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Severity Gray by Severity-Gray Severity Gray :iconseverity-gray:Severity-Gray 9 3 Detective Stone (Masked) by Severity-Gray
Mature content
Detective Stone (Masked) :iconseverity-gray:Severity-Gray 19 9
Coldlight-Chloe Adore Crossdressing by Severity-Gray Coldlight-Chloe Adore Crossdressing :iconseverity-gray:Severity-Gray 21 4 Lea by Severity-Gray Lea :iconseverity-gray:Severity-Gray 7 2 Labys Skynote by Severity-Gray Labys Skynote :iconseverity-gray:Severity-Gray 17 6 Detective Stone by Severity-Gray
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Detective Stone :iconseverity-gray:Severity-Gray 14 4
Coldlight Bluestar Reference Sheet by Severity-Gray Coldlight Bluestar Reference Sheet :iconseverity-gray:Severity-Gray 11 6 Coldie side view (Final) by Severity-Gray Coldie side view (Final) :iconseverity-gray:Severity-Gray 5 1 Coldie Front Veiw(Final) by Severity-Gray Coldie Front Veiw(Final) :iconseverity-gray:Severity-Gray 4 5 A new suit by Severity-Gray A new suit :iconseverity-gray:Severity-Gray 36 17 Nightmare (Updated) by Severity-Gray Nightmare (Updated) :iconseverity-gray:Severity-Gray 21 0 Coldie bondage session 2 by Severity-Gray
Mature content
Coldie bondage session 2 :iconseverity-gray:Severity-Gray 34 3
Coldie bondage session by Severity-Gray
Mature content
Coldie bondage session :iconseverity-gray:Severity-Gray 29 3
Cute Crypto by Severity-Gray Cute Crypto :iconseverity-gray:Severity-Gray 13 1 Nightmare Coldie by Severity-Gray Nightmare Coldie :iconseverity-gray:Severity-Gray 27 5 Coldy casual catsuit by Severity-Gray Coldy casual catsuit :iconseverity-gray:Severity-Gray 23 8




Coldlight-Chloe Adore Crossdressing
A picture I've made in attempt to learn something new, and I think I succeed:3
Here we have Coldie, wearing a tight domsuit of :iconcyberapple456:, while she dont mind. 
Art by: :iconseverity-gray:

OC Coldlight Diana Bluestar belongs to: :iconseverity-gray:
A birthday gift for my buddy :iconskyspeardw: with his OC Lea ponified in my style :3
Glad you like it :3

Art by: :iconseverity-gray:

OC Lea belongs to: :iconskyspeardw:
A new suit
This time we are going with a new dom suit for this shiny cutie of mine :3

Art by: :iconseverity-gray:

OC Coldlight Bluestar belongs to: :iconseverity-gray:

Plese, do not just look and/or favorite and go away. I want to know what do you think about my art. Thanks for undestanding.
Nightmare (Updated)
Now we have a great story for this artpiece. Enjoy, and do not forget to leave a comment ~

