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2D Design- Color Project



Edit: Oh I forgot! When I started this project, I had a bunch of shapes on my canvas that had no real rhyme or reason. So what I decided to do was to number each shape from 1-8 to make my life easier. (Each area needed to have 8 levels, thus why from 1-8) So the 1's were the lightest colors and the 8's were the darkest. It essentially made the image a paint by number; It really did help. My classmate said I should take a pic so I did :3


For this project, we had to do a self portrait and split it into 4 areas which would each have a different color scheme in it. Then we had to paint it on canvas with acrylic paint. :3

What everyone else was doing was splitting up things like the hair in one scheme, the face in another, the background in another. I wanted to just split it up into 4 areas, this is the way I liked it best. :3

Anyway the schemes are as follows: The center is purple monochrome, the next out in yellow is complementary (she said if areas were touching each other then we could count that as a group. I thought doing the yellow in monochrome would look better than using the purple again in that area. So anyway, the purple and yellow are complementary) then the next out is analogous which is three colors next to each other on the color wheel (so, yellow-orange, orange and red) and then the last area is Triad which are three colors in a triangle formation away from each other, in this case yellow-orange, blue-green and red-violet.

I really like how it came out.

This is acrylic paint on 12x 16 canvas
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I love this!!! inspiring to me!