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Emergent Life  II by WilMacAllister Emergent Life II :iconwilmacallister:WilMacAllister 5 0 I don't wanna pray by DallasHarder I don't wanna pray :icondallasharder:DallasHarder 1,192 85 Surfacing by johndeand Surfacing :iconjohndeand:johndeand 0 2 Swathe by johndeand Swathe :iconjohndeand:johndeand 1 0
time alone must remain
sleep at night
in held embraces
days can
be filled
with my own
mingling with all of the
:iconbrokenheartsbleeding:brokenheartsbleeding 0 0
constant abbrasion ear drum pi
voices crawling out of face
feels like drowning
so many lives
magic machines
must be tended to
by there inordinate
i can not
bare the
:iconbrokenheartsbleeding:brokenheartsbleeding 2 0
our nature our existence
it's not something i haven't done before
i'm kind of an infinite potentiality inside my head
i guess it's some case of extreme irony
absolute opposites inside of one creation
my soul sort of doesn't exist
it just is everything that's arpound me
and everything inside is just water liquids
nothing solid
nothing there
just the mass amount of work poetry art existence i absorb and expel from myself
and then destroy methodically
or hold distant from myself
or give away
or treasure for no reason at all
and don't ever look at again after it came out
i guess i was made to reinvent the world entirely outside of it
i guess i was made to fill fix the rest to make solid what is not easily seen to others
i want to be empty of everything
i want to run myself through a thousand lines of thought and sound and range
then collapse into a one single sheet of paper
that a pebble could sink into
fallen from heaven
embedded into the page
pinned to the ground for eternity
reset in a new plane, a new earth in
:iconbrokenheartsbleeding:brokenheartsbleeding 4 4
random fuck you
swallow bullshit . . . symbiotic retaliation . . . compress tension release reprieve normalcy no curtain no call only silence existence suffocation in honey . . . formally told to expand unravel navel fuck the system
:iconbrokenheartsbleeding:brokenheartsbleeding 4 1
random quote
i absorb everything
i leave nothing out
i'm like a lightning rod
and i have been hit many times
:iconbrokenheartsbleeding:brokenheartsbleeding 2 0
open letter no 1
people don't think about that one of every three children who are raped is male
and on a whole ratio one third of all children are molested
but then when boys grow up they told they can't feel anything
and society acts like lesbian molestation is basically nonexistent to most
or that female to female abuse doesn't occur
the ratios for male to male abuse is almost equal to the percentage of female to female male to female female to male abuse issues
we live in a society that lies about almost every issue we have
and tries to implement ideals that ceased to exist ions ago
growing up and being a small boy and being told that you can't hold hands with a gilr because one day you might hurt or rape her because some evil motherfucking asshole you never knew once did it
makes you want to slit your wrists and never love for single moment
and yet that's what almost every boy is told
or insinuated towards
seeds of religious orientations
and making or males pump up there muscles
and destroy there
:iconbrokenheartsbleeding:brokenheartsbleeding 2 2
pretty much whatever
            one of the things i do remember is my brother and my father talking to me in or old bus . . . this was right after my brother came out about being gay . . . and my niece around that time, and i remember them asking me if i was real christian and weeping, saying that they were so sorry that hadn't said anything about if my soul was saved, and my brother doesn't even remember, he just sort of snapped after that . . . he went crazy for a
      Oli V Koppenberg
      9 minutes ago
      Oli V Koppenberg
            couple of years, all we ever wanted to do was run away, or call child services, that's usually what i spent a lot of
:iconbrokenheartsbleeding:brokenheartsbleeding 4 0
blues and oranges by montroytana blues and oranges :iconmontroytana:montroytana 18 11
52 sundays
52  Sundays
they put us all on
checkerboard tiles
boys on the left
girls on the right
two pools
swapping stories
no middle sex
sternly watched  
boys ears
girls held hands
giggled about
new clothes
seemed like they were raising
perfect queers in that church
not even aloud to be outside there
bodies, trapped inside the left
side sections separate
cut in half
see there are depths
you cannot go to
looking down a wall
wanting to bleed
unwilling to mame
to get away
of being silent
like the lambs
your soul
see they
are eyes
snap apart
like pees
from a pod
snatched body
mind spirit
crushed crushes . . .
Michelangelo to  Miro to  mirror
girl inside
they are depths
you cannot go to
you cannot rewind  
only mementos
mandalas . . .
:iconbrokenheartsbleeding:brokenheartsbleeding 2 0
white out by brokenheartsbleeding white out :iconbrokenheartsbleeding:brokenheartsbleeding 5 0 forest by montroytana forest :iconmontroytana:montroytana 21 19

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first of all i know you and your art well, so i come to this critique wanting to not only dissect it, but to promote you and your work....



Tony Gallucci
United States
many thanks for this beautiful piece created by montroytana from a photo by johndeand

thanks to Adam Bouska & crew for the incredible portrait from the October 4, 2010 NOH8 Campaign photoshoot at Texas A&M University in College Station . . .

my previous several ID pics by my favorite photographer johndeand, and by my favorite digital artist montroytana from photos by johndeand . . . thanks guys, you all rock . . .

Current Residence: hill country of texas but my heart's usually either on south padre island or in austin
Favourite genre of music: absolutely anything, but most often listen to hardcore rock and acoustic lyricists
Favourite photographer: john dean domingue, greg lasley, arthur koppenberg, max watson, will mcallister
Favourite style of art: raw humanity & movement
Operating System: windows 7 64-bit
Skin of choice: angel's
Personal Quote: "everybody dies, only a few live"
15 July 2012

well, one of my big projects ~ a documentary film with Jonah Smith, frontman, and his band Plowboy ~ is close to wrapping. these guys are a phenomenal band. we're almost done, will film some more next month, and then wrap interviews in the fall, with editing then to progress. if you're into core grunge and blistering rock, you might want to check them out.…

also trying to wrap production on my short 'Obsessed Compelled Disordered' . . .

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   

special thanks
to *johndeand, *montroytana and Adam Bouska for my fantastic devIDs . . .

also to *montroytana for creating that awesome avatar from a portrait by *johndeand, and an avatar for jdd's and my collaborative account ~beadedPrayers

to my vfriends and inspirations -- *johndeand, *montroytana, ~Solaces, *royalocean, ~MaxwellWatson, sam skeist & Plowboy for their words, music & art
  • Listening to: plowboy, eric taylor, james bullard
  • Reading: lists
  • Watching: storms
  • Playing: with plans
  • Eating: mmmhmmmmm
  • Drinking: chai fraps


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i see you know Leks . . . cool . . .
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