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Bad Position by seventaills Bad Position by seventaills
EDIT: Brightness on a screen really can omit the little flaws one can miss. Fixed it.
(I.E. "The Jungle Incident")
In an unexpected situation Aerrow and Master Cyclonis fell into an unmapped jungle that surprisingly survived living in the wastelands below the cloud covers of Atmos. Unable to contact their respective parties, both Cyclonis and Aerrow agreed to work together to survive in this mysterious place until they found a way out.
Scenes of development between the two, squabbles, and new sides of each other they haven't seen (both metaphorically and literally) build up to this moment.

Aerrow, while struggling with the vines of a Venus Fly Trap-like plant that looks big enough to catch bears, is injected with a toxin that hazes his mind and amplifies certain sensations while also involuntarily relaxing his muscles bit by bit. Master Cyclonis goes over to Aerrow, happy and eager to see the last moments of the leader of the Storm Hawks, but simultaneously unable to demonize him as just the thorn in her side that's worn out its welcome like before. He has potential, she can relate to his struggles of being a leader though she has found her own methods to remedy such problems, and his tenacity for his ideals fascinated her endlessly...If she could see more of that spirit and unlock his potential he could turn into something worth seeing.

With a mixture of hatred and fascination she approaches Aerrow, and what she ends up doing surprises even she.

"Looks like you can't will yourself out of this one, Sky Knight."


"Yes, you will need help with more than one thing today won't you?"
shadowninja287 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2018
Interesting. Will there be more to this?
seventaills Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2018
More Aerrow and Cyclonis stuff? Possibly, depends on how long I keep this drive going.
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