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Just one night with you - Severus x Lily by Teufelspentagramm
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Severus Writings
Ask-Anything: Snape-Hardbroom-Hobbes: Context:,Part 1: The Early Years: Severus Snape and Constance Hardbroom first met back in 1977 as students. Constance’s school-Cackle’s Academy-was visiting Hogwarts for the Spring Term. Over time (and with the secret help of Lily Evans and James Potter), Severus and Constance began a bit of a romance. But, this was short lived. After Constance, Severus, James and Lily had to fight off a Death Eater attack at Hogwarts, Snape was confronted by his Slytherin peers-reminding him of his true loyalties. When Constance and the rest of Cackle’s students returned to their Overblown Castle, Severus continued to work with the Dark Arts. As for James and Lily, though they were upset about Severus still being into the Dark Arts, the two couldn’t help but sense the best in him. A feeling James and Lily kept to each other. Even in their last days.Then came September 1st, 1982. It has almost been a year since Lord Voldemort’s defeat at the cost of James and Lily Potter. The then 22-years-old, Snape worked as Hogwarts’ Potions Master much to his own chagrin. With his own personal demons, Severus proved himself to be unpopular among staff and students alike. He was arrogant, antisocial and outright petty. With him being head of the Slytherin Household, Severus could let his underlings get away with murder. Yet, on this day, Albus Dumbledore announced to all that Cackle’s Academy was going to make a longer visit than last time; from October all the way to July.Halloween arrived in a flash and Cackle’s Academy made their much awaited arrival. Among the visitors was one of the younger teachers; Constance Hardbroom. Now in a long, black dress, and dark-brown hair wrapped in an extremely tight bun, Severus was surprised to see her again. This was said for Constance as she always thought Severus would never-for any reason-return to Hogwarts after graduating. Not to mention, she was still mad at Severus for not keeping in contact with her as he had promised.While they had an awkward start, a couple of incidents would drive Constance and Severus to let love bloom. Albeit in strict secrecy. And when July arrived, the pair wrote dozens of letters to each other. The relationship got so serious that marriage was often brought up. Given his past and current situations, Severus was reluctant to take such a step. Eventually, Severus would buck up the courage to marry Constance. But not without confessing his Death-Eater ways, his job as Dumbledore’s agent and even what had happened to Lily Evans. While that was a lot for Constance to process, she would decide to marry Severus on August 1, 1983. With retired Minister of Magic, Elphinstone Urquart, officiating the elopement, Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, and Amelia Cackle served as witnesses.At first, the newlyweds were in bliss in spite of having to continue their long-distance romance due to their respective jobs. But, as time went on, problems would start to resurface. And when it’s discovered that a baby was on the way, a scared Severus put divorce on the table. As a result, a heart-broken Constance decided to put their upcoming baby up for adoption in hopes to give him/her a stable upbringing. Something Constance nor Severus could give.Throughout the months, Constance would hide away in the Flamel House in France thanks to Dumbledore’s friendship with Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel. Amelia Cackle, Minerva McGonagall, Elphinstone Urquart and later Poppy Pomfrey would be around to help. As for Severus, he would visit when not teaching or spying. Yet, he and Constance would hardly speak with each other. Then, on Christmas morning, a son was born; “Nicholas Brian”. Ecstatic as they were to see their son, Severus and Constance forced themselves back to earth. They finally got around to signing both the divorce and adoption papers and gave the nine-day-old newborn to Elphinstone who would give the baby to Kezia and Huw Hobbes.In his grief, Severus decided to do something drastic; collect his memories in flasks, put those in a box and have Dumbledore obliviate any memories that involved Constance and their son. A task a solemn Dumbledore agreed to do. As for the box of memories, it would be given to Dumbledore and then to the next headmistress, McGonagall to give to Nicholas Brian if he ever arrived at Hogwarts.Part 2: Resurrections And Reunions: In 1998, the Second Wizarding War was fought and won by the Order of the Phoenix. However, among the casualties was none other than Severus Snape. Hated by the Order, it was Harry Potter who would clear the air and explain Snape’s true intentions to the Wizarding World. Yet, Severus had to have his funeral without his corpse for, during the