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A gift for my father for this upcoming Father's Day. He'll be away on a mandatory training seminar for his job, so we won't get to spend the day together like we usually do. So for him, I've drawn Ash, the dragon character I made to represent my dad, who is Shiff's father.

For the few of you that know the character from the past, yes, I've changed him around a tiny bit. No more bright green markings, fewer pairs of wings, a black mane to look more like my dad's hair and no more whiskers. Needless to say, Shiffy got most of her looks from her mother, kind of like I did. :<

I could have done so much better on this, but I do like the way it turned out in general. I don't usually receive it anyway, but no critique on this please. I know how much is wrong with it. It was supposed to be more of an emotional piece than an anatomically correct one. Not to mention the background was whipped up in like two seconds since I couldn't think of a better one. DX

I'm uploading it tonight instead of in the morning since I'll be gone for most of tomorrow. :/

Also, this song was a huge inspiration behind this. I listened to it on repeat the entire time I was painting. More people must hear it! >w< [link]
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I wonder if the extra pairs of wings would come in handy... pretty cool.
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They might just!

Thank you. :)
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:iconmegustaplz: I LEAVE A COMMENT!
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But i lieks da dragon!
Although im pretty sure i've never seen it before.
The same can be said about your actual dad. :dummy:
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lol you may one day. One day you two shall face your destinies..... or... at least each other. :P
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Thats nice :dummy:
Ya know jade kinda described him to meh.
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The colours all look so soft! And i love the detail that you put into the wings membranes and how it looks like his mane is blowing in the wind. Definitely a good gift for fathers day!
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Aww, thank you so much. :)
This is amazing!

To tell you, this is one of the best pictures you have drawn, in my opinion. I adore the landscape! His physique is awesome! The eyes are like, epic! :']
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That dragon is flippin' awesome! Your dad will love it, Shiffy! :D

And I can see bits of what he would give to Shiff in his design. His daughter still looks like him. :)
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Aww, thanks so much, bro. :)

Hahah, glad I could at least keep a connection. XD
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No problem, Shiff! It's a rare talent who's able to create such parallels between two different beings. She's definately her father's daughter.

Have you drawn Shiffy's mother?

And you remember that bit of poem that I was working on themed around Shiff's eventual death? I added a few lines to it today... may I ask how she ends up meeting her end?
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I've drawn her mother a good total of once. XD I do need an updated picture of her, though. Might work on that in a bit. :hmm:

It's a bit of a long story, but I'll try and shorten it up the best I can. I'll send it to yah in a note. :)
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Hehe... I'm sure that I'm not the only one who'd love to see it! It'd be incredible to see who Shiffy's parents are, even if the two of them are in seperate pics. (I'd flip back and forth between Shiff, Ash and her mom to see where Shiff gets her outwardly appearance. :))

I read that Shiff... that's horrible! :noes: At least Tolli got to live out most of his life, but Shiff barely got a third into hers! In a way, it's a sort of 'Romeo and Juliet' moment that you've created there, but it's more poignant because I know at least one of the characters.

If only Kota had come around more often... sigh. I may put that in a latter part of Kota's story, if I get around to writing it.

Hey, you still interested in Kota's adventures? I've been penning the first few months of his life when I have downtime... Would you want a peek at it when I get it typed up? :meow:
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Hahah, Shiffy and her mom are like my mom and I; They're like the splitting image of each other. XD I'll get to work on that. She needs a bit of revision, too. :)

Maybe not entirely, as I always liked to believe Romeo and Juliet was a satire on teen lust. :lol: But that's besides the point. With Kota around in Tolli's absence, she would have most definitively been happier. She'd still be incredibly depressed about believing her son was dead, but with another person around, she wouldn't have outright 'killed' herself out of respect. He could have saved her life, in a way. :noes:

It'd be awesome for you to bond his story with her's, though. :la: In fact, when I start revising more of her general story, I could sneak him into hers as well. ;)

Of course I would! :dummy:
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Heh. Thank goodness that I'm the freaky kid who gets stuff from my parents about 50-50. I don't think that I'd want to look like a mini-me (or even resemble) one of them. It's kinda nuts, but I'm glad of it! XDD

XDD Well said! I'm sure that many would agree with you in that. It's also a satire on tragedy as well, Shiff... in that first bit by the chorus Shakespeare beats you over the head 3 or 4 times that two characters are going to die. Anyway, you don't have to choose for her to die like that if you don't absolutely want it, Shiff. I'm sure that Kota will pop in for a little bit and try to pick her brain. If it ever appeared that she was in trouble, he would have stayed... if you want it to continue on the tracks it's headed, I could add in something that would have delayed one of Kota's visits. (Like having kids, for example.) Say, does Shiffy like hatchlings? What would she do if Kota were to show her his little ones? (When he eventually has them)

Hehehe... That would be awesome, Shiff. I'm thinking of giving Shiffy a cameo in the novel that I'm writing... mind if in a dark hour Kota speaks to a sea serpent who bears strong resemblance to her? :meow: (And if you put up her story, I can figure out how to bond him into hers and vice versa. :))

Alright... it's a bit long and unedited at the moment... I'll try to have the first 10 or so pages up sometime in July when I get back to India... they just need to go under the editing knife before I'll share them. :)
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Hahah, lucky. XD I wish I looked more like my dad, or at least inherited his gene for being freakishly tall. D: I look just like my mom but thinner and with longer hair... I guess those are pluses, though. X3

That's a good point. I just feel it's more so parodying teenage lust in a romantic relationship by the fact that these two get married a few days after looking at each other once. They don't get to really know each other, they just think that their love will conquer all, even though they only appear to be in love with each other over looks. XD Anyway, the thing is, I'm not really sure if I do or not. Yes, it's a pretty bad way to go and it makes her appear mentally weak, but in truth, she is a bit weak-minded in comparison to others, and not that many people actually have their characters in stories or otherwise die in such a way, if we speak for originality. I'll definitely need to think it over a tad more. :shrug: Hahah, Shiffy's a total sucker for hatchlings. XD She'd probably try to steal one of them for herself. XXX3

Hahah, that'd be cool. :) Go for it! I'm not too strong in the writing department, so if I do put up her life story, it either won't be very good, and it definitely won't be up for a pretty long time. D: I'll get something out there some day, I promise! XD

I understand. take as long as you need to, of course. :D When are yah getting back, by the way? :]
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Oh Mai. O.O I do very much like how this came out. :'3 All the colors combine nicley. :'3 You did realleh good :'3 I do very much so like the background. :'3 It looks actually painted. x3 I enjoy backgrounds like that more then ones that are all perfect and pokey, because nature isn't perfect. :'3 and teh fur detail ish realleh good(: Good job. ^^
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Awww, thank you so much, bro~! <3 Appreciate it. :]
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I really love it Shiffies~! I'm sure your dad with too
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