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Hi friends,Hope u all doing good...my prayers and love always to u guys :heart:
i cant able to make feature often due to my health and  this days im suffering so much pain,its really irritating sometimes bcos i cant even able to sit 5 to 10 min and can't able to concentrate on my artworks..its really sad that i cant make it..i feel helpless sometimes.
I see so many amazing works here i faved some and commented some..but i cant able comment all..truly sorry :( .

Some of my beautiful works here .....

Fear is not an option by Ellysiumn MI MARIPOSA by DragonsChest<da:thumb id="453020828"/> Jungle shy bird by ludovicjamet
Fight by tekotoi Anima of the sea by StarsColdNight !93 Fabio by Elandria For Your Entertainment by Phatpuppyart-Studios
sunrise by Letomouse alone by TaewTassanee The Night Mother by artorifreedom Moonlight by maiarcita
Creating Heaven On Earth by areemus Tommelise by CrisestepArt Dark Feelings II by LadyProvidence
no title by grazapp End Of Love by tinca2 No Where by A7md3mad
Pull My Strings... by SweetDA<da:thumb id="452883762"/> The Graceful Dance of Swans by FrozenStarRo Night Vision - collaboration by neverdying
<da:thumb id="452788490"/> Whispers-Of-The-Woodland by EnchantedWhispersArt The Final Battle by TaniaART Dreams Made Flesh by EerilyfairDesign
Springdust by Elsapret Revealing by CaryAndFrankArts forever flowering by Blubirdss Ponyo and Granmamare by PerlaMarina
Stole my world by Xan-04 emotional purple by Lolita-Artz There is still a hope by Whendell<da:thumb id="452501131"/>
Graceful by Beholdentolove + Nebula Queen + by OmarRodriguezV Dark Night by OBAEDA APOCALYPTO by Amiltarea
Creator of Seasons by ED-Creations Bath by imagase Divine by Enamorte *comforted* by AmethystDreamerArt
Perdida En El Bosque by MariaJoseHidalgo Warrior Prophecy by MysticSerenity Elsa and Goldfish (version) by MirellaSantana - The Dark Side of Me: Sallicorniae - by SandyLynx
The Struggle for eternity by A-L-F-photoart<da:thumb id="452798788"/> Karin Stark by Wesley-Souza<da:thumb id="452296561"/>
The-lonely-elf by CindysArt Heaven And Hell by Lhianne My Angel by Jamie-Nicole<da:thumb id="452136574"/>
Ocean never lies - Animation by Brumae-Art<da:thumb id="452185859"/> Hidden fears by Consuelo-Parra Sumire by Cocodrillo
Edwardian dress 1912 by DanielleFiore My dance by QueThu Dont say to Peter but Tinkerbell is enclosed by Marjie79 Our Secret Spot by KCsummerz
Rainy Days And Mondays by cemac Dance with me........................... by pjenz<da:thumb id="452042041"/><da:thumb id="452398062"/>
Be Strong, Little Flower...wip by ChristopherPollari Nanday Parakeet by DominikaAniola Gaberiel garceia markez by HMart Wonder Woman by la-esmeralda
<da:thumb id="452649703"/> Thief of hearts by SvetlanaKLimova Dandelion by LewiARTs Felixia Yeap Portrait by togigata
Those born to crawl will never fly by sasha-fantom Her Spirit Roams the Silent Forest by Mahafsoun Tethered by RGDart Fire by paranormallily32
Lost by robhas1left Nothing Here by KittyD Elandria by irinama Encounter by MeeranUhm
Sakura by Ennya7 Deepsea by aycatanrikulu We belong togather by GORI89 Non M'Ami by Incantata
<da:thumb id="452608938"/> Eternelle by Kryseis-Art TES V: Skyrim - 5 by Nikulina-Helena Happy Day by xeena-dragonkizz
Filletteauchapeau by roserika Wolfs by akramkamil The Daughters of Quiet Minds by MoodyBlue Super Spring Funtime! by ZombieSandwich
Let It Burn! by cristii Lormet-Gardens-0620sml2 by Lormet-Images<da:thumb id="428276614"/><da:thumb id="430421963"/>
wishful thinking by nakedcrayon23 Painting Spring... by Tigles1Artistry Poppy dreams by IgnisFatuusII Dragon by ZeeShiKing
Raining... without you by EstherPuche-Art Moonshadow by kimsol ..:Memories:.. by SummerDreams-Art
I Dare Ya by NoorL3yoon Let it go by DriPoint The Lady In Black by ralfw666<da:thumb id="450863581"/>
Will-o'-the-Wisps by Aegils Parrot by Desert-Winds Only in my dream by Birdsatalcatraz Ragesong: Uprising by BrookeGillette
The Ancient Secret Garden by itsdanielle91<da:thumb id="451581895"/><da:thumb id="451579752"/> Actor- Ajith by ezakytheartist
Playing with the wind by mashamaklaut Berries by SarahharaS1 Garden fairy by SweetDreamsArt Oh, please - just look at me by firepaved
Candy Love by sweetterara Scarlet Witch by LuLebel fleeing from fear by GregoryNicolas Stuck In a Surreal Dream by Antoshines
Mercilessly by vampirekingdom A Beautiful View by Sallinillas The Swan Girl by Sisterslaughter165 Reprise by gpboy
E l s a by Corvinerium Pirate by LimKis Forsaken Love (2012) by Kiriya Dragon Tamer by PetyaPlamenova
<da:thumb id="450197370"/><da:thumb id="450194632"/> Tenebris IV- silent murderer by DenysDigitalArtwork My City by kuschelirmel
See Me In Shadow by Lub-Ad Celtic magic by RoseCS Braids by OlAleksandra Your Faith: Conviction by xetobyte
Story by ElinasArt Untitled by grazapp Dangerous Doll by Rafido May by escume
<da:thumb id="451544035"/><da:thumb id="451549381"/> Crash in Time by frenchfox<da:thumb id="448835657"/>
<da:thumb id="438712213"/> Loftiness by AllaD8 The Snow Queen _ La Reina de las Nieves by Giacobino The Wild Nature and Me - Tree Tea 3 by Kay-March
Dreamer by Ksenos-ks Deadly poison by sara-hel Seal of Love by duzetdaram Vintage by Miss-deviantE
Feel Me by Bojan1558 ACEO - Snow Owl and Raven's Key by Zindy Land of Moon Rainbows by MariLucia Croods: Chunky the Tiger by tamaraR
Praying to my angel by PaulVonGore I Miss U' by imminentfated Avalon Undiscovered Dreams by ChristabelleLAmort Butterfly Dreams by Cartercho
Eve - loves every child by msriotte Lady of the desert by CharllieeArts