battles, he would be whisked away by an obscure, but dangerous group known as “R”. With most of their former members dead, the remaining party, Verruca Snyde, Patricia Rakepick, Eustace Burke and Kazuhiro Shiratori had managed to escape Azkaban during a 1997 mass breakout. Trying to gain their goal of immortality, the smaller “R” often tried and failed to reach it. Then they came across a peculiar formula that holds to the key to revival. And once finding the body of Severus Snape, they took their chance. Once the corpse was in their hideout, a concoction was made with the tears of a phoenix, the wings of fairies, the horn of a unicorn, a few plants and the Resurrection Stone. This, the Revival Potion, was what brought Severus Tobias Snape back from the grave with his scars and infamous Death-Mark gone. But this potion came with a cost; with the Resurrection Stone being one of the main properties, Snape’s DNA has been mutated; gaining the Hallow’s powers, he could summon the Heaven-bound at will. All while both of his palms bore the symbol of the Deathly Hallows with the stone emblem being the most pronounced. Disgusted with what’s been done to him, Severus escaped his captors and lived on his own in the woods of Great Britain. Over time, he created unique potions and mailed them to apothecary shops and St. Mungo’s Hospital under the alias, “Sephtis Surgo”. He would obtain a good portion of wealth as a result, yet remained in isolation. All Severus would have for company were the summoned Dumbledore and Lily Evans. Then, in the spring of 2006, a potions experiment caused a terrible house fire which would’ve killed Severus had he not been rescued by students of the nearby Cackle’s Academy. As he was cared for by Amelia Cackle and the school nurse, Constance Hardbroom was shocked and lost for words when finding Severus again. Over time, she and Severus had to work to rekindle their troubled flame. Not only that, they would reunite with their long lost son, 22-year-old Nicholas Hobbes of Weirdsister College.The Characters You Can Ask:Severus Snape.Constance Hardbroom.Nicholas Brian Hobbes.Ethel Hallow.Mildred Hubble.Harry Potter.Ginny Weasley-Potter.Ron Weasley.Hermoine Granger.Minerva McGonagall.Albus Dumbledore.Amelia Cackle.James Potter.Lily Evans.The Rules:Questions must be appropriate and family-friendly.Must be on topic to anyone on the questionnaires. Get creative with your questions!Just so you know, this will be in written form so it’s best to not expect any comics concerning this Ask-Anything. I’m drawing other stuff still but not for this.Please be patient.Now with all of this in mind, ask away!

Mature Content

Harry Potter Modern!AU| Devil's Triangle Part 7.4Sprawled face down on the single two-seater couch in an oversized tee and baggy yoga pants, Hermione traced circles on the carpeted floor with the half-empty wine bottle in her hand. The drone of the television in front of her filled the, otherwise silent, living room with some semblance of liveliness. Through half-lidded eyes, she watched the couple on the flat television screen bicker but their shouted words did little to penetrate her mind.Her gaze floated to the Steinway piano by the window, its empty seat yearning for her to sit at the instrument and run her fingers over the ivory keys to make it sing. She closed her eyes, blocking it from her vision. After the afternoon’s events, she had no room in her heart for music at this time.Only room for more booze. Her fingers closed over the neck of the bottle and she lifted it to her lips. The liquid burned its way down her throat, bringing a soothing warmth to her body and a lightness to her mind. Hermione shifted her weight on the couch, its worn springs protesting under her body. Her grip loosened on the bottle and it tumbled to the floor with a tinkle. She lifted her gaze to the ceiling, tracing the pattern on the wallpaper illuminated only by the glare from the television. As her eyes followed the spiral of the wallpaper, it reminded her of her own spiral downwards in life. How did she even end up here, she thought bitterly. A washed-up singer with nothing to her name, no one to come back home too. Just an aging beauty attracting the wrong people’s attention. Salty tears sprung up in the corner of her eyes. Using the back of her hand, she covered her moist eyes. She bit down on her trembling bottom lip as the tears rolled down her cheeks. She hated feeling this vulnerable over bastards like Fenrir. And the worst part of it was the guilt that nibbled at her. The feeling that somehow it was her fault instead of theirs.