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Illustrator Sashiko Patterns

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These are some patterns I made for Illustrator in preparation for another project. They were inspired by sashiko designs, which is why they are only outlines on top of solid color. I made 17 different designs with different colors and sizes for each, making a total of 51 patterns.

The patterns are easy to use, but I have Illustrator 9.0 so my instructions may not work for you. What I have to do is open a new document in Illustrator, and go to Window / Swatch Libraries / Other Library... Then, open up the saved file entitled "Sashiko Patterns." It should bring up a box of the swatches for the patterns.

I hope you all enjoy them, and if you use them please credit back to me ^^; Contacting me would be even better, as I'd love to see how people are using the patterns. Also, please don't use my patterns for commercial use, I'm actually already planning on doing that in my own way.

Thanks for looking!
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thank you dear.

Thanx a lot! Perfect work!

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tks for share<3
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me encanto muchas gracias! :)
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Hi! I'm planning to use your lovely patterns as background for a coursework poster. I you allow me to, how could I give you the right credit the best way possible? Cheers!
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If it's for a poster, I'd say maybe a small watermark in the corner or some inconspicuous area? If that's not possible, no worries! I appreciate you asking and I don't mind not being credited in the case of a good cause such as this one :)
Hi I appreciate your kindness! I would need to insist. Your work made some great backgrounds possible.
I could even write down some URL in an area specially allocated for credits! Any name or URL in particular?
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That plan sounds great! would be the preferred URL for crediting :D Thanks so much!
look nice and beautiful
Thankyou Shori! Im trying these out for my sons bedroom as wallpaper. These are wonderful
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thanks for sharing!!! <3
nice, very beautiful
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Nicely drawn, I think I'm gonna need some Japanese patterns in the future, so I'll come here!  :)
This is excellent.....
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This is really excellent. I just used these will Illustrator CC without a hitch. Thanks!
como bajo los motivos
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Thank you so much!
Thanks a lot!
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