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Thought its good to have a list like that. A few people on FA have them and could be from interest, if those shall be drawn from time to time x3.

• James Orwell •

Nickname: Trash, Trashdog
Age: 35
Born: 1676 (actual living year is 1711 and 342 years in 2018)
Height: 4’6” / 141 cm
Weight: 79 lbs / 36 kg
Species: Were Jackal (TrashDog)
Born: GB / London
Position: Dom
Character: Rude, Mean, Liar, Lazy, Feisty and is very snappy but can also be friendly and always keeps his word
Likes: Treasure, Gold, Rum, Biting, Chest-, Belly- and Chin rubs, do whatever he wants
Dislikes: People who dont follow his orders, when he does not get what he wants
Status: Drunk
Orientation: Hetero
Tend to Bite

Story: James Orwell is a Were Jackal acting in the Royal Navy as a Commodore in the Golden Pirate Age of the Caribbean.
His ship looks more broken then functional and is more a ghost Ship but somehow he is still able to let that Ship swim and maneuver throw the ocean.
His very own goal is to get his paws on the hourglass of time. With that hourglass, he is able to live forever and get back his youth again and again.
As maybe seen on the pictures, James does not wear underwear and stuff as he is more feral then anthro. The reason is, that he is no anthro but a Werecreature.
James has the urge to wear clothes like the ones he wears, otherwise he does not feel civilzed enough... Something that he is not anyways as a WereJackal because of his animal creature instincts...
He also is very small. He is not really an Anthro like my other chars are but more a "normal" Jackal who just walks on his 2 hindlegs at the size of a Wolf. (Or how it can be described)
He does not turn at a Fullmoon or Bloodmoon because he has no human form ... he only gets very active while on newmoon, he is super lazy.
As a Werecreature, Silver hurts him alot. He also feels uncomfy next to a cross or being in a curch and stuff. Please dont bless him XD.
His fangs were removed against his will and replaced with golden ones. The reason is, that he is a really bity creature. He loves to bite and those fangs where somehow infectious. Other creatures turned into Werecreatures or died by the disease before turning.

Also he is wearing a stick that he needs as his right ankle is hurting caused by a silverknife that hit him and where tiny fragments seem to be in there (That is also the reason, why his right spatz is damaged there). Also the walking stick has a hidden knife. But there are also days where he does not need the stick and also days, where he cant move without a walking help that he needs to attach to his leg.

His favorite food is Rum and Chicken.

James cant chew as he is a canind and need to swallow down chunks of meat. They can open their maws wide and have a wide throat
The Stomach can hold the amount of food as their own bodysize. (That does not mean that this amount of food can go in their maws in one piece… They bite off chunks!
Strickt Carnivore.


When turning 21 his blood changed. This change made him stronger, heal faster and gave him a long life but he also is not able anymore to touch silver.
This slow age lasts for around 300 - 350 years before they lose their healing ability and so their long life. At that point, he begin to age rapidly and have no more than 15 years left till they die because of a circulatory collapse.

James for example was born in 1676. In 1697 he turned 21 and his slow age begun. He always tells people that he is around 35 -37 when they are asking their age, instead he is already 342 years old in 2018. That also means, his reign is nearly over as he had already spend 321 years aging slowly which is eating him up from the inside knowing that his end is near.

Muzzle has bumb on top
Muzzle is heavy build like an African Wild dog and not as a Jackal.
Big nose with Big noseholes
Eye pupills are red
all 4 fangs are golden
Larger fangs then normal canids
Derpy Teeth
Scar at neck and on left ear
End of ear is bent down
Never wears pants. Sometimes Shirts and always Gold… - clothes…………… - feral
Mature artwork? Yes

• Calypso •

Age: 28
Born: 1683 (the actual living year is 1711)
Height: 5’9” / 182 cm
Weight: 143 lbs / 65 kg
Species: Hyena/WereHyena
Born: Isle Hispaniola in the Carribean
Language: French and poor Englisch
Accent: French
Position: unknown
Likes: gore, blood, raw meet, cooking
Dislikes: unknown
Status: in contract as a cook in James Orwells crew
Special Traits: can hunger for weeks
Orientation: unknown - touch her and she bites chunks of meat out of you!

Story: Calypso is a Hyena set out on a small carribean Island far away from the trading routes in hope, nobody comes around.
The reason is her lifestyle if you could say so. She is a cannibal voodoo hyena and you have nothing to laugh when she is near you.
Bloody Raw meat is what she prefers. There where also times on that island where she had not enough food and so she allready ate one finger of her own and bit a part out of her arm.
One day James, the Werejackal found her and hired her as a chef on his ship.
What a strange situation but she was not bound to that lonely island anymore.
Her taste for raw meat never got away as her stomach was used to get that kind of food and so she is not able to eat anything else anymore.… - charsheet…

• The PeanutButterDog •

Nickname: PB
Age: 23
Born: 1688 (the actual living year is 1711)
Height: 6’1” / 189 cm
Weight: 189 lbs / 88 kg
Species: African Painted Dog or African Wild Dog
Born: Botsuana
Language: French and Englisch
Accent: strange dialect - and she always says "me" instead of "I
Position: Dom ;P
Likes: Sex, Food, Foodplay, get fed by someone, more Sex ;p
Dislikes: unknown
Status: in contract as a surgeon in James Orwells crew
Special Traits: Voodoo
Orientation: Pansexual

