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Harry-Snape Classroom Potion

Severus and Harry in the classroom of potion.

- Harry Potter : 11 years old (first year at Hogwarts).

- Severus Snape : 31 years old

New Fan Art of the story "The True Story Of Severus Snape".
The story is not actually online.

WebSite :
International : (site under construction)
French :
Deviantart FanClub :

The Fan Art is by the wonderful :ramachan: . I love her art. Thanks so much dear Rama :hug:
She gave me the permission to post it in my own gallery.
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Enjoy !!

The story is not actually online (see next summer).

WebSite :
International :
French :
Deviantart FanClub :
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SuperGamerGirl's avatar
Lol, Harry's face!
sampea's avatar
poor Harry...
Tearthgrrl's avatar
The expression on poor Harry's face...brilliantly done!
TimberHowl's avatar
You have a wonderful style!
nomugglesallowed's avatar
oh my gosh, I love the airbrushing!!!
Rowlingson39's avatar
This is wonderfully brilliant! Nice job!
wbkal79's avatar
Really captures the bad vibes between Harry and the Professor.
MowBlue's avatar
marmarlaid's avatar
:wizardhat: looks great. how long did that take you??
ZyuTheLast's avatar
Harry is adorable~
but why are Snape's hands darker in tone than his face?
frd24906's avatar
Thanks so much for sharing such a beautiful piece of art with us.
PavelZakarovRomanov's avatar
wonderfu;l! haryy looks asain.
potionsandsnitches's avatar
Nice use of colors. :)
Pemphredo's avatar
Harry looks like Jake Harper xD
Really good pic
xRyuzakix's avatar
I love how Asian he looks. Love the coloring. Good job.
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