“... it’s not my fault that you’re so provocative!” The gruff male voice echoed from the speakers.Hermione rotated her head to face the screen. Through the misty veil of her tears, she watched the lanky male character pin a crying woman to the wall. The woman put up a weak struggle, which only made the man laugh in response. Her pathetic whimpering stirred a building whirlpool of rage in Hermione’s chest. Eyes narrowing, her vision blurred. Conflicting inner voices screamed in her head. The woman deserved it, one hissed. She should fight back, another hollered. She is just like me, the last one echoed, drowning out the rest.Hermione shook her head vigorously, attempting to dismiss the words that resounded louder and louder in her ears. She was not like that woman. She was not like her slut of a mother either. She was not!As the room spun around her, a shadow took shape behind her couch, its outline disturbingly familiar. Hermione froze. Her body stilled as the shadow morphed into the face of a man that haunted her dreams. Her alcohol-riddled mind blurred the details of his face but the thin-lipped smirk of his remained as clear as day. His lips parted and that husky voice of his drawled. “Since it’s just us now, why don’t you let me take some pictures of you eh?”Fear gripped her heart tightly. Hermione opened her mouth to refuse, to scream, to cry for help - but her voice failed her. She shuddered as the man held up the professional camera hanging around his neck and pointed it at her. “Your mum left for work but I don’t think she’ll mind if we have a little fun.”Fun. That’s what all of them wanted.Revulsion churned her stomach. She scrabbled away from the shadow, her back rubbing against the armrest of the couch. Heart thumping ferociously in her chest, she swung her arm aimlessly around her to ward him off.“D-don’t come near me!” she rasped, her throat dry.The man tutted. As he approached her, he hiccuped, the stench of alcohol in his breath hitting her.Finally finding the strength to rise to her feet, Hermione pushed herself up and stumbled away. Her legs were weak but she forged on, desperate to put some distance between him and herself. She held onto the walls, pushing herself forward as she swayed to and fro.“Where are you going, sweetie pie??” he called out into the darkness.Hermione huffed as she reached the front door, her trembling fingers almost slipping off the doorknob when she yanked it open. She slammed the door shut behind her and raced to the front gate, throwing it wide open.Little by little of her strength returned and she pumped her legs faster. Sweat dripped down her skin as she left her home farther behind. She was not safe there anymore. Desperate to find someone to help, her mind latched onto the one name that resonated with warmth and security.Draco.
Harry Potter Modern!AU| Devil's Triangle Part 7.3As fate would have it, Ron was already seated near the front of Luna’s little restaurant, helping himself to a large plate of fried rice. So when Harry walked in with Marsha, a small bell by the door tinkling to announce their arrival, the young man beamed and waved Harry over.After a round of teasing from Luna and Marsha, Harry placed his order and headed over to where his friend was seating. Sidling into the plastic bench opposite Ron, Harry eyed the fast receding grains of rice on Ron’s place.“Hey slow down, man. I just got here,” he teased, following it up with a slap on Ron’s meaty bicep which bulged under the striped shirt.. Ron guffawed and took a gulp of water from his glass. “Alright then. There.” He placed his spoon and fork down. “I’ll wait until you get yours.”“Thanks.” Harry unbuttoned his uniform shirt a little more and rifled a hand through his hair. “How’s it going?”A grunt rumbled Ron’s chest. “Nothing much. Just Ma and Pa either hinting or directly complaining about the lack of grandchildren.”“Again huh. Just lie and say you have a girlfriend.” Harry waved a hand in dismissal as he looked out the floor-to-ceiling glass panes at the lunch crowd bustling in the street. He jerked a thumb at the throngs of people. “Pick one of the good-looking girls, snap a photo, and pretend that’s the girl.”Ron snorted and shook his head. “That won’t work on them. They recently learnt how to Google search for images, you know. One click and they’ll find out who the girl is and stalk her social media.”A smirk tugged the corner of Harry’s lips. “Suddenly they’re so tech savvy eh?”“Yeah right. A minute later, they’ll text me asking how to send an image using Whatsapp.” Ron jibed, his words laced with sarcasm.“Tech savvy in the wrong ways then.” Harry lifted an eyebrow as he poured himself a glass of water from the pitcher on the table.“Definitely.” A side glance to the long counter on the right, behind which was the kitchen, told Ron that Harry’s food was done. His gaze switched back to Harry. “Yours is coming.”“Good. I’m positively starving,” Harry groaned. He licked his lips as Luna whipped up the piping plate and walked around the counter towards them. “There you go, one fried chicken cutlet with curry.” She announced with a flourish, placing the large white plate down. Luna ruffled her brother’s hair and grinned. “Enjoy.”