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"...When at last I am given my dues
And injustice deliciously squared.."

I watched The Lion King again last night, and again I come that this animation is one of the most great animation in the world. I was inspired by the Scar's song "Be prepared". x) I love this song so much that I listen it on many languages! So, ukrainian and german versions are my favourites ^^
Step by Step: Scar_stepbystep by Sevil-s

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I wish Rani met him.

Rani: Lion who are you?

Scar: I am Scar the great uncle of Kion and who are you?

Rani: I'm Rani the leader of the Night Pride. Are you the one who killed Mufasa?

Scar: Yes I am.

Rani: Why would you kill Mufasa?

Scar: Because my dad chose him to be the king over me that's why I killed him.

Rani: So you think that by killing him would be the only way to do it?

Scar: Yes and why do you ask?

Rani: Because my grandmom told me everything about you. First you killed Mufasa, then you caused all those animals to starve by taking over the Pride Lands, you accused Simba of being responsible for his father's death you told him to run away by sending him into exile but luckily for him he had his friends to save him and if it wasn't for them then he would've died in the desert alone, you tried to kill him, and most of all you cared about nobody but yourself.

Scar: Ah so that’s what you heard?

Rani: Yes so now you're going to get your revenge on Simba?

Scar: Yes because once I kill him, I will be the king and everything in the Pride Lands will be mine forever.

Rani: No you're wrong Scar Simba is the rightful king and you will never be the ruler of the Pride Lands because I know for a fact that Simba is my father in law. And another thing is that you almost made my husband turn evil by letting your snake friend give him a scar on his face just because he couldn’t control his power of the Roar!! If I hadn't welcomed him to the Tree of Life, he would’ve lost it. More importantly, why did you banish my father in law from the Pride Lands?

Scar: I had to banish Simba because he was responsible for Mufasa's death.

Rani: He wasn't responsible for his death Scar you were. You're no king you're nothing but a liar, a tyrant, and a killer.

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*casually slides over here from Annapatsu*

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:з I am still so glad that she used my art piece in her cover , although I only found out about it after half a year

Could you also do nala in the style like scar and other lions

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quite possible )
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One of my alltime favorite characters, and one of my favorite Disney villains. Really nice job!!!
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this is terrifying and I love it!!
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Man you really nailed Scars facial expression perfectly.
Amazing work!!!
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Ah, so happy to see my favourite character :D
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omg,This is amazing!!It really shows the way scar acts in the movie,Great job!^^
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Ahhh this is super awesome! I really love the cell-shading and those claws and teeth are wonderful! :heart:
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Omg 😍
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~BE PREPARED!!!!!!!!!!!~ *does the kick to Edd's butt*
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Amazingly detailed.
Awesome work. :) (Smile) 
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thank you <3
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You're so welcome
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Ahhh it's so awesome! ;v;

And nice that you like the german version of the song! :la:
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Oh, when I listened to the german version, I was just: Nuu
 I really think that german Scar is the true Scar :D And thank you for your kind words ;w; 
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Haha x3 Yeah, his german voice is really good.
I often think the german voices are better than the original (of couse voices in other languages can also be better). Not because I am german, but for example: I like the series Arrow and just wanted to look how the english voices are, and for me the english voice was way to light/high and also couldn't really bring up the atmosphere I knew from the german version. Of course english voices can be better (better is a kinda strange word...more fitting) too like in the videogames Uncharted, and sometimes it's only a think of what you are used to hear...ahhh this is a really huge theme, I should better stop now x3

Nothing to thank for! ;v;
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