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1920s Waves Pattern Pack

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This is a pattern that was inspired from some 1920s fabric I found, I had already used it for one of my earlier projects, so I thought I would make different themes of the pattern in case I needed them later.

The .rar file attached includes .jpegs of the patterns to be used as wallpaper tiles as well as an Adobe Illustrator file with all of the patterns on had. Simply go into Illustrator and select (depending on your version of Illustrator) Window > Swatch Libraries > Other Libraries... and select your desired pattern file. A swatch box filled with the patterns will show up for your use. Feel free to use these for anything that needs a pattern. Desktop wallpaper, website background, artwork, etc. I hope you all like them! There are terms of use in the .rar file in case you're interested. Please credit back to me if you can, and use only for personal use ^ ~

Thanks so much for looking!
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These are so pretty!! Thank you for sharing this.

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Different color, i love it..Very useful for everyone and for me.. Thanks for sharing this.
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You wouldn't happen to have a youtube channel perhaps showing how you make some of these?
SewDesuNe's avatar
Unfortunately I'm mostly sewing nowadays and doing very little graphic designing ^^;
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Oh darn. But I understand, when you find something you love doing more. I use to make candle and scented wax, which I still do, but I love designing stickers and clipart graphics, so I do that most of the time.
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Thanks for understanding :D I still use those skills when the need comes up, but for now demand has led me to sewing :)
Hi, beautiful patterns! 

Is possible to have the vector format?
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Hey, do you have a .PSD of the pattern so I can make more color combinations? I don't have Illustrator, but I do have Photoshop. :D
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it helps a lot!!! thanks and god bless
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Very cute pattern. Thanks for sharing :)
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Thanks a lot for these patterns, they're so cute and sweet!
I used them on a drawing of mine ([link])
Thanks again :D
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Excellent patterns. I would like very much to use them in the future!
Thank you so much for these--they're beautiful! [link]
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I'm not sure if they'll be useful now, but thanks a lot for them! =)
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thanks a lot for sharing! these are great:)
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nice share and great work :)
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