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Viking Warrior

Gerard Butler will star in the latest Beowulf adaptation by Sturla Gunnarsson. This painting was thought to try out the capacities of Painter IX. So far there are still many things to learn about this program! So please post more Painter tutorials on deviantART!
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Sweet... have you seen the vikings show yet?
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He looks a lot like my Uncle...if he ever decides to grow his hair and beard out again XD
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will upload a photo as proof it is me :P
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It is practically a portrait of me.
I use it as my avatar on a few sites.
Cheers severeene
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Great sketch! Love the detail
Wow, after all this time, I find the original drawing. I stumbled across this and people even thought it was a painting of me, or that I had let my hair grown out. The shape and color of the eyes, the angles in the eyebrows, the bridge of the nose... it's a little creepy. I'm glad I found this. Thank you!
Guess I'm not the only one. :P
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looks like me, but older by another 10 years or so
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The coloring of his hari is great, and I really like the sky, and his chainmail! I like everything in this portrait!
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I really like his hair.
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It looks great! :heart:
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That's a cool picture, I like the colors and the character. :)
Awesome picture, great color and detail. He looks very stoic. Good to see someone else into history and historical rienactment!

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That's great!
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Your lovely image have been featured in my journal! :D

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omg IT'S EOMER! *lol* jk jk.
Good job. It actually does look like Gerry.
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Stunning artwork.
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I just remembered Boromir is from Gondor right? Yeah. Sorry! (Still looks like him.)
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Tell me this isn't LOTR inspired :D. I has a Boromir-esque flavour. But I suppose the Rohirrim are the Vikings of Middle Earth. But I think otherwise it really expresses his nobility and freedom, which is what we all want from a Viking. Plus a big axe, but I can forgive that.
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I really like the pic :-) it kinda looks like a character from the Lord of the Rings
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Ahh my favourite Gerard Butler movie by far. He is so handsome with that long curly hair. Great job

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