In a cold, rainy morning in Ponyville, a few weeks after Coldie had fused completely with her symbiote, and she was laying bored on her bed. She groaned and stood up, starting to pace back and forth in her room as she waited for her marefriend Stormy, who had left to buy food and other groceries for them.
As she got even more bored, she began digging in her closet for things to entertain herself with, and found an old box stuck under a lot of other belongings. After getting the box out, she sat down on her bed and started getting her things out of it, staring happily at some items that she had believed she had lost.
From inside the box, she found a blanket that she had used, as well as some old books that she had been read to as bedtime stories while she was still a filly. She also found some little toys that she had played with, such as a little plushie of a kitty.
After holding the plushie in her hooves, she just froze in place, completely unmoving as she stared deeply into it. Memories began to flow into her mind as she remembered about her past, and all of her mind could only focus into thinking about her childhood, making Coldie relive her past as if it were happening in that instant.
Coldie was born in the city of Canterlot, and lived with her parents Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody. Due to the general pompous and snooty attitude of the “noble” ponies, they looked with disdain at the lesbian couple, and kept their children away from the filly, so that “she wouldn’t influence them into being homosexual like her parents.” And she grew up without friends, Coldie became a very lonely filly that only spent time with her parents.
One day, her uncle Severity Gray asked her to come with him for a week, and she agreed, letting her uncle pack some of her belongings before going with him on a trip together. They went into his house, which had a secret laboratory hidden underneath, and her uncle made sure that the small filly never knew about it.
However, unbeknown to the little filly, Severity had some special plans for her. Under the pretend of making sure she had brushed her teeth, her uncle took a dna sample from her mouth, which he used in order to make a clone of Coldie. He engineered the clone into looking exactly like her, but after it was ready, he disconnected the life support system and let it die.
After making sure that the real Coldie was asleep, he secretly took the dead clone with him to Vinyl and Octavia, telling them that she had died peacefully in her sleep due to an unknown heart condition. Devastated, the mares buried their “daughter” and mourned for their loss, while Severity returned to his home alone to continue his plans.
When he returned, he told Coldie that her parents had been involved in a bad car accident and had died, but she refused to believe it, and kept saying that her parents would come get her. Severity cruely let her believe so, watching as Coldie slowly had her hopes crushed when they day after day of waiting for them, neither appeared to pick her up. After showing her some forged papers stating that her parents had died, she finally broke down and cried for a long time, cuddled with a little kitten plushie that she had brought, and Severity thought was too insignificant.
With her parents gone, Coldie felt no reason to ever go back to Canterlot, and stayed with her uncle, who kept making experiments about her without her knowledge. She became an emo when she was a teenager, and dressed like a goth all the time. Due to Severity’s disinterest in his niece, Coldie tried to meet with other people to get the love that she so dearly missed, at first only from stallions, and later with mares as well.
Through the years, Severity’s secret laboratory grew into a massive hidden facility, where all kinds of scientist ponies worked in illegal experiments. One day, Severity showed the facility to his niece, who was amazed by the sheer number of cool things inside, and made her become one of his scientists.
One day, when a team was tasked to find more subjects for experiments, and they went to the Everfree Forest using magic scanner to find any possible creature. One of them came across a strange container that was buried on the ground, and after examining it, they found it had a symbiotic lifeform trapped inside, and took it back with them to the facility for testings.
After some different scientists had performed tests on it, one of them accidentaly didn’t make sure to seal the container completely, and the symbiote escaped shortly after into the ventilation system.
The symbiote found a room to hide in, and found a pony sleeping inside. It quickly got close and jumped on the mare. Coldie was abruptly woken up, and became scared as her instincts kicked in, struggling hard as the symbiote started to cover and bond with her body, quickly taking over the pony.
After the scientists discovered the symbiote’s disappearance, they locked down the facility so it wouldn’t get out. They began to search for it and a few minutes later, they found it attached to Coldie, who took by now had taken complete control over the mare and tried to flee. The soldiers caught them and locked them up inside a testing room under Severity’s orders, who began to use his niece as a new test subject.
Many days and nights of constant experiments passed, and Coldie slowly gained control of her body again, but her time with the symbiote had altered her mind, as the fear she previously had of other ponies became a prideful sense of superiority over them, and she quickly made a plan to escape.
One day, when the scientists finished their experiments, she pretended to fall asleep from exhaustion, which made them lower their guards before she acted. Coldie suddenly jumped at them when they were getting out of the door, viciously attacking the scientists, who managed to raise the alarm before she knocked them out and sprinted away.
As the Facility started going into lockdown again, soldiers began to try and recapture her, but as Coldie ran, the symbiote acted like one with her, and quickly attacked anyone in their way, making a path of destruction in their escape. After she managed to get out of the facility, Coldie began to feel something drawing her back towards the town of Ponyville, almost as if something was guiding her.
The symbiote made Coldie make her way into a cottage that looked spacious, but very homely, and Coldie could only feel like if something was telling her she’d be safe in there. After knocking on the door, she found herself face-to-face with a white Pegasus who stared in surprise at the unicorn, and let them in.
After explaining that she recognized the symbiote on her due to being its previous host, and she let them stay, asking her if she could wear the symbiote again. When Coldie agreed, the Pegasus introduced herself as Storm Cloud and said the symbiote was actually Nightmare Moon, while the unicorn introduced herself as Coldlight Diana Bluestar.
As more recent memories flowed into her mind, Coldie snapped herself out of it, and noticed she had been crying. Feeling completely numb and empty inside, she got out of the cottage and walked aimlessly around the town, she stopped on a bridge and looked down, briefly considering jumping. Her love for Stormy and her hatred for everything her uncle had done to her made her choose not to, and then she looked at the distant city of Canterlot, before she began to smile evilly.
Her body was covered with her symbiote as she smirked, slowly making plans of infecting all of the residents in Ponyville, and make them into her loyal drone servants, and she began to laugh as she leaned on the bridge, staring at Canterlot as she yelled loudly into the air.
“Soon… Soon we shall take Ponyville~ And then, all of Canterlot too! All of Equestria shall belong to the Nightmare Family~!”

Art by :iconseverity-gray:

OC Coldlight belongs to :iconseverity-gray:

Story by the great friend and special pony :iconshadowlover37:
Coldie bondage session 2
It was a long time I wanted to make something like this with my Coldie~~
A nice bondage session with Two dildo-vibrators in both holes, deepthoat muzze silencer and blindfolding.
She will enjoy it for a several hours ~
This time with a heavy choking collar for a really heavy breathplay ~~~

Art by: :iconseverity-gray:

OC Coldlight Bluestar belongs to: :iconseverity-gray:
Coldie bondage session
It was a long time I wanted to make something like this with my Coldie~~
A nice bondage session with Two dildo-vibrators in both holes, deepthoat muzze silencer and blindfolding.
She will enjoy it for a several hours ~

Art by: :iconseverity-gray:

OC Coldlight Bluestar belongs to: :iconseverity-gray:
Valentines day
A silly art I decided to make for my Special Pony Stormy (:iconshadowlover37:) to the 14th of Febreary. 

IDK who made those butts first.. I will credit :iconrayodragon:

OC Storm Cloud belongs to :iconshadowlover37:

OC Coldlight belongs to :iconseverity-gray:

Drawn by :iconseverity-gray:


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Unfeeling and cold as usually


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