whole lot. I am very sorry. I also keep forgetting as the eclipse format doesn't make the notifications as easily seen in notification center, so they are being forgotten by mistake. I hope they decide to fix this, for me its an irritation on the highest order. I feel like I'm in a constant oh shit I forgot to check. I also am at a disadvantage as I do not know who else in the admins or mods are active and running the group. @.@ So I feel mostly I am the only one who's been looking after it, at least to my knowledge.
pinkythepink Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2020  Professional Artisan Crafter
That's okay! A lot of groups are having trouble right now, mine included. The notifications just have nooooo notice in the new message center at all.
I hope you're feeling better! <3
LadySeshiiria Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for understanding and thank you <3
Kilala-Rossi-Paris Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2019

if you can help me with this I was wondering if you could show or send me a link of a

Coraline Doll pattern you used see this year for Christmas with my family is going to be very small for gifts ....because of the pipes in my house keep breaking so im trying to find gifts I would be able to make by hand this year my one twin sister named willow really loved this movie and flipped once the DS game came out >..> kept playing that for months and I really would like to make her a " Little me " this year !

thank you for understanding I really pray you can help me with this

LadySeshiiria Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Your going to need to talk to the person who made it. I suggest following the picture over to their profile. This is a just a showcase and marketing group.
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