What kind of plush animal or character tutorials would you like to see from me in 2018?
721 votes
More dragons
More kitties
Cat Bus (from My Neighbor Totoro)
Ferrets or weasels
Jiji (from Kiki's Delivery Service)

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i would love to see Axolotls!  :3 
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I managed to do that one this year! :D
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i just realized that XD
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i would love to see more sea animals , like a kawaii shark or sea otter .
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i'd love to see a ferret!!! thx for making loads of free patterns! =^-^=
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Either Catbus, Chocobo, Lion or ferrets/weasels (Maybe Otter as well?)

If I could also add Spotted Hyena as well, as there are literally NO hyena patterns anywhere. ;n;
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Ferrets and Chocobos, you already have awesome patterns for a lot of these, but those 2 are lacking patterns ANYWHERE
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I just saw the axolotl and clicked :)
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Well, it's a hard decision. I like chocobos and my neighbor totoro, and ferrets (Although I'm more of a fan of the pokemon furret that looks like a ferret.). If there's anything I wanna kinda see though as well, is a plush of the soot sprites from Spirited away and my neighbor totoro. :meow:

The Axolotl sounds interesting as well though.....

I can't decide! It's a hard choice and I keep changing my mind!
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No worries! I'm sure most of these will get made :) It's the ones on the bottom I'll likely cut.
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As much as I love ferrets and weasels, an easy to follow Chocobo pattern would be amazing.
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Felting a big baby dragon for a friend. Would like tips.
Why on earth did I agree to make one anatomically correct and life size.
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I would die of pure joy if chocobos won! 
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Axolotls and Chocobos! Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4] 
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AAAAA I hope chocobo wins!!!
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I've been getting frequent requests for these in particular, and was wondering how a wider audience felt about them ♥
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