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My Bio
Female. 25. Cisgender. Somewhere between bisexual and biromantic asexual. Geek. Liberal. Introvert. Bookworm. Fangirl. Sci-fi/fantasy/comics fan. Lapsed Christian turned agnostic with a keen interest in other religions. Tattoo fan.

Blogger. Fanfiction writer (and reader). Vidder (and vid watcher). Avid bookmarker.

Former Tennessean living on the Maryland side of the DC metro area. College graduate with a degree in history and secondary education. Licensed teacher. Currently? On eighth year of working as a server and seriously considering switching to bartending if I don't find a non-restaurant job soon. Working as a customer service representative at a company in Washington D.C. as of January 2012!

I'm not much of an artist, unfortunately. I'm a decent writer, and I like to vid, but I pretty much use this account to lurk and look at gorgeous artwork.

Other Interests
books, comics, fandom, history, movies, television, writing

Fulltime Lurker

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For the time being, I'm basically a lurker here on dA (as I have been for, oh wow, over five years - time really flies). I sketch a little bit, but none of my artwork is decent enough to post on this site. Seriously, there's enough bad fanart on the internet as it is. It doesn't need any help from me.
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To be honest, I'd forgotten about this account.  I signed up for it on a lark, and then I put it out of my mind. I guess I better go see if I can dig up a few of my sketches.
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Thank you for the watch :)
Thanks for the fav!
Thanks for adding me to your watched list! :)
Lynn! o:

Welcome to DA, lassie. Upload things! :heart:

P.S. This is Ox. From NPG. The loud, annoying one ;D.