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Display At Anime St.Louis  by Sew-it-all Display At Anime St.Louis :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 1 0 Alice In Wonderland Punk Jacket by Sew-it-all Alice In Wonderland Punk Jacket :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 0 0 Gryffindor Chivalry Brave of Heart by Sew-it-all Gryffindor Chivalry Brave of Heart :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 0 0 Owl of Hufflepuff Jacket  by Sew-it-all Owl of Hufflepuff Jacket :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 0 0 Kawaii Aplaca Jacket  by Sew-it-all Kawaii Aplaca Jacket :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 0 0 Lars of the Stars Punk Jacket  by Sew-it-all Lars of the Stars Punk Jacket :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 1 0 Gothic Swing Coat by Sew-it-all Gothic Swing Coat :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 0 1 Glittery Badass Punk Unicorn by Sew-it-all Glittery Badass Punk Unicorn :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 0 0 Spider-Punk Jacket  by Sew-it-all Spider-Punk Jacket :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 1 1 Avengers Jacket!  by Sew-it-all Avengers Jacket! :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 0 0 Deadpool Black Punk Jacket by Sew-it-all Deadpool Black Punk Jacket :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 2 1 Sweet Fang Punk Jacket by Sew-it-all Sweet Fang Punk Jacket :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 0 0 Professor Snape Punk Blazer by Sew-it-all Professor Snape Punk Blazer :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 0 0 Leader of a Magical Girl Gang  by Sew-it-all Leader of a Magical Girl Gang :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 1 0 Taking It To My Grave punk jacket  by Sew-it-all Taking It To My Grave punk jacket :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 4 0 Stranger Things Punk Jacket by Sew-it-all Stranger Things Punk Jacket :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 3 1


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Alice In Wonderland Punk Jacket
On a sky blue denim jacket, is a hand-painted Back featuring various themes from wonderland. Includes the phrase "curiouser and curiouser". On each leave is a white rose being painted drip red.
There is also a teapot enamel lapel pin, a teacup Mouse, and a pink-haired Lolita Alice.
I might do a Mad Hatter one in the future if requested.
Gryffindor Chivalry Brave of Heart
Found this great read denim jacket and I had to do something Gryffindor! On the back I painted in Gold a roaring lion and with red lettering the traits of the house. Reading "Brave of Heart" and "Chivalry". I added on a capital letter G patch, a Hermione button, and a Marauder's Map lapel pin.
Owl of Hufflepuff Jacket
This pinstripe denim jacket with a yellow dye wash absolutely screened Hufflepuff to me. With a house crest patch over on the left side and two buttons on the right side. On the back is a hand painted black omnius owl perched on a yellow Banner that reads "Be Nice ".
This woman's large is another one of a kind piece from my company.
Kawaii Aplaca Jacket
This dark denim jacket has pink dyed cherry blossoms floating down the sleeves. On the back is a rainbow alpaca with a banner that reads "Kawaii" in hirigana. First of a series of alpaca cute punk jackets I'm making.
Okay, creating items in mass production can sometimes become a little stale. Making the same thing over and over again can lead to some serious mental fatigue.
So how do I challenge myself? It has to be something that has a deadline. Something that has a finishing point. Something that will help me develop new skills and push me forward.
Thus, the Pokemon hats challenge is born!
At ANIME ST.LOUIS this year I will be raffling off ALL Gen 1 as hats! Plus a few others.... Anyway, all money goes to charity.
I know that there are a lot of people who create Pokemon hats as well, but I always wondered which Pokémon really is the most popular? I've seen a lot of people go crazy for specific types like ghosts, bug, or fire types. And then I hear them complaining about how there is so little merchandise for their favorite character. I'm hoping to be really surprised at the results. And help some to get their not-so-easy-to-acquire favorite.  
There are so many different colors, shapes, and touches to be done. I am truly going to try and create them in my own style, while remaining true to the theme. But I am well on my way!!!
Wish me luck!!!!


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Professional seamstress bring high quality items inspired by the fans, directly to the fans! Coming to comic, anime, and tatto shows near you!


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