Story: PB has no real name, but she was born in Botsuana and got take away for slavery when she was 5. The ship that should bring her over to the UK was brought up by pirates and there she joined them.
Now 23 she joined the crew of Commodore James Orwell, the WereJackal who is more a pirate himself then fighting for king and crown.
There, she has a few jobs to do. One jobs is the surgeon. But she is also nymphomaniac. People love to report sick. XD
And why PeanutButterDog? Well the design had nice colors and I won the char in an auction. Somehow the colors reminded me on Peanutbutter and thats why I call her the PeanutButterDog.
Oh she also drips here and there and you can get a taste of that peanutbutter XD *points on this picture at chin and tail* ... what have you thought? ;p
So she can also do Voodoo. And if you ask yourself for what she does need Voodo, then the answere is ... to get her victims or toys in her bed ;p……

• Severus Blackpaw •

Age: 24
Height: 5’7” / 170 cm
Weight: 126 lbs / 57 kg
Species: Silverfox
Born: Canada / Vancouver - Has Canadian Accent
Position: Sub
Likes: absinth, opium, girls, crossdressing, girly clothes, underwear, boobs, butts and holding them in his hand or his hold in other hands, massages
Dislikes: disorder, children, ignorant people, dirt (has a hang to clean everything)
Status: weak minded, low self-esteem, at risk of committing suicide
Orientation: Bisexual

Story: Severus is a shy but very beautifull Silverfox with feminin traits. Sure he has no boobs but he looks very feminin.
He loves crossdressing and has a hang to clean things on every millimeter.… - CharSheet… his main clothes for outside…
Mature artwork? Yes


Age: 19
Height: 5’5” / 168 cm
Weight: 110 lbs / 50 kg
Species: Mix Breed Fox
Born: Great Britain / London - Has a british Accent (Like Tracer from Overwatch?)
Position: Dom
Likes: Sex, Drugs and ... Psytrance, Goa, Trippy Stuff, Butts, Anal, inserting (large) Objects
Dislikes: ignorant people
Status: On a Trip
Orientation: Bisexual

Story: Maycha is Severus little sister. She is somehow sexdriven and everything is circling around that theme + she loves colorfull things, tripps and is a real partygirl who loves to visit discos and festivals. Caused by this she is also into drugs but not like Severus, she is more into partydrugs like Mushrooms, LSD and MDMA.… - NAKED front / back view… - feral
Mature artwork? Yes!

• Chocolate •

Age: 27
Height: 5’9” / 180 cm
Weight: 182 lbs / 83 kg
Species: Sabretooth Lynx Hybrid
Born: Bavarian Forest / Germany
Position: Dom
Likes: sex, cuddles, ass, tight hugs, intimacy, girls, guys, perverted things, toys, wet dreams, fastfood
Dislikes: racial stuff, slavery, liars, cold, clothes
Status : Strong minded, strong protecting instincts
Orientation: Pansexual

Story: Chocolate has a very protective instinct. She loves hugs and cuddles and sometimes she gets a food nom flash and eats more then she could take.
But only in her 4 legger form and get really round. After that... well she is always asking Severus for some fitness training (Sex) as her Pants and Hotpants dont fit anymore.
Chocolate has in her 4 legger form the body build and size of a tiger as a sabrecat but the paws, tail and also head of a lynx from the design.
So she is not a small cuddlecat even if she loves to cuddle all the time. Dont land under her belly ;) That catsize means heavy.… - Charsheet… feral… feral………
Mature artwork? Yes

• Lilith Mincemeat / Mrs. Mincemeat •

Age: 19
Height: 5’5” / 165 cm
Weight: 105 lbs / 48 kg
Species: Serval
Born: London / UK
Position: Dom but loves to play Sub to get to her prey
Likes: knifes, blood, drugs, girls, toys, dirty play, cutting herself, silent people, your intestines
Dislikes: men, live, the world, everything, children, sex
Status: insane
Orientation: Lesbian

Story: Lilith once lived together with Severus but she could not handle that he always worn her clothes when he felt to and so she got mad trying to kill him with a knife.
The consequenze was a few years in an Asylum where she got raped and tortured till she killed everyone there with her now beloved Barber Knife.
She always gets a kick, when the knife goes through flesh. So, she cuts herself too if she needs another kick and there is nobody to play with.… - Charsheet……
Mature artwork? Yes

• Ovi •

Age: a few month/unknown
Height: 7’6”
Length: 13’9”
Weight: 770 lbs / 350 kg
Species: Dinosaur Hybrid
Born: created in a tank
Position: Dom
Likes: food, willing food, struggling food inside, filled belly, belly huggs
Dislikes: old food, fighting food, sex (try it and you are very fast inside her, but not in her pussy... more in her stomach or ripped open)
Status: very much alive with an empty belly
Orientation: A-Sexual

Story: Ovi got created in a secret laboratory. Ovi herself is a hybrid. She is not a dinosaurspecies that ever lived.… - CharSheet………
Mature artwork? Yes

• Oliver / Oli •

Age: 1,4
Height: 0’11” / 30 cm
Weight: 6 lbs / 2,7 kg
Species: KitFox
Born: Nevada / USA
Position: Sub
Likes: eggs, olives, earmassages, panties, cuddle, tongues, open mouth with the view inside, butts, bellys, touch/hug/jump on bellys
Dislikes: Sex (because he do not know what that is XD), mean people, claws, touched/pet/stroked by males
Status: Winterfur is growing
Orientation: A-Sexual

Story: Oli is a little childish kitfox. He is not able to survive by his own as he was raised by Chocolate till he was a little baby and he has a secret panty stash that he protects fearless.
Mature artwork? If you want but it depends


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