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Just posted up some photos.  Decided to give it some personality, but try something different.
Pulled it apart, covered it in grey primer and then covered it in sharpie drawings. Over many nights, when I had free time.
All Horror themed.... ones that I personally like.
Haven't posed anything for a LONG, LONG time.
I decided to try the Inktober challenge this year, so finally some new sketches.
Some of them I like, some of them are SHIT, but just keep going and finish the challenge.

Since I was scanning my Inktober pics, I threw in a few other sketches that I actually like.
Why do you always hate your own work? 
I sketch quite abit, not that most people would know.
But I have finally managed to be bothered to scan, resize and post some pics.

Hopefully some of you out there in deviant land (sounds like a dodgy place) will check these out.

I have a few ideas on the go right now, so hopefully more work will follow.


This is a teaser trailer for the old serials of Dash Riprock - Space Adventurer.

Visit strange alien worlds, witness exciting space chases, see dashing heroes and unique creatures from other worlds.

Featuring state-of-the-art special effects (for its day) this Milky White Dynamite presentation, will leave you craving more fantastic intergalactic adventure.

just threw up some more sketches, and I might lay some quick basic colours do on a few of them in photoshop.

just curious to see how the pen and sepia pencil style will look with colour, as it was fun to draw this way.

Been a member here for years, virtually never visited, but have finally decided to put up some work and start checking in on a regular basis.

Just throwing up some sketches first, will add more 'finished' work later.