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Okay. I want you to think back to a few months prior to this, where I made a rather heartfelt, concise and descriptive journal about how I was done with making things for the fandom and participating in general. Well.

I lied.

All right, not so much lied as changed my mind.

The Rocket to Insanity adaptation is my longest story I've ever done, and it stuck with me. The page you're seeing now was something I started early last year, and I decided against my better judgement to put life back into it. So sue me. 

I'm actually excited. Even though I am currently working on a comic not-in-any-way related to the brony fandom, the backstory that Parthus and Luna had was never something I fully explored or explained, even though I wrote it out in detail for my own benefit. This is a prelude to Rocket to Insanity. Not an extended ending. It says it right on the page. 

So, I'm making this because I can't put a story down, and because I love art, and because even though I "discontinued" the Seventozen profile, people still watch this profile every day.

I may as well get some free advertisement out of it. :)

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My other comic can be found here!


P.S. No, Parchment is not coming back. I have a limit.
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If you're doing a prelude, does that mean you'll finish the ending?