“Thanks.” Flashing a smile, Harry watched her head back towards the counter to deal with the lunch crowd now trickling in. He raked his eyes over the people streaming in, recognizing some of the restaurant’s loyal patrons, until his gaze settled on a middle-aged, rugged-looking man in a plain white tee and jeans.Harry nudged Ron with an elbow and said in a hushed tone, “Hey Ron, isn’t that Draco?”“What?” His voice muffled by the large spoonful of food, Ron shifted his gaze to where Harry was pointing at. Recognizing his coworker, he groaned in dismay. “Goddamn it, it is him.”As if on cue, Draco turned in their direction as he looked for a spot to sit. Seeing Ron, his lips curled up in a smile and he held up a hand in greeting. Ron stifled another groan as he responded in kind. Whispering to Harry under his breath, his fists clenched. “Pray he doesn’t come this way.”Incoming footsteps said otherwise.“Oh god he is coming this way,” Ron said behind gritted teeth. “Okay smile.”“Hey Draco,” he exclaimed, his pitch a little higher than normal in feigned joy. “I didn’t know you were coming here for lunch too.”Harry covered his mouth with the back of his palm to hold back the laughter bubbling his chest. “Good to see you here too, Ron,” Draco replied with a smile. His head swiveled to face Harry and he nodded. “And.. Harry right?”Clearing his throat, Harry composed himself. “Yup. Haven’t seen you in a while, Draco.”“Life’s been hectic, yeah.”The conversation lapsed for a second too long and an air of awkwardness descended on the three men. “Want to join us?” Ron piped up, a hint of reluctance in his tone.“Oh no I don’t want to disturb you two,” replied Draco who dug a hand into the pocket of his jeans. “I got takeout.”“Excuse me, young man.” A gruff voice interrupted from behind Draco.Quickly mumbling an apology, Draco moved closer to the table as the elderly couple squeezed past him. The aisles in the small restaurant were narrow and harder to navigate during lunch and dinner crowds. Watching Draco shift around as more people walked past made Harry and Ron uncomfortable. So Harry patted the space beside him on the bench. “You might as well sit and wait for your food.” “It’s easier than clogging up the aisle,” he added with a laugh, which had Ron snorting as well.There was a moment of slight hesitation before Draco accepted the invitation with a nod of his head. He slid in beside Harry and propped his elbows on the table. “Don’t mind me though. You guys continue eating.”With a shrug, Ron dug his spoon into the rice. “Don’t mind if I do then.”Harry took the opportunity to finally get a chance to savor his favorite dish. Luckily it was still warm and his chicken, so deliciously crispy. As he and Ron made good progress, he eyed Draco from the corner of his eye. The man’s phone had buzzed a few seconds ago and he was now looking intently at his screen.He didn’t know Draco very well, even in school. What he did know was that the man used to be popular with the ladies. He had that cool guy aura to him and was a natural athlete. Not much of an academic performer obviously. But Harry had the distinct impression back then that the guy pretty much had everything going for him.Yet judging by the crease in his eyebrows, the thin line of his lips, and his tense jaw, Draco was anything but happy at the moment. His fingers seemed to dig into the cover of his phone as his eyes traveled across the screen. It looked like the screen might actually crack under the pressure of Draco’s fingers, so Harry broke the silence. “Bad news, I take it?”Draco placed his phone down with a thump. “Yeah, you could say that.” He rubbed the bristle on his chin with his palm. “So what were you guys talking about before I came in?”A sly look cast at Ron, Harry grinned. “Girls.”The two other men broke into chuckles. Ron leaned back, curling his arms behind him. “Or rather, the lack of one,” he chimed in as he winked.Draco laughed quietly, his head moving from left to right. When the cheer died down, he added with a sigh, “It’s nice and fun to date girls. But remember to think twice before getting married, guys.”Lifting an eyebrow, Harry tried to inject some humor into the conversation. “Wow, that’s the experience you get when you’re married. I guess I’ll stay happily single for a while. Right Ron?”He looked over to his friend who now had a toothpick in his mouth, completely focused on removing whatever morsels of food was left. Ron had not picked up on his subtle hint to deviate away from the topic, choosing instead to dive right into murky waters. “Meh easy to say when you’re married to a pretty woman.”Harry mentally face-palmed. “Not really.” Draco pinched his forehead. His voice was strained, an undercurrent of tension running through his words. “Me and Lynn have our problems too.”“She’s such a nice lady though-”Ron cut himself off, his mouth still open, as he caught Harry’s warning glare. His lips clamped shut and he cleared his throat. “Well umm… how did it go with Hermione by the way?” he directed his question to Harry in an attempt to salvage the conversation.