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I'm always building burning bridges,
but can never seem to put them out.
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Thinking of adding some newer stuff on here, since it's been a few years! hahaha.

Does anyone still use this site? :P
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Sat Nov 28, 2009, 6:27 PM

Thinking of adding some newer stuff on here, since it's been a few years! hahaha.

Does anyone still use this site? :P
  • Reading: American Virgin
Alright humans,
time for some death and destruction.
Carelessness in one breeds only cautiousness in others,

as a worthlessness one must make another take on worth

So even the useless have their use, and the evil do their good,

For is it truly evil to inspire goodness and compassion in the otherwise complacent?
This is good ol' Uncle Eric, here to say a few things to all of you today.  Now I know some of you may have read an essay or two of mine, or just perhaps some of the
rantings I've done in forums.  Maybe it was about how humans are scumbags, or how much
I just generally wish everyone on the planet would kill themselves.  But I doubt highly you've ever read anything about me talking about politics.

There is one simple reason for this.  I fucking hate politics.  I have spent my entire life staying as far away from them as possible and not giving a shit, because, without exception, all politicians are weak kneed lying bastards with no other aspiration in life than to a.) make your life shit or b.) tell you how to live, and of course the all important c) keeping their asses off the line.

But, I'm afraid the time has come for me to start watching.

Half of the country just elected this fucking monster back into office.  Obviously after his altering votes, making a complete and utter moron of himself everytime he spoke, and sending kids off to their deaths for weapons which never existed nor had
anything to do with 9/11, and the fact that he destroyed our relations with every other fucking country on the planet, you would think people may have learned that George W. Bush is an incompetent motherfucker whose messiah complex induced actions bring nothing but hate, lies, and suffering.

You would have thought that by his actions he would have been impeached, or more reasonably incarcerated and put to death for his crimes.  Last time I checked, the killing hundreds of people, perhaps thousands, was known as mass murder.

You would have thought that people were intelligent enough to make the right decision.

You would have thought wrong.

So you whitetrash pigfuckers who hate "them arabics" and think they deserved to die voted for him.   And the blind Christian "guided by faith" to elect a man who uses their Lord's words in vain and whose actions exemplify the very opposite of what he preaches votes for him.  And the walletminded coorporate richbitch votes for his wallet.

And now he's been shown that half this country wants him gone, and it's not the half spoken of above.  He can't run for a third term, so the kid gloves are off.  He doesn't have to give a shit about what you say or want, because he doens't have another election to worry about.  

He is going to completely fuck us all.  He's been doing it for four years already and you've allowed it.  And now, the practice run is over.  You've let him see he can get away with.  

More than likely he will erode what little amount of respect other countries may have of the United States America.  More than likely he will use inconsistent reasoning to attack whoever the fuck he wants for whatever real reasons he wants, at the expense of your lives and your money.  More than likely he will separate this nation and attempt to mold it into his twisted idea of perfection, which doesn't seem to incorporate your opinions, aspirations, hopes, or futures at all.

And you know what?

It's your fault.

So live your fucking pointless little lives with little or no thought as you've always done because it's what you've been taught to do.  Watch the world decintigrate around you and ignore the suffering you may pass in the street on your daily crusade to live out your little attempt of securing a retirement.  Talk all you want about the politics you believe in, and have lived by because, by God, they couldn't fail you, could they? Let them send your kids off to war, and call it a tragedy when they don't return. These people who were supposed to be an example of "the American way" don't put their own lives on the line.  They use yours for that, and you let them.  You let your lives be lorded over by these bastards, and like it, because you've shown your opinion doesn't matter to yourself, so why should it matter to them?

Get used to the taste of your own blood, and that of your neighbor while you're at it.

We'll all be lying in it soon enough.
Boy I just love how much people have been commenting on my stuff.  Oh wait, they haven't been.
Ho ho ho, merry your mom.
Appreciate what you have.  Strive to become better than you are.  Don't lose the only good things you could ever have by being idle and wordless.  

feeling empty.


Wed Aug 4, 2004, 11:44 PM

OKAY , I'm goign to go F*$KING CRAZY if I can't find this damn song, so please HELP ME!

It is like a club dance music thing(sounds liek same genre and time froam of "what is love" by Haddaway) and the singer is a girl
and in the middle like the chorus
it goes     na-na-nanana nanananananana...etc.... PLEASE HELP ME BEFORE I KILL MYSELF

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JensenRussell just got me a three month deviantART subscription...and I don't know why.  But I do know he is now a wonderous and beautiful being and I LOVE HIM! MUAHAHAHA.  evolve.

You should fear me.  Want to know why?  Check out this chilling tale by The-Awesome-Ninja, and you are sure to lose all control of your urinary functions.…

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Man, I really need to get sleep.  If it weren't for school....I could get it.  I'm lacking so badly that my whole body hurts and I can't recognize any other sensations .... Can't think...can't do anytihng... Trying to do homeowkr is useless...

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Man, if I find out who made the viruses which murdered my computer... they will feel the pain of my crowbar to their fraggin' skulls.  My computer has been resurrected, and the backup cds I made don't appear to be infected...hopefully.  All my deviations and psd files are on them, so if they are dead, so is all of my work.  


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Correction... I am NOW a member of this Vapires-Unite vampire club.  Yes....muahaha.

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No one comes to visit me on here anymore, I must thank school for eating my time which I could better use to make things and enjoy myself.  THANK YOU SHCOOL! I HOPE YOU BURN!
Thank you Indiana weather! Yesterday was a wonderful day, and then today, suddenly snow and cold... and I now have a cold, and used almost an entire box of tissues since I've been home from school (which was around 6 p.m.) Oh man...I feel like crap...sopme one shoot me....please....