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Hello Kitty Angel Font

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This is a font that I was working on a while back and finally got around to finishing. I found this on (again) a piece of Sanrio merchandise and I thought the letters were adorable so I thought a whole alphabet was in order. It was fun to make as the letters are sort of elaborate versions of my own cursive handwriting. The font is pretty much standard, with everything you would see in your average font. The one bonus is that instead of braces {} you get little angel wings instead!

This is only my second font, so I hope you all will tell me how you like it. It might be best to use in a program like Photoshop, as programs like Word seem to enjoy cutting off the letters. Please read the terms of service included in the .rar file to hear all of my conditions. Basically, just credit back to me and don't use for commercial use. The font is more Sanrio's than it is mine, anyway.
© 2007 - 2022 SewDesuNe
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oh wow owo!! I think you actually got my font to look better than I did! ♥♥ Amazing job!
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I really just added the "stroke" blending option in PS to make it more stand-out ish. ouo But thank you uwu
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I did notice that the font looks better with that option >w< But I still think yours looks great :D
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Thank you ; w ;

It's always fun to play around with fonts yo heh

One day I'd like to make one of my handwriting so I can confuse my followers = w =
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This one is cute too. o A o;
>more ded
Pensieri alla rinfusa
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This font is awesome, I'll download it now! ^^
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This is too adorable! :giggle: I love the little wings, great job!
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how do i use it? can't open it in photoshop cs5 :(
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Since it's a font, you'll have to drop it into your operating system's font folder, usually found in the control panel :) Then you'll be able to use it in any program like Word or Photoshop. I hope that helps!
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So beautiful font! <3
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It's so pretty and cute, thank you!! :heart:
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Very nice! I hope that it was you who posted this here: [link] Otherwise, someone stole your font.
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Thanks! I didn't post my font there though XD so it was definitely someone else. But at least they're not trying to sell it, I'm cool with it.
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You're welcome, good to know. Just thought you should at least get credit for it.
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Oh no. It says that my PS doesn't recognize this file. I have CS4. Any thoughts as to why it won't recognize this font?
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Hmm.. i'm not exactly sure why that would happen, but I've heard some people say that if you drop the file into: program_files/common_files/adobe/fonts that should work
I don't have CS4 so i'm not positive, but i really hope that helps you! ;o;
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This is gorgeous :D Thankyou!
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