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Shadow Cove Horse Ranch was bordered by thick woods on two sides, a road at the front, and the cove it was named for at the rear. Reck and Espana walked slowly through the trees that lay to the east. Though this set of trees was the line of defense against the creatures of the Wastelands, Reck felt fairly safe walking with Espana under the cover of the plant growth.
The bag with the cursed necklace that Recj had found hung around Espana's neck by a long, looped handle. No humans had come looking for the bag, so Reck felt confident that they could keep it forever after they had stolen it from the storage shed.
"Maybe my lair would be best if it were underground?" Reck mused as they walked. "Or maybe inside a large, hollow tree? Or even a cave could work. What do you think?"
Espana simply smiled, her ears perked up as she listened to Reck ramble but her eyes straight ahead to keep watch for danger. Reck was confident that together they could find the perfect place, but all of his sense of safety suddenly drained away when he heard pounding footsteps running towards them.
"Move closer to me," Espana murmured, and Reck quickly followed her instruction. So long as they moved as one unit, whatever was approaching would be less likely to attack.
Reck tensed up as the footsteps got closer and closer, until he was struck by a familiar sight. Reck's eye grew wide as the creature skidded to a halt in front of he and Espana.
"Burr?!" Reck hissed as the Illiae Mau shot him a grin.
"It is me," Burr replied happily, then frowned when he turned to Espana. "You are threatened, Reck?"
"What? Oh, no! No, Espana is a friend," Reck said quickly, noting that Espana was giving Burr a curious look. "Espana, this is Burr. He's an Illiae Mau, and he came from another planet I think."
Espana raised an eyebrow, as if she expected Reck to start laughing like it was a good joke. Burr stood patiently in front of them with an eager smile on his face.
"I promise this is the truth," Reck sighed, eliciting a smirk from Espana. "He was imported in to help protect the herd from predators. It was the humans' idea."
Espana simply nodded, and Reck watched as she looked Burr over. Burr's appearance was just as much of an enigma as his history. Though Burr was shorter than Espana and Reck, he was built more like one of the Tokotas they got along with. He was almost cat-like in appearance, but had huge, long fangs like a Padro with the Lupus mutation. And he was still smiling.
"He can come," Espana eventually said, and Reck's mouth dropped open a bit as the mare turned around and continued on her way. Burr made a happy noise and followed after her, leaving Reck to bring up the rear of the group. The stallion did so begrudgingly, soon catching up.
"So what are you two doing?" Burr asked, the words coming slowly.
"We're finding a magical lair for Reck" Espana explained with a smile.
"What is a...lair?" Burr asked, his head tilted. Reck did his best to get rid of his frustrations before he answered. He hated being interrupted when working like this, but Burr was nice enough.
"A lair is kind of like..." Reck paused, trying to think of the best way to explain it. "I guess it's kind of like a second home, but instead of living there you just store your things there."
Espana nodded along to his explanation with a smile, and Burr made an 'oh' noise to signify that he understood. Then suddenly Espana stopped, and as Reck stopped behind her he found that they had wandered into a peculiar formation of trees within the forest. Where the trees would normally be spread about randomly, here where they stood the trees formed a ring around a small clearing.
"You think this is a good spot?" Reck asked, and Espana nodded.
"Try and find some kind of covered area here," the mare said, walking away to search through the trees.
"I will help too!" Burr called before trotting away in a different direction, leaving Reck to survey the area by himself.
The trees that surrounded the area were huge, so Reck started looking for one that was hollow. He trotted slowly around the ring until he did eventually find one, though he frowned when he stopped to look at it. Despite being large and hollow enough to fit a whole stallion inside, the tree was somehow still sprouting leaves!
"Hey! Espana? Burr? Come look at this," Reck called, and the other two were soon by his side to assess the situation.
"Alive through magic, it looks like," Espana murmured as she gently pressed a hoof against the bark of the tree. Almost immediately, the bag around her neck started to shake in a violent fashion, and the string handles tore themselves apart. The bag fell to the ground and Reck and Espana jumped out of the way. Burr, however, took a step forward and placed a foot firmly on top of the back. While the necklace inside continued to writhe underneath him, it now couldn't go anywhere.
"You have a tiny animal in the bag?" Burr asked, his head tilted.
"Something like that," Espana replied, then stiffened as Burr picked the bag up with his mouth.
"I can take care of that for you, if you would want," Burr murmured around the bag, flexing his jaw as he did so. Espana watched with great interest as the necklace fell still.
"No! No, that won't be necessary, thank you," Reck cut in, worried now for the safety of the magical object rather than the group.
Burr shook his head dismissively, and Espana instructed him to place the bag inside the hollow tree. She made sure that it wasn't touching the tree bark and then turned back to face Reck.
"Who'd have thought that you could threaten magical items into submission?" Reck murmured, and Espana chuckled.
"Maybe don't try that yourself," she replied with a smile.
22/20PP for Padro c:

Featured: N5933 SCP Reckless Abandon, N5993 Espana, and #18/EX#2 Burr

Padro Points:
N5933 SCP Reckless Abandon Total = 12 (10(1004 WC) +2(other ARPG species))
N5993 Espana Total = 12 (10(1004 WC) +2(other ARPG species))

Characters (c) me & Mini-Luicifer 
Art (c) me
© 2020 - 2022 severalbread
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I love reck to pieces lol and Burr is adorable, thank you so much for doing these, I loved them! Marked and send in transfer note for the padro! 
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Thank you so very much! I'm glad you liked these, they were a lot of fun to write cx
Would you be ok with me using the ref you have for them as a temp ref? c:
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That's fine! I dont mind
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Thank you so much! I should had an actual ref up fairly soon, it'll be just in case cx
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Registration is due by feb 22nd! 
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Thank you so much! If it's ok with you, I'm going to upload your ref now as a temp ref and then get an actual ref out as soon as I can c:
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Go ahead, I don't mind! 
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Thank you so very much <3
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