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Genderqueer, middle aged (yes really), perpetual student, folklorist, anthropologist, artist in various media, writer. Weird.

Requests: Sometimes!

You can always make a request! They don't bother me. Whether I can do it depends on time, commissions and trades, whether I think I can do it, interest, etc. But I've been known to do drawings based on something somebody has requested. To clarify what I mean, requests are something like "draw a dinosaur!" or "I like your OC, how would they react if they went to the zoo" or similar, where if you want characters of yours/popular media, or have something super specific in mind, that's a commission.

Trades: Message Me! Always open to friends, otherwise case by case

I love art trades! I participate in ArtFight and I sometimes do other trading games. Want to do a trade? Hit me up! I mostly do them for games but am open to personal trades sometimes too.


Link to my current commission journal:

Link to my Ko-Fi:

Feeling generous today and want to donate some points? Never something I ask for but always something I appreciate, click here if you're into it:…

General Note: When I returned to this account I let my old stuff remain. I mean, really old. I was a pretty different person then. I'm okay with that though, I don't want to delete it- after all, who I used to be helped me grow into who I am. But anyway, if for some reason you were to look at my older offerings or journals you'd notice it doesn't jive with how I think now (and perhaps notice some improvement I hope lol). That's why!

Believe it or not I'm actually working on Page 11 for Felwish Ascension- I didn't forget about it, my life is just insane. XD
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Having one of Those Nights(TM) so I decided to choose a song for each of my Griffolk that I'd take a piece of to meme each of them if I was inclined to do that. BECAUSE WHY NOT It was surprisingly hard! Interesting thing to teach you about your characters/deepen your understanding of their viiiibez WIP, gotta mull over some of them more and it's getting late lol Daisy and Landon: Kids Again by Artist vs Poet Miss Susie: Creepy Doll by Jonathan Coulton (because, obviously) Lona: either the reprise of Who Is She from Centaurworld, or A Girl Like Her from R&H Cinderella Lance: I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred Ria: Sheraton Brown by Forkroot Maggie: She Blinded Me With Science by Thomas Dolby Steelie: It's Time by Imagine Dragons Winona: One of two Griffia chars for whom I have actually written a little song, hers is called Tiny Little Things (which is also her theme) Luster: Honestly all I can think of for him is War is a Science from Pippin or I Am the Very Model of a Modern
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Wolf-Rayet CODE: MYO #503 || LEVEL: 1 || STATUSES: Starry (1) Name: Rayet Pronouns: She/Her Age: Adult Home: currently Earth Occupation: take the hacker trope and the New Age woo trope and smoosh them together... something of a high tech bog witch without the bog Hobbies: Astrology, gadgetry, herbs and way too many animals, hanging crystals in windows to make the tiny rainbows Personality: Cantankerous but good hearted, no-nonsense, has very selective patience, but with an appreciation for the ridiculous. ------- Documents ------ HSR ------ Official Relationships Companion = Pets = Please do not comment or reply on this journal unless you are official Kat group mod!
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Omg TYSM for watching me!

aww thanks for the watch. I don't put much up these days but Hopefully something will still enthrall you

you came highly recommended by Nai-Chan... we're apparently the same person? LOL

*gigglesnort* that sounds like Nai's commentary alright XD

Thank you for giving my second writing account a llama badge!

Thanks for the llama!

Hello! I'm a nerd too!

awesome art seventhbard