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So, yeah.

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Bloody hell; gotta make up my mind about where I want to go after this.
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I thought I didn't make the Pepper Project because I didn't get an artbook.

I was wrong.

I received an email from the good people at Imaginary Friends. They said they encountered some trouble (they didn't elaborate) but are now ok. They were confirming people's mailing addresses.

Since Imaginary Friends is based in Singapore and I'm now based in Singapore, I guess that I'll receive the book more reliably*. Can't wait!

* The Philippine Postal system isn't exactly known for it's dependability
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Somebody posted a comment on Katamari Pepper.

Basically, he said that it didn't deserve to be finalist. Ok, maybe it did (the guidelines were very loose), maybe it didn't. I didn't get a copy of the book so I guess it didn't make it.

But like I said, it was just a doodle. I didn't even intend to enter it. But the Pepper Project made it a favorite and a lot of people seemed to really like it (I don't know any of these people). Only after that did I submit it as an entry. I got lucky and I rode with it.

But here's the thing. This guy actually bothered and took the effort to tell me that, to tell me that it would enrage him if he lost to it, that it was ridiculous it got picked, but he does not mean to be hating. I normally wouldn't mind but his comment lacked any semblance of tact and prudence.

I hid his comment because he deserves his privacy and I don't want to make him look like more of an ass than he already does with the comment.

I don't even know him.

And for those who claim not "to be hatin'" but post their easily maligned comments anyway, maybe you should take a look at what Randall Munroe thinks about it:
Working and living in a different sovereignty now. I will still be updating as usual though.
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* something's up with the day job
* been working on "Hostile Takeover", the season finale for Geeks (
* do have cover work for the company newsletter
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Pepper Project finalists:…

Our cute, little doodle is there!
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I've spread myself too thin lately and I'd like to focus on Geeks and on being a code  ninja for a while.

I also hear the war drums beating already. Better alert the armory; we're going  to war, kids.

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Done with the Pepper Project Aside from my planned entry… , I submitted "Katamari Pepper"… as well, albeit under a different name (too familiar with Katamari Damacy).

I'm currently doing the thumbnails for a 'season-ender' arc for my webcomic I promise to make the art on this one international comic book material (so no more slacking off). The story will be serious and action-packed so it will vastly different from what I've done before for the webcomic. The story is also allegorical so if you know me, you'll get the references I'll be putting in.

Things aren't as fast as I want them to go, though because of my day job as a code monkey/code breaker.
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My doodle,… was made a favorite by the Pepper Project

It's really flattering and it brings a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Thanks, guys!

But that isn't my entry yet.
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* Moved my webcomic to
* Working on my submission for the Pepper Project:…
* On the home stretch of an image processing core behavioral and RTL implementation using systemC.
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Blogging about making a graphic novel:

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