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The Ages of the World of Mystery extend back to the First Creation, but in the reckoning of mortal men, the most "recent" ages are as follows:

Sometimes called the Fallen Time or Dark Time. This is a reference to Zep Totec, the Golden Age the preceded it of which no direct record exists.

There were as yet only three Classes, those of Warrior, Shaman and Gatherer. Magic was the sole domain of the Shaman although magical effects were obtained by Warriors through blood rituals and fire rituals and by Gatherers through harmony with nature. True "spells" were solely available to Shamans.

Sometimes called the Age of Measuring. The first maps, scratched on bone or ivory, and the first boundaries of things, marked by standing stones and man-made earth and chalk hills were created. Classes proliferated, and most of those Classes appeared and disappeared within this age. Another proliferation was that of false "Gods", intelligent nonhuman forces which accepted worship from mortals, sometimes in return for paranormal assistance or channelled powers. This multitude of Gods at times bred with mortals to produce Demi-Gods.
At the same time, powerful mortals aspired to this false form of Godhood, with the powers of which they intended to change or "Modify" the World of Mystery. Some came from other parallel histories and were known as the Aratan, the Returners. Most however arose from the World of Mystery itself and were known as the Modifiers, sometimes shortened to Mods. Gods and Mods waged savage war three times in this Age, thinning the ranks of both.
It was in the Age of Barod that benevolent "Gods" and Jotun helped mortal men establish The Fence - the boundary between the Entirely Real world of men and the somewhat less real worlds beyond, beginning with the fierce Wilds and extending to the Boundary between mortal life and other planes of existence.

With fewer Gods and Mods, the shattered landscape settled into a long Summer, and mortals spread everywhere. With the boundaries of the Age of Borad no longer fixed, battles occurred constantly between families, tribes, city-states, nations and races. Commanders and military leaders rose to rulership everywhere. Only a handful of isolated or powerful places retained what were now known as the Old Ways, the ways from the time of the Age of Borad where learning and powerful magics had been given to mortals by Gods and Mods. The Classes were settled in this Age, with the fundamental separation between Magic, Faith, Reason and Physicality determining the Families of Classes. Likewise many traditions began in the Age of Warga, traditions later codified as the College of Magic, the King's Law, the Way of the Sword and numerous other Class based teachings. Knights of a crude sort first appeared in the age of Warga as did chivalry.

The brief Age of Barun was one in which the Forerunners were rediscovered, or allowed themselves to be rediscovered. They created the Zbrekenalderzdell, the Place of Stopping and Talking. This neutral township in the Brownstone Mountains quickly became an important independent city-state famous for hosting diplomats of every rank and species. A place where wars could be avoided. Or declared. The Age of Barun ended when Zbrekenalderzdell itself was invaded and destroyed by the Chaotic horrors of Gargazyl the Thief. His slavers destroyed the city-state, stole its library and enslaved its best minds.

The brief Age of Tisen saw the misguided oppressive and arrogant Gargazyl declare himself Emperor of Thought, and attempt to dominate the world. This Age is basically counted from the establishment of his capital city Tiezarr on the shores of Lake Jenvor and his declaration of Emperorship through the centuries it took all the peoples of the world to revolt and destroy him, his city and his ill-suited empire.

The Age of Taefl was long and generally happy with new lands settled and new races appearing in remote regions. The Classes were long since settled, and the first large "Classocracies" appeared in this age, nations or empires where a single character Class dominated the political system or monarchy.
However despite the general peace and plenty, a serious threat to life everywhere also arose in this Age. This threat was a cabal of sinister Wizards, more treacherous than powerful, who used every mercantile, roguish or other deceitful trick to take power in as many lands as they could. All this was done in service of Habsor the Mind-Eater, a daemon of immense power which was the real cause of their imperial ambitions. Habsor and his Wizards were not permanently defeated in this Age although their headquarters was destroyed and the physical form of Habsor was annihilated.

The Age of Vijya was not as bright as the Age of Taefl, and Habsor appeared again, nor was it the only powerful "God" to gather legions and followers and attempt to rule the world. The Age of Vijya saw lands fall into darkness, trade routes become abandoned and barbarism rise everywhere. There were still large settled areas and powerful kingdoms, but people became more fearful and uncertain of the future.

The Age of Morg began with the destruction of the larget library in the World of Mystery, the Arneseum. With its destruction by the forces of Habsor, the world permanently lost all knowledge of entire Levels of magic spells and many other essential pieces of lore and learning. Morg was one long Age of slaughter and loss of civilization with only the Central Kingdoms of the lands further from The Fence surviving more or less intact. Even there, monsters and evil-doers became a common plague on the lands.

The Age of Codul has only just begun, being ushered in by the arrival in the World of Mystery of the Frostfowl Poul the Penguin, the Penguin of Prophecy...


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