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Makari Pulse Autolaser

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Because :iconczechbiohazard: motivated me to post old gun art I had lying around.

Makari Pulse-Autolaser:

MANUFACTURER: Makari Conclave Republic

TYPE: Infantry Squad Support Weapon/Light General Purpose 'Machinegun'

1x "Cyclone" pattern heavy power cell

ACTION: Rapid-pulse free electron laser powered by a rotating supercapacitor bank.

The power cell is an astoundingly efficient generator, and will provide a lifetime power output of literally thousands of shots. In practice, reloading is almost never neccesary for the duration of most firefights.

1,800 effective maximum rpm.

Autolasers are the Republic's general-purpose light automatic weapon. Light and compact enough to be carried comfortably by a regular infantryman, the weapon is an incredibly high-output pulse laser that operates by using a generator cell to sequentially charge and fire a ring of supercapacitors. Each capacitor powers only a small handful of shots before depleting, but the weapon cycles through the drive capacitors, so that drained capacitors are constantly recharging and will be ready to power more laser blasts when the cycle completes. The result is an unceasing storm of high-energy teal-purple lasbolts capable of shredding humanoid targets and burning rapidly through the rough carbon nanotube meshes most contemporary body armor is based on. As a laser based system, the weapon is effectively recoilless, and incredibly precise, allowing for optimal shots-on-target; using one has been likened to aiming a strobe light crossed with a laser pointer.

Pulse autolasers are generally special-issued to cyber-armored Republican infantry as squad support weapons, but they are also pintle mounted on Republican tanks, mecha, and some power armors, where the onboard power systems are able to provide the weapon a literally inexhaustible supply of power.

(Made in PMG 2.0)
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Nice. I love the magazine. It's very kick ass. :3