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Sewing Tutorial: The Totoro Bag

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On my website I'm doing a series where I'm destashing my huge collection of scrap fabrics. ^-^ With every scrap I use up I make up a new little project for it, then give away the project pattern for free! I've amassed over a dozen on my website so far, but since this one is a few months old I thought I would move it here as well

This one was a blast to make >w< It's an oval-shaped purse made to look just like Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro with some cute-looking raw-edge applique. The closure on the top is even done with a leaf, and the handles are even made to be shaped like his ears ♥

The pattern is a .pdf where the first half is instructions, and the second half is a printable pattern that you assemble by taping the paper sheets together.


p.s. If you do end up making it, I'd be ecstatic to see it! And I'll give you more adorable sewing patterns as thanks!
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thank u!!! this is really cute!

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Thanks a lot! It's so cute...
I'll give you news if I manage to do it!
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Wow, that's really cool! Totoro!
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Keep them hand-made ^ _ ^
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Oh wow .. This is EXTREMELY nice. I'd love to see these sold!
Such a beautiful story .. My Neighbor Totoro .
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So adorably cute :)
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Omg, this is SOO adorable! :love: Amazing job! :)
Btw, just a little curious, my birthday is coming up in May & I'd love to commission one of these as a birthday gift when the time comes.
So is this also a made to order item? If not then sorry for asking, I really love your work & this idea where you make things out of scrap fabrics was very creative & I'd love to do one of these Tutorials later on eventhough I'm still a total noob at sewing. I am pretty good at sewing by hand but I'm still learning how to use my machine. ^^;
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Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it!
Unfortunately I don't really have the supplies and materials to make this item again so I wouldn't be able to make that kind of custom commission for you :/ I'll definitely consider it in the future though!
If you could eventually try to make one of my projects in the future that would be amazing :D
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Your very welcome! ^v^
Alright, thank you for considering it though :D
Yes I'd really like to make one of them in the future, I've also seen a lot of your books on Amazon, I haven't had to chance to buy one of them yet but when I can I'll be sure to get one or two of them. :meow:
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This has been featured in my Art & Design Feature: Vol.02

Have a nice day! :)
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super cute ill try it
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Oh wow! c:
I'll have to make this for my new school bag! :'D
Quick question, what type of material did you use? ^^
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I used different colors of heavy twill and just plain cotton for the lining ^-^
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Thankyou! c:
(Sorry to be a pain, I checked the download and it said what you used. Sorry.)
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If I had found this earlier and had the money, my mom would have loved this for her birthday! It's very cute, great job! >w<
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Oh my gosh this looks so adorable, thank you for uploading the tutorial/pattern. :giggle:
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wonderful tutorial! I'll try it out =)
This looks wonderful! You're very talented! I'm keeping it for when I get more practice with sewing :) Thank for sharing this!
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Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it! ♥
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Beautiful!!!!! I'm so gonna use it sometime *-* as soon as I can *-*
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If you do make it, I'd love to see how it turns out! ♥
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