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Twilight Fright 1

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You just had to say something, didn't you, Dash? You done goofed.

It's a different comic, yes. Shorter than Rocket to Insanity, and readable in under 20 minutes. I think. I'm only putting a longer description on this page and the last one, 'cause all this is going up at the same time, and I'm lazy.

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Story developed and commissioned by :iconrated-r-ponystar: 
Illustrations by :iconseventozen:
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LunalaCrevanStudent General Artist
I love your artstyle,The Rocket to Insanity comic has become my addiction~Please keep the comics up,they're amazing~
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On a side note, I didn't know Twilight was so faint of heart.
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I like Rainbow's body pose in the first picture. :D (Big Grin) Giggle 
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O.O'  dang....that escalated quickly.  
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Well, I see the answer to my earlier question is "yes." That was my guess. And I also see that the shapes of your letters sometimes vary a bit more than I would prefer from comic to comic. Oh well, I suppose I shall just have to deal.
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like in the april fools comic when she scarred the buck out of fluttershy :D
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efeuhrer01Hobbyist Writer
Five bucks says she pulls a peter griffin
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PrincessSorrowStudent General Artist
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Twilight: ...Best... prank... ever...
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Dashie, what do they even teach you in flight school? Oh, wait, you probably just slept through all the classes on flight safety and first aid in case of accidents.

Oh, and I will be back to examine the writing on that wall.
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Could be worse. Could be raining!
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This is actually a misconception. While it /technically/ is possible to die of fright, almost all cases involved the elderly, and most were women over the age of 60. Of those who were /not/ elderly, all had pre-existent underlying heart conditions. The odds of a young healthy person dying of fright are practically non-existent.
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James-wonderboltStudent Artist
it possible tho 
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It's /theoretically/ possible. A case has never been recorded though. So for all intents and purposes, it isn't.
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Well this will be interesting, I'm wondering if it is Twilight's Idea of a prank she could cast a suspended animation spell.
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Didn't Fluttershy do schtick like this once?
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lol wow I S ure hope Twi is pranking them its only the first part after all 
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Set up to the biggest prank ever isn't this?  I bet she's workin' with Pinkie!
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p-a-t-a-rHobbyist Writer
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Siarnaq21Hobbyist General Artist
And she's DEAD!  The end!

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*roll credits* ♫ Myyyyyyy Little Pony... 
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