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My life for you,
Is never fading.
There are many things,
That I have traded.
But never would I trade your love,
While it's with me.
You mean the world to me,
And you never let me down.
Oh what a thing to say,
To hear your name
In endless darkness you found me,
Took me from the depths.
Shared with me your smile,
And brought the light in.
For that I thank you,
And owe to you my soul.
Of all the things in life,
You are the thing I'm thankful for...
                    For you.
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For Laura 03-27-10
Never has there been a day
that I have not wished to tell you
of how much I love you.
You have been a constant in my unremitting life
and have given me the foundation to reach where I am today.
You have inspired in me:
Strength, Courage, and Determination.
Strength to stand on my feet,
Courage to move forward in all that I do,
and Determination to see out my goals to the finish.
And yet,
you have also seen the ugliness
that accompanies me.
The Weaknesses and the Vices
which usher in my shortcomings
and bring forth my demise.
You have born witness to my depressions,
and have seen the many times I was without reason.
Yet you have looked up to me even so,
and have shared with me
your Kindness and your Love.
You are a goddess to be so beautiful,
and a saint to have such patience with me.
I would be a liar to say that I feel deserving of your gifts to me,
and would be but a fool had I not have felt this way.
Thank you Laura, for all that you have done and continue to do.
As I will tell you
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American Eskimo Puppy 6 by Seveer-rM American Eskimo Puppy 6 :iconseveer-rm:Seveer-rM 6 1 American Eskimo Puppy 5 by Seveer-rM American Eskimo Puppy 5 :iconseveer-rm:Seveer-rM 7 5 American Eskimo Puppy 4 by Seveer-rM American Eskimo Puppy 4 :iconseveer-rm:Seveer-rM 3 0 American Eskimo Puppy 3 by Seveer-rM American Eskimo Puppy 3 :iconseveer-rm:Seveer-rM 1 1 American Eskimo Puppy 2 by Seveer-rM American Eskimo Puppy 2 :iconseveer-rm:Seveer-rM 12 11 American Eskimo Puppy 1 by Seveer-rM American Eskimo Puppy 1 :iconseveer-rm:Seveer-rM 6 1 Personality Meme for Me by Seveer-rM Personality Meme for Me :iconseveer-rm:Seveer-rM 0 1 Meier Link Vampire Hunter D by Seveer-rM Meier Link Vampire Hunter D :iconseveer-rm:Seveer-rM 3 4 Vampire Hunter D 2 by Seveer-rM Vampire Hunter D 2 :iconseveer-rm:Seveer-rM 1 3 Vampire Hunter D by Seveer-rM Vampire Hunter D :iconseveer-rm:Seveer-rM 2 0 Crying Woman sketch by Seveer-rM Crying Woman sketch :iconseveer-rm:Seveer-rM 0 0 Dunya OC by Seveer-rM Dunya OC :iconseveer-rm:Seveer-rM 0 0 Arizona Tea Gradient Test by Seveer-rM Arizona Tea Gradient Test :iconseveer-rm:Seveer-rM 0 0 Just something random by Seveer-rM Just something random :iconseveer-rm:Seveer-rM 1 0



United States
Current Residence: Hot ass Arizona
Favourite genre of music: Anything that makes sense
Favourite style of art: Traditional
Personal Quote: I like turtles~ :'D
Okay, so welcome everyone to the new year (and the new decade =P). I've been pretty dead on here due to a number of reasons, but in the next few days I hope to turn that around and bring a great many new pieces to my account (as soon as I find my usb to firewire cable >.< so I can transfer all my pics to my computer and upload them). So to let my loyal followers know why I was gone for so long I give you...

