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Ginko Leaves Pattern Pack by SewDesuNe Ginko Leaves Pattern Pack by SewDesuNe
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Inspired by the website

This was adapted from the sashiko patterns I uploaded earlier. Since I'm sure many of you don't have Illustrator, these are all in .jpeg format in a .zip file. Feel free to use these for anything that needs a pattern. Desktop wallpaper, website background, artwork, etc. I hope you all like them! There are terms of use in the .zip file in case you're interested. Please credit back to me if you can, and use only for personal use ^ ~

I've updated the file for download ^^! I realized that my Illustrator Sashiko Patterns is my most popular deviation, and I couldn't help but think that it is because Illustrator files/brushes perhaps are not that common. So, in addition to the .jpegs that are included for use as wallpaper tiles, there is also an Adobe Illustrator file with all of the patterns on hand. Simply go into Illustrator and select (depending on your version of Illustrator) Window > Swatch Libraries > Other Libraries... and select your desired pattern file. A swatch box filled with the patterns will show up for your use. Again, please do not use commercial use, and credit back to me if you can.

Thanks so much for looking!
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MozLiz Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2010
Oh, these are so beautiful! Thank you for giving them away!
110gunsen Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010
once again, awsome! how did ya get them set up like that? better yet, do you have any tutorials? sign me up.
yaonesan Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2010
Thank you so much for the great patterns! I'm using at in my weblog now! -> [link] :heart:

Keep up the great work! :D
SewDesuNe Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2010  Professional Artisan Crafter
That looks great! Thanks so much for crediting me! >w<
Frank82123 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2010
LOVE this pattern, too! choly, you're so effing talented...
VividInSpace Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2009
Thank You For Great Pattern :)
cHiNao Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2007
very nice
bauromir Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2007   Digital Artist
Oh! Just what I need! Thanks you! :D
mices Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2006
Thanks for the brushes. They are just super ;)
Ekitai-Oni Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2005
i LOVE this pattern, too! choly, you're so effing talented... these designs are GREAT! the colors blend perfectly together but have enough contrast to stand out but not overly so, if you can understand wtf i'm saying lol. i LOVE them!!!!! :glomp:
SewDesuNe Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2005  Professional Artisan Crafter
of course I understand what you're saying :hug: Thanks so much! ^^ I'm so glad that you love them! We'll do like trading spaces or something and decorate each other's homes lol XD

omg i'm so sorry I haven't wished you a happy birthday! :cake: ;~; I made something for you but Matt & I don't even have the clams to mail it out to you :cries: i hope you had a good day and I hope that we can gather up some cash soon :glomp: you deserve so much and more for being such a good friend! :heart:
Ekitai-Oni Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2005
awwww CHOLEH! ;~; you don't have to make me ANYTHING (although i'm super grateful and excited you did lol) i'm just so glad we're still friends after all these years and that you're down here with us!!!! :) we have to hang out sometime soon. dee is in town for about a week more so maybe we can swing by and say herro... MAYBE WE CAN HAVE A COSTUME PARTY OR SOMETHING :D :D :D :D you can be an elf girl...wait.. you already are... lol XB anyway, i can't wait to see you guys again and i DOOOO love your stuff!!! OOH! when i show you the colors i'm gonna paint my room maybe i can get you to help me figure out what fabrics would go well? :D i :heart: you!!!! :glomp:
SewDesuNe Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2005  Professional Artisan Crafter
I'm so glad that we're friends too ;~; even if I am super busy and poor >< I hope I will be able to see you soon, and I'd LOVE to help you find fabrics for your room! That's the kind of thing I live for XD :glomp: :glomp:!!
BrendTheCow Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Yay for Ginko leaves! =D Escher would have appreciated the way everything fits together so nicely ^ ~
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