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Today i realise that Tsuki doesnt actually have a proper reference. So seeing as i was so bored today i decided to do one.

Not much to say about this other than a huge thanks to :iconakreon: for the lineart. And the fact that this was coloured on paint :w00t!:

Enjoy :aww:

Tsuki (c) Me!!!
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kAYiKAyIU-cHAn's avatar
yayyyy! fanart tieeemmm!! :w00t:
Setsuna-phoenix's avatar
OMG hun! You dont have too O___O. But wow....thank you :hug:
kAYiKAyIU-cHAn's avatar
haha but i want to!
im actually workin on it right now! Tsuki looks so prettayy! hahahh
you're welcome~:heart:
Setsuna-phoenix's avatar
Aww wow!! :excited:. I cant wait to see it! Aww this is so sweet of you :glomp: :heart:
kAYiKAyIU-cHAn's avatar
hahahhh ^^;
no problem! your fursona was too adorable to resist!! >w<
Mellifluous-whispers's avatar
*Gasps* i know I'm SUPER late for this but....

....this is an AWESOME Ref! <333 Beautiful Lineart. :D :aww:
Setsuna-phoenix's avatar
Hehe aww i didnt draw it ^^; Just coloured it.
campervan's avatar
hello- I don't really think you're meant to tell what other's Christmas presents are- but would you like me to include 'Silver-watsit' in your gift?

oh and if so please could you tell me his/her username :lol:

Oh and it might not be definite, but possible :lol:
Setsuna-phoenix's avatar
Awww hun your so sweet :hug: Im sure she would appreciate it as well :aww: Oh and her username is: *SilverRainbow

campervan's avatar
I guessed you were pretty good friends with her and stuff- I've seen some commisions with both your chars and she's been in alot of journals too c:
Setsuna-phoenix's avatar
Lmao yus shes my best friend :aww:. So is =tribalyoshi. They are both great friends of mine :aww:.

wildgraywolf's avatar
she looks so realistic and cool! :boogie:
Setsuna-phoenix's avatar
Thanks :aww:. But i didnt draw this i only coloured it ^^;.
tribalyoshi's avatar
gah! glompages again :noes:
-tries to flee tsuki's glomps of glompageness-
Setsuna-phoenix's avatar
tribalyoshi's avatar
the glompage of doom will get me though! :noes:
Setsuna-phoenix's avatar in a huggable mood :tears:
Wynaut's avatar
Splashie's avatar
Nice reference :) Good snarling drawing :D
Setsuna-phoenix's avatar
Thanks though i didnt draw it, i only coloured it.
Splashie's avatar
Ah, well, still looks good :D
XxSasukesxgirlxX's avatar
I love this!! Its awesome!! 8D
Nice job on the Ref sheet!! xD
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