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Parchment: Field Trip 1

It's now nighttime! Movies and popcorn and... not getting any... popcorn... because the little annoyance you're eating it with stole all of it and then went to sleep without apologizing. 

Hang in there Cadence. At least Twilight's parents aren't as intrusive as she is. At least her mother isn't. 

I am bad at writing descriptions. So sue me.

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The-L-Train's avatar
So Twilight was reading up on ... Orwellian psychology? :D
Sharpfang's avatar
You dropped this comic into the RTI folder.
seventozen's avatar
So I did. Should be fixed now, and thanks for the heads up.
Yuri-Petrovich's avatar
I do not understand your use of bolded words. Is it to show accentuation? 
seventozen's avatar
Exactly. That technique is used in pretty much every comic ever made. take a look at any of the Marvel comics.
Yuri-Petrovich's avatar
Seems strange that there are so many of them. Speaking the lines out loud with pronounced emphasis on the bolded words sounds unnatural, breaks the flow of the phrase so to speak. 
seventozen's avatar
It's not really that every single one is to have emphasis, but I take your meaning.
ChaosDrgon's avatar
Her expression in the second panel gave me the willies.
FralLeman's avatar
Got a little confused at the start.  I thought that they were just arriving at the couple's dinner.
seventozen's avatar
Yeah, but had to have them say something. It was kind of strange to have all that space be completely silent.
FralLeman's avatar
Being able to convey information without speech, is indeed difficult.  

ON TO THE NEXT PAGE!  Also, there's 64 blue things in the comic!
"Now though"? Or maybe "thought"? Is that all the wall has to say for itself?
It's funny how I keep referring to my notes on your writing; after all the time I spent reading everything remotely legible in RTI, I'm going to be pretty much fluent for months at least.

I don't know why you wouldn't expect her to eat all the popcorn if you let her. It's popcorn.
seventozen's avatar
I think out of all the walls that have writing, that one is the least useful.

You have notes? That I'd like to see.
It's not much. It's just a list of letters paired with the forms I've seen them in. Not even very good copies of their forms, either; I have very little artistic skill, so these sorts of things tend to come out only barely recognizable.

I do the same thing for pretty much every substitution cipher I encounter in a context that gives me any reason to believe I might be using that cipher in the future. I've got three others on the same piece of paper as yours.
Sturmlion1's avatar
Old Movies are the best movies. Anything by Buster Keaton or the Marx Brothers are instant classics!
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, that was great. I want more of this while Cadence is foal sitting Twilight, to funny.
seventozen's avatar
I have some ideas...
MonsieurMcPherson's avatar
The environments you create here are incredible! Really rich in detail! I wish I wasn't saying that now after viewing your comics for so long lol.
seventozen's avatar
Because my first comic pages were complete trash? Or you just now decided to say something?
MonsieurMcPherson's avatar
Only because I wanted to say something! I'm sorry if you took my message the wrong way, I only meant to give a compliment.

By the way, I hope you don't think your early work is trash.
seventozen's avatar
No, I didn't take the message the wrong way, it's just hard to get meaning through in text.

However, there is a reason I'm re-doing my first pages...
Drakenhof's avatar
Poor Cadance. Would need a lot of magic to clean her mane xD
IJoinedForPonies's avatar
You misspelled Cadance. :-P 
weiliheng's avatar
Is Flight Academy a reference to Police Academy?
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