   A "quick" synopsis of my life thus far since graduating high school:

       My family was having a foreclosure on our house, and I left the day of graduation to go live at my brother's in Orange County working two full time jobs at Vons and Babies'R'Us in the hopes of going to a tech school out in Tempe, AZ (just east of Phoenix). Went to that school for about a year; racked up $30,000 in school debt only to realize the following: the school was basically a scam, I love Arizona a lot better than California, and student debt can haunt you and ruin your credit until your dead if you fail to pay it on time. Over the time I since I graduated to the time I made it out to Arizona I had to deal with three psychotic women that I had become "romantically involved" with -- which left me very drained and beaten. I was working at Fry's Electronics; first as a cashier, than as a software salesman -- both of which sucked =/. Although I had given up on meeting a girl that actually had a brain and didn't play mind games, I met my fiancee while going to that tech school (we are still together and it's been nearly two years -- or at least it will be on the 23rd of this upcoming March =P ).

I ended up losing my job at Fry's Electronics over an issue with my department manager (long story but it wasn't related to anything I did wrong, she was just evil). At the time I was supporting myself and my fiancee (since her mother kicked her out of her house). I worked a temp job at a mineral/rock shop for hippies at Mill's Mall for a few months to make ends meet. I moved into an apartment after dropping out of the school I was in, and got a better paying job at a call center for Sprint, which then became too stressful for me to even function when I wasn't even at work. I'd have night terror and other things about work. So out of the blue one day I just up and quit it. I then took my fiancee, our cat, and I out to live with my brother in California (who was going through a divorce at the time and told me that it would be a win-win situation since there were a lot of jobs out there and he could use help with rent). End up finding out my big brother who I used to really look up to was actually a loser with a lot of anger issues and was a liar and a cheat. There were NO jobs in California and the whole experience reminded me why I hated California. It took two-and-a-half months to find a job at Wal-Mart doing maintenance... it was one of the most humbling experiences of my life (as I would consider that job to be a hundred times worse then my job at Del-Taco when I lived in Moreno Valley). I worked sixteen hour days, six days of the week, just to scrounge enough money to get back to Arizona (which is another story that is lengthy, so I'll save you that one).

I got back here to live in the living room of my old apartment because we had other people in the room we used to be in. Then Yader (I'm sure you remember him), who had been our roommate the entire time in Arizona, turned his back on me -- which was a really bad idea for him to do. I up and left one day even though I was helping with rent and utilities and moved into a town house with a friend I sort of knew and some of his friends. Since my time there I have had to deal with one of the roommates letting his mom live on our couch in the living room without him or her doing anything for that priviledge until we all kicked her out two-and-a-half months later, and we've had to take our homosexual black roommate to the ER twice over attempted suicide via OD'ing on medicine. But in any case, I happened to land another call center job; this time being inbound (taking calls only) for a sales position for Charter Communications (cable, internet, and telephone services for residential locations).

I've been working there ever since and it pays decent enough to support my fiancee and I. We've just recently moved into a new house out in Mesa, AZ with her mother (who is not as crazy now and is actually a really good roommate to have). My fiancee has so far been in and out of the ER so many times that I can navigate two hospitals blind folded and can tell set an IV and monitor vitals on nearly all current machines in use. She first was misdiagnosed in California with severe side pain as for it being "gas" -- which later in the year out here in Arizona it was again misdiagnosed as a fluke, and then two days after a return visit, found to be atypical appendicitus. After her surgery she has had heart complications of sinus tachycardia (fast heart rate from the hearts natural pace-maker) going up to a sustained 180bpm over 2+ hours while laying down in a hospital bed, as well as heart arrhythmia (abnormal heart beats). She still has lots of issues with her heart and is seeing a cardiologist while remaining on beta-blockers. She also suffers from a whole host of pre-existing conditions which I wont mention here so as to not embarrass her.

So needless to say, things have been stressful and busy for me. There's also a lot more to the story, but I'll save you the details and lengthy inner dialogs of growing up (I'm sure you've done that before too lol).

But in any case, sorry for taking up your time with my lengthy story here. I'm glad to have added a new journal entry now, and am looking forward to 2010 with the rest of you =P.
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