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A Journey's End

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Published: September 6, 2013
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Yet the story continues...

Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 22 - Draw a pony in a competition / Draw a pony dueling.

Hey this one's sketchy not just because it's a kinda rushed. But the CMC are ponies looking for the competition to the Dodge Journey as their ride...yeah it kinda works... Trixie owning a place full of wheels well maybe this is why Trixie doesn't trust wheels? But she should look on the bright side that Journey now has fewer wheels! Also this is the ride from Day 2 which then got into a bit of a jam on Day 20 and things only got worse as the days continue and just to tie things together that's Pinkie's charger she crashed from Day 15 and Day 17 now I'm starting to really feel the heat of the NATG.
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LizardHunterPONY668Student Traditional Artist
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That look on Trixie's face in the last panel... PRICELESS! :rofl:
Rainbow2-0's avatar
Trixie's face is PRICELESS!
CuckooParty's avatar
CuckooPartyHobbyist Digital Artist
Dat last panel. INSTA FAV!
karkovice1's avatar
I think the CMC learned from THIS guy:… :D
ChaosDrgon's avatar
Its your own fault. You /are/ the one who was actually dumb enough to give them the keys.
cinidoodle's avatar
meh, tires are overrated anyways 
BrutalityInc's avatar
DMV Trixie: "Pinkie... you're fired."
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fuzzyhead12Student General Artist
isnt that sibsys car?
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sevoohypredHobbyist Digital Artist
Well true most of wheels were on fire xD! But actually it's a Dodge Journey (only chose it because NATG Day 2 prompt was draw 'a Pony on a Journey') Sibsy drives a Subaru Impreza I think it's a third generation version hatchback.
s-ertryon's avatar
I'm going to take that last panel, and make it into an avatar.  It needs to be done.
sevoohypred's avatar
sevoohypredHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, yes! awesome idea!
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uncommentatorHobbyist General Artist
"Trixie's Dodgey Dealer" XD
jmerridew124's avatar
RRGH! I really thought I'd get my external body work cutie mark for sure! I like rubber mallets and everything!
GodsOnVacation's avatar
I snort lol'd when Trixie saw the cars condition. :D
dusknoir64's avatar
sockeye101's avatar
sockeye101Hobbyist General Artist
Pinkie drives a Dodge Charger... Not surprised...
NukosPony's avatar
Somehow I felt she'd be more of a PT Cruiser pony.
miniapplejack's avatar
Dodge Journey - I see what you did there.
Element0fKindness's avatar
Why do I like this so much?  Everything from the CMCs destroying an SUV, to the Pinkie misunderstanding, to Trixie's cigar.  This is just gold all around.

Adding you to my watch list.  I have a feeling you'll be turning out more gold.
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NO Not the Dodge Durango 
xboxgamer969's avatar
its a Dodge Journey
ColonelRadec246's avatar
sorry. it looks like a Durango 
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