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July 29, 2008
around by *sevenblah is unique and stunning. It brings to mind a paper weight, something that would feel cool and heavy in your hands.
Featured by Bloodredsangre
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everyone asked me to add a room with my last one so i did it with this one...



Wow DD thanks ^Bloodredsangre for that
and thanks everyone else for all your comments :)
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You are my idol from now! Awesome work! BTW I tryin to learn C4D!
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lol well thanks, im thinking about getting make into it, keep watching for new stuff :)
xSakuraKurox's avatar
It's really quite beautiful! Is it an actual object?
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xSakuraKurox's avatar
Whoa. It looks so real. O.O'''
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mike-reiss's avatar
great, i like it!
AlexisUnderwoodArts's avatar
the reflections are superb!! Well done!
DoppiaC's avatar
Incredible! I'm stunned. The quality of the reflections is superb!
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Bryyo's avatar
Stellar works! I simply love it!
Instant fave. (:
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We have featured this piece in our journal, [link] please contact us if you would like it removed.
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Komare3232's avatar
I don't know wat that is... but it's pretty cool looking.
wow looks awesome O_O
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I like this one best so far just looks so damn real! When I first saw it I thought you were the next Dale Chihuly or something and this was just a photo. The organic shapes and the swirls are ridiculously eye catching. The only thin i want to whine about is that you rarely use blue. Can I request more blue? Ha ha. Sorry.
sevenblah's avatar
lol ill try and do a another blue one but i do have quite a bit already.
Xiao-Fury's avatar
I don't get what it is, but it sure is pretty.
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Sooo... mesmerizing...
يعطيك العافيه

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