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Eeehehe! I just ordered this adorable YCH from the sweet @SeventhBard of Eris and Kyrin riding Manifest the floop dragon through the Dreamscape! XD (Support the artist by faving the actual art, not this status!) It's so whimsical, silly, and wholesome!! If you'd like to see your character(s) riding this charming critter, please check the description or contact SeventhBard for more info! It's 100% worth the smile! ^^
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My Bio

Genderqueer, middle aged (yes really), perpetual student, folklorist, anthropologist, artist in various media, writer. Weird.

Requests: Sometimes!

You can always make a request! They don't bother me. Whether I can do it depends on time, commissions and trades, whether I think I can do it, interest, etc. But I've been known to do drawings based on something somebody has requested. To clarify what I mean, requests are something like "draw a dinosaur!" or "I like your OC, how would they react if they went to the zoo" or similar, where if you want characters of yours/popular media, or have something super specific in mind, that's a commission.

Trades: Message Me! Always open to friends, otherwise case by case

I love art trades! I participate in ArtFight and I sometimes do other trading games. Want to do a trade? Hit me up! I mostly do them for games but am open to personal trades sometimes too.


Link to my current commission journal:

Link to my Ko-Fi:

Feeling generous today and want to donate some points? Never something I ask for but always something I appreciate, click here if you're into it:…

General Note: When I returned to this account I let my old stuff remain. I mean, really old. I was a pretty different person then. I'm okay with that though, I don't want to delete it- after all, who I used to be helped me grow into who I am. But anyway, if for some reason you were to look at my older offerings or journals you'd notice it doesn't jive with how I think now (and perhaps notice some improvement I hope lol). That's why!

You've entered a cave, looking for a crystal said to be so magical and valuable, it was locked away behind a maze of traps to stop the violence it inspired in the hearts of folk. Before you lies a dark cavern, and from within you can hear a low, threatening growl. Taking a breath, you roll your dice... I want to do a oneshot DnD campaign playing within the setting of Griffia, with Griffolk as the characters/races (still the same classes as normal DnD and still fantasy... this is going to be my first time DMing so it won't be a total homebrew!). If we like it a lot there could be opportunity for either turning it into a longer campaign, or doing more oneshots periodically as time and interest of players permit. Ideally I'd like either three or four players, I know of at least two people who stated interest but if we could drum up a couple more that'd be great! Contact me either by responding here or messaging me on discord or really whatever. Once we assemble some players we can
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Hello! I'm a nerd too!

awesome art seventhbard

thank you so much for the favs, friend! <3

Hey, thanks so much for the watch! <3

You are enough, just as you are.

thanks so much for the fav! :D

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