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The golden necklace swung wildly from Reck's mouth as he galloped across the Wastelands. Travelling across this vast plain of wilderness and monsters was dangerous, but when the stallion had received information about what he had found in the ruins, he became convinced that the trip was necessary. He bounded over hills and pushed his way through dense brush and forest as he ducked out of the dangerous Wastelands and back into the safety of a horse ranch. But it wasn't his own; his research had led Reck to visit a friend.
Reck skidded to a halt at the edge of a fence, where the Padro he had sent for was waiting. Reck knew that sending a Tokota messenger had been a good idea; if anyone knew anything about magical items, it was the mare standing in front of him.
"I came as soon as I heard," Espana murmured. "Come; we should take this inside a barn."
Reck nodded and walked along the fence until he found a gap. He ducked inside and followed Espana closely as she weaved her way through paths and buildings. As usual, Reck was amazed at Espana's calm demeanor, especially in the presence of such a dangerous object. But the mare had been this way for as long as Reck had known her.
They pushed their way into an empty stall and Reck shut the door behind them. He hung the necklace from a nail that stuck out from the wooden walls, and Espana moved forward to look at it more closely.
"I found it in some underground ruins," Reck explained from behind Espana. "It was only after I got it back home that I realized it's charged by the use of magic."
Espana paused, her ears going back slightly.
"Did you use magic?" she asked quietly, turning to look at Reck over her shoulder. Reck nodded silently, and Espana's expression became grave.
"How much?" the mare asked, taking a precautionary step back from the necklace.
Reck frowned as he thought back to his adventure into the ruins with Naja.
"I was lighting up the cave, but the magic ended just before i picked it up," Reck recalled. "The mare I was with though, she fully morphed into a bear as we were carrying it out. We were attacked by some huge reptile while we were in there; I've let the Tokota pack know."
"Hm..." Espana hummed, her shoulders still held stiffly. "Perhaps we'll get away with not activating it?"
"I sure hope so," Reck muttered darkly. "My research suggests that something incredibly dangerous will happen."
He paused, staring at the necklace while he thought.
"Perhaps if we put it inside of something, then it won't be as sensitive to magic being used around it," Reck suggested. "Maybe something like a bag?"
Espana grew thoughtful for a moment, then gave a single nod.
"Let's do it," she replied, and led Reck out of the stall and towards some kind of equipment storage place that the humans used. Reck used his mouth to pull the door open, then stuck his head inside.
The bags in this human storage place all seemed to be filled with humans things. Reminded of how little time they had by Espana right behind him, Reck grabbed the bag that was closest to him, overturned it, and dumped its contents all over the floor of the storage shed. He back out of the shed and slammed the door with his leg, before presenting the bag to Espana.
"That should work," the mare replied, and they hurried back to the stall where they had hidden the cursed necklace.
Just before they made it back to the stall, there was a loud crashing noise, accompanied by a huge cloud of dust and wood materials. Reck mumbled a string of less than acceptable words around the bag he was holding between his teeth, then he and Espana ran towards the commotion. Somehow, the cursed necklace had been activated. Standing over the remains of the stall was a huge monster that looked like something between a lion and a raccoon.
"That's what it becomes?!" Reck called over the roar of the monster, his eyes wide. Espana nodded, seemingly unfazed as usual.
"The necklace should still be in the rubble. Try and distract it while I get the necklace in the bag," Espana instructed before taking the bag from Reck and trotting away. Reck sighed; he wasn't a fan of being left to the dangerous parts of magical missions.
Reck kept a close eye on Espana's movements as he ran around one side of the monster.
"Look at me, you freak of nature!" Reck called, ignoring Espana's eye roll. The distraction worked, and the monster turned to face Reck before swiping a massive paw at the stallion. Reck barely jumped out of the way in time, and as he quickly switched directions he prayed that Espana would find the necklace soon and shove it into the bag before the monster destroyed more buildings or worse, took Reck out of the equation.
"Are you almost done?!" Reck called, but Espana provided no response. From this angle, Reck couldn't see the mare past the monster's huge form. He really hoped that she was ok.
The monster let out another roar and swiped at Reck again, but the stallion was able to anticipate its movement and ducked out of the way. Just as the huge paw made contact with the ground, there was a puff of smoke and the monster poofed out of existence. Reck was breathing hard as he waited for the smoke to clear, and he heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Espana standing nonchalantly in the pile of rubble. The bag with the necklace inside hung limply from between her teeth, and when the mare stepped down from the rubble pile, she placed it gently onto the ground and securely placed a hoof on top of it.
"You make a good distraction," Espana said, smiling and displaying the first emotion that Reck had seen from her all day. Reck's ears went back some with embarrassment.
"I was just helping," he replied quietly, then shook out his mane. "What do we do with it now?"
"We put it somewhere safe and secure," Espana replied. "It's about time we got you some kind of magical lair."
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Art (c) me
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Oh I loved this! Reck makes a good distraction 😂 but now I want to draw these two together lol
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Ahh thank you! Espana's calm demeanor was very fun to write, I'd have loved to see her face as she watched Reck running around cx