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A Wonderbolt in Training

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Published: September 4, 2013
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Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 19 - Pony working out/ Pony training

Lyra and Bon Bon training to be wonderbolts, wonder how that's working out? This is based on the classic Top Gun scene. I've actually had this sort of idea ever since the Wonderbolt Academy episode. I briefly visited it before with my Day 7 entry but I decided to do it proper justice.
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DeltaHoovesHobbyist Digital Artist
"Two of your Wingless Fly-Jockeys made a flyby on MY tower, at over 400 knots! I want somepony’s PLOT, I want it NOW, I’VE HAD IT!"

*Walks into Applejack who just made more pies*

"Celestia-DAMNIT! That’s twice! I WANT SOME PLOTS!"
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Queue Top Gun Anthem

Also nice F-14 Tomcat.
My favorite naval jet
F-14 Tomcat by B00nz
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Zenie250Student Artist
LOL thats funnyXD lol MY PIE! XD
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*sings* Highway to the pony zone!
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ValronicHobbyist Digital Artist
Did you use a reference for the tomcat?  Its dimensions are spot on.
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And then Lyra was ejected from the Air Force for reckless endangerment of a superiors pie.
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Top Gun reference with ponies. I'm slowly seeing everything crossed with FiM at this point...and yet each time it continues to be just as awesome as the last thing I saw.

Very nicely done here. :D
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I didn´t know that there were planes in Equestria. But I see it fair. Why does the pegasi have to be the only ones with right to fly?
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MrKeybladeMaster1992Hobbyist Digital Artist
Poor Soarin
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verulenceHobbyist Digital Artist
I lost it when he shouted "MY PIE". This is all kinds of glorious and YES TOMCAT
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TearahkHobbyist General Artist
"the pattern is full." Love it. XD
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Ho Lyra you are the best ^__^
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this scene is classic. Even at Gundam 00 Patrick did it
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Don't mess with Soarin's pie, Lyra.  That will put you right into the danger zone.
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Sephy-55Hobbyist Interface Designer
I feel the need.....
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The need...for jet engines to create thrust in order to have differential pressure on the wings which achieves aerodynamic lift at high velocity!  OW!
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Iceman: "You! You're still dangerous but you can be my wi-"
Maverick: "My best friend is dead because of you!"
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The need for SPEED!
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LYRA to the Danger Zone... Lyra right into the Danger Zo-o-o-ne...
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dipdyeddbzStudent Digital Artist
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And then they were expelled.
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I never understood why people liked top gun. That's just me though. 
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Tom Cruise. 

That is pretty much it... its Tom. It was always Tom. Even the rock, still Tom.
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