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My drawings of June 2018 - Content Summary by seviesphere My drawings of June 2018 - Content Summary by seviesphere
My drawings of June 2018^^
I did 7 different drawing, 1 with 4 versions, 6 with 2 versions.

- Kratos (female version / genderbend) from God of War
- Suco - Dragon Zodiac Version - original character
- Dante (female version / genderbend) from Devil May Cry
- Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Drawing in the top row are available for everyone here on Deviantart, the other ones are usually more hentai and exclusive to my patrons (5$/month).
Patrons also get access to the Patreon activity feed, where I post sneak peeks and WIPs (work in progress pics). They also get wallpapers, early access to the finished drawings, a honored place at the end of my youtube speedpaint videos, 10% off prints & goodies at my Etsy store, and of course ALL VERSIONS of my drawings in high-resolution (usually 3600px x 5100px).

And if you become my patron for the very first time, you get the package from the previous month for free! So if you pledge during July, you will also get these drawings of June!^-^

Support my art and get nice H-stuff:

Prints and previous drawings are available here:
RadicalDanny Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2018
My Yoko is the best ^^
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