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Sevenbark Taskbar for Rainmeter

!!! Sevenbark 2 !!!

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will appear soon:

Recycle Bin
and many more

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Taskbar Magic
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Very good, thank-you. Just one question; is there a way to make it thinner? Thanks again
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in about one week i will upload Sevenbark 2.0 - it's:

20 px thinner
changed the clock
full recolorable
and includes mediaplayer and a lot of other stuff

if you can't wait you could change the code of the  Sevenbark.ini.
Set the Height (H=) of the [BG] Meter to 40 or whatever you like and move all the Icons  with the Y= up


H=40 (normaly 60)

Y=-20 (normaly 0)

not the best solution, but it should work (:
Did all you said and thanks....:-} other thing; is there any reason why your bar uses more cpu resources than most other skins and is there a way to keep the cpu usage minimal or are you dealing with that in version 2.0? Looking forward to your new one, by the way
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I set the Update= way to low thats the reason why it uses so much cpu
Im currently working on in it for the 2.0 Version (:
Ok, cool, I'll be waiting for the new version. Thanks
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Just change Update=10 to Update=1000 in the [Rainmeter] Section of all .ini files.
What does that do?
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Update=1000 will make the skins update once per second rather than once every 10 milliseconds  (that's 1/100th the frequency of Update=10)
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Thanks for that. Keep up the good work
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very clean, nice job man :thumbsup:
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Oooh this is very nice. On smaller screens it's a bit tall--my secondary monitor is 1360 x 768 and it takes up quite a lot of space for such small icons. It's not as much of a problem for minimalistic wallpapers, but a thinner option would be cool.
I like the minimalist feel/design and the colour(s) goes pretty well with most wallpapers. Mega customization is great too. GJ :+favlove:
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thank you very much! I'm glad you like it
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Really nice taskbar !
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Thank you! (:
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Yes it defenitly supports 1366 x 768.. i made it with that resolution
but it also should work with other resolutions, but i haven't tryed it until now (:
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are this support 1366 x 768 resolution ?
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