“Good,” Harry hurriedly replied. Then, remembering the incident at the pub, he frowned. “Not that good actually.”Draco seemed to perk up at that. He turned, fixing Harry in an intense gaze. “What happened?”Shifting in his seat, Harry’s gaze switched from Ron to Draco and then back again. “Well, we were having a great time when Fenrir- You know that teacher who looks more like a gangster?”Both men nodded.“He came to our table. And he flirted with Hermione.” Harry paused. “It obviously wasn’t the first time.”He watched Draco, catching a flicker of quiet rage in the man’s eyes and the tensing in his jaw. A quick glance at the table where Draco’s arms lay showed that his fists were clenched so hard to the point that the knuckles turned white. It was normal to feel indignant at the harassment of someone you knew, but the aura surrounding Draco was almost akin to that of a seasoned serial killer. Blood lust that was clearly hidden behind a veil of indifference and pretense - it had Harry’s police senses tingling. “Then what happened?” Ron’s voice cut through Harry’s thoughts and he blinked a few times, trying to reorient himself. “Right,” Harry frowned. “Hermione was pretty shaken. And it seemed like Fenrir had cyber stalked her. So I threatened to take him to jail or something for that offense. He backed down and left after that. Thankfully.”He eyed Draco as he finished his story. The man’s expression had returned to that of a silent observer. Harry marveled at the discipline and restraint shown but wondered if there wasn’t more to it than he was showing.Draco shook his head, his lips curling in disgust. “What a bastard.”Ron murmured his agreement, his expression also that of disdain.“I know Hermione well,” Draco continued. “And I know she hates those kind of guys who come on too strongly. She doesn’t do too well with them.”Giving an approving nod to Harry, Draco said, “That was good of you to put Fenrir in his place.”“Thanks,” Harry said haltingly. He remembered Hermione hanging out with Draco during school days, which would explain why Draco knew so much about her. But something else bugged Harry. He opened his mouth, about to say something, when Draco’s phone buzzed loudly.Draco took one look at the caller ID and cursed under his breath. “Sorry guys, I need to take this.”Both Harry and Ron gestured at him to go ahead, although Draco had already answered. Ron engaged Harry in further small talk but soon, their attention was diverted back to Draco when he raised his voice in anger.“Fine, yes. I read your fucking message already. Happy??”Noticing that his conversation was distracting the two men, Draco gave a curt apology and got to his feet, his hand still cradling the phone to his ear. “I’ll see you guys around.”“How about your takeout?” Ron called out.Not seeming to have heard him, Draco hurriedly made his way out of the restaurant, his back hunched. Harry watched him cross the road, noticing the angry strides and the violent gestures of his hand as he continued to talk away to - who Harry presumed was - his wife, Lynn.“What was that all about?” his friend exclaimed, wide-eyed.Harry gave a shrug of his shoulders. “I think that was Lynn. She texted him just now. He read it and she’s probably scolding him for not replying after reading it… I think?”Ron leaned forward, his eyes sparkling in admiration. “Wow you know all that from one line that he said??”Cheeks turning a shade of red, Harry rubbed the back of his neck and chuckled. “I just picked it up from what he said before about thinking twice before marrying. Plus he said that after reading some message on his phone.”“Oh my god, that’s amazing,” Ron tutted, his voice full of awe. “No wonder you’re the policeman.”A sense of pride bloomed in Harry’s chest. Ron might not be an expert and maybe his comment did not have much weight in it. But Harry pushed all that reasoning aside. He really did have the mettle to be a great policeman. Of that he was certain. And all his policeman instincts were screaming at him that there was something underway here. Maybe something that would help prove his ability to solve a case. He could only hope.
Comics and Humour
Snapetober 2 - Poisoned by mopolo95
Snapetober 1 - Insomnia by mopolo95
Toby's Boy by Mothboss
That voice by JuanaSunfall
The Prince and the Sword by PotionsTeddy
Severus Snape by Lykusio
Delivering the Sword by PotionsTeddy
Daichi at Harry Potter World by Yoitefriend
HP Snape + Tears Stamp by TwilightProwler
HP Snape + Head Tilt Stamp by TwilightProwler
HP Snape + Eyebrow Stamp by TwilightProwler
HP Snape + Dramatic Exit Stamp by TwilightProwler
Alan Rickman
AR Wallpaper by JuanaSunfall
Alan Rickman (watercolor) by AlexandraDane
Everglow by JuanaSunfall
hans gruber by volkradugi
Snape v2.0 by MissNorton1990
Into the Darkness by jajafilm

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