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Fox Plush Sewing Pattern

By SewDesuNe
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This tiny fox plush has an accent muzzle and big ears. But the most eyecatching of all is its big tail that wraps around the body ♥

This is a .pdf pattern where the first half is written instructions, and the second half is a printable pattern. For the free embroidery files that go along with this pattern, visit my main blog:…


p.s. You're welcome to sell items you've made from this pattern! Crediting me with a link is much appreciated, but not necessary <3
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Thank you so much for sharing! I totally love these cuties!! :love:
I'm going to give a try to this one :w00t:, but I have a question... what's the best replacement for poly-pellets?
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Most people use rice or small beans like lentils :) Unfortunately you can't get the plush wet with those inside, but it's a very cheap alternative ♥
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Thank you so much for your answer :aww: and yeah, I read about using rice or even sand or rocks but sadly I need it to be washable, so maybe I'm going to keep searching for other options. The bad part is that in my town they not sell polly-pellets and to get them from internet they are very expensive.
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What sometimes works for me is just using fabric scraps to stuff the whole body instead of regular stuffing :) Since fabric is more dense than stuffing, the body won't be as fluffy, but it will definitely be heavier. 
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That's a really good idea :w00t: Thank you so much! :hug:

I'm going to try that, maybe with some heavy fabric scraps at the bottom it could work mixed with some part of the stuffing too.

Thanks again! :) And of course I'm going to show when I finish :aww:
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Awww, so cute! And so nice of you that you are offering it for free! I always appreciate that some people are not doing such a things clearly for money.  :)
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Thank you very much for your patterns! I love your wonderful work so much. And it makes me finding a new great hobby.

I used your pattern with a few modifications and mixtures with others of your patterns for this little fellow. Hope you like it. Your patterns teach me so much. Thanks :*
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This is lovely! I'm so glad the patterns have been helpful to you :D Thank you for sharing the wonderful photo!
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Thank you for this sweet pattern *_*
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Wahh, so cute ;^;
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This is adorable! However, I can't sew so do you have any of these critters for sale, already made?
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Sadly they all sold out quite quickly :(
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Oh wow! This is adorable! Going to save it and try it out when I have the time. <3
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Cute, I wonder what this would look like you drew it as art too.
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No one cares. Go away spam.
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Also by the way, i only have dimpled minky, will that work?
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Of to make a plush of meh lil fennec fox boi!
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