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Fatal Frame IV: Reunion by Setsu-sama Fatal Frame IV: Reunion :iconsetsu-sama:Setsu-sama 140 8 Russia Shimeji -APH- by Setsu-sama Russia Shimeji -APH- :iconsetsu-sama:Setsu-sama 4,349 1,195 Green Kokeshi Icon by Setsu-sama Green Kokeshi Icon :iconsetsu-sama:Setsu-sama 17 7 -Zero 4 Dolls pt. 1 - Madoka - by Setsu-sama -Zero 4 Dolls pt. 1 - Madoka - :iconsetsu-sama:Setsu-sama 25 6 xHot-Tacox's Av by Setsu-sama xHot-Tacox's Av :iconsetsu-sama:Setsu-sama 17 3 Bunny Lolita by Setsu-sama Bunny Lolita :iconsetsu-sama:Setsu-sama 51 19 Silver by Setsu-sama Silver :iconsetsu-sama:Setsu-sama 10 3 Umineko- Beatrice by Setsu-sama Umineko- Beatrice :iconsetsu-sama:Setsu-sama 56 12 Nice...scythe? by Setsu-sama Nice...scythe? :iconsetsu-sama:Setsu-sama 27 10 Nameless Fullbody Base by Setsu-sama Nameless Fullbody Base :iconsetsu-sama:Setsu-sama 40 1 riding electricity by Setsu-sama riding electricity :iconsetsu-sama:Setsu-sama 15 3 Ippen shinde miru? by Setsu-sama Ippen shinde miru? :iconsetsu-sama:Setsu-sama 59 17 base : meigui by Setsu-sama base : meigui :iconsetsu-sama:Setsu-sama 180 24 OC-Madness by Setsu-sama OC-Madness :iconsetsu-sama:Setsu-sama 80 3 Contest Entry :D by Setsu-sama Contest Entry :D :iconsetsu-sama:Setsu-sama 56 5 Green witch :animated: by Setsu-sama Green witch :animated: :iconsetsu-sama:Setsu-sama 18 4


Art and arrogance
I originally posted a version of this in my journal, but the reaction has been so positive that I decided to make it a news article, at Rockinfroggi's suggestion. And thank you to everyone who commented on the original journal!
I've been spending more time around dA lately, and while most of it is very positive, some of it... well, isn't. People telling each other their work sucks, stop drawing, etc. Or even people looking at my work and saying or thinking that they'll never be as good and getting discouraged.
Please, please, don't. No one is born perfect. No one is born able to compete in the Olympics or paint a masterpiece. I first picked up a pencil when I was one year of age – I've had over twenty-two years of near-constant practice, and I have a mother who's an art teacher. I had a load of encouragement and constructive criticism and advice. And I'm still hugely critical of my own work and see a hundred flaws in everything I do. I'm nowhere near reaching my full p
:iconsvenjaliv:SvenjaLiv 333 73
Chopperman by Stippy Chopperman :iconstippy:Stippy 53 9
prosaix's dealing with cyber bullying on dA guide
:bulletgreen: Log out
:bulletgreen: Have some sleep, or a cup of tea
:bulletgreen: Log in
:bulletgreen: Go to your message center
:bulletgreen: Find the comment in which you're being bullied
:bulletgreen: Press the 'x' red button to delete it
:bulletblue: Go to your settings
:bulletblue: Add that person's username to your list of blocked users
:iconprosaix:prosaix 341 246
Common Digital Dolls Miscategorizations
Edit March 13th 2012: IridescentStardust is the new and current Digital Dolls CV.  She may spend her time moving miscategorized deviations or she may not.  If she does, she has my permission to use this as a resource to help people understand why their deviation was moved.  However since I have no idea what she is moving, if you are referred here, please do not ask me why your deviation was moved since I a) will have no clue which deviation it is b) have no clue who you are and c) have no answer because of a or b.  Any questions about moved deviations should go to Moonbeam13.  Sorry for the inconvenience ^^;.  The article also has a few updates =)
Hello, I am Lyricanna, your former CV for Digital Dolls.  I have recently noticed a few common types of miscats within the category and have decided to write this article in the hopes of explaining why certain things are miscats and where they belong here on dA.
I ask you to please :+fa
:iconlyricanna:Lyricanna 88 88
On Japan: We Don't Need More Stinkin' dArama
The damage there makes me sick. Like, I watched videos and saw photos and felt physically ill. But maybe just as troubling to me is the reaction that's sprang up here on dA especially, the screaming that people only care because they're Weaboo idiots, or that nobody should care anyway because it's somehow cool to be apathetic and cynical, or even that if you do "Pray for Japan" like so many of the Popular-page deviations say, you're a naive, lazy idiot who would rather just think happy thoughts than do anything.
Blatantly stolen from :icondoitforthelulz:'s journal:
I find it upsetting that I see so many people saying:
"Don't pray, why don't you do something useful and DONATE."
Because some people CAN'T donate. Some people just don't have money to support a country on the other side of the world.
I'm not religious, but Prayer isn't hurting anyone. It's no different than saying "I hope everyone's okay."

You might not think it's helping anyone, but it's not hur
:iconthesylverlining:TheSylverLining 450 498
mother by mrkawaiis mother :iconmrkawaiis:mrkawaiis 79 15 Congrats... by isoldel Congrats... :iconisoldel:isoldel 57 29
Tooling: A Branch Of Dolling
With the recent spur of articles focusing on the Dolling community, another one couldn't hurt, especially one that focuses on much lesser known side of dolling, tool shaded dolls.
To give a brief overview on dolling history, dolling started out with a pixel shaded body from a naked Madonna picture (See Wiki link below). As dolling became more sophisticated, tools started to emerge and were very often dismissed as "cheating." This was because they didn't incorporate the more traditional ways of shading dolls, via pixel by pixel. It took a few years before tooled dolls were finally accepted into the community.
For DA, tooled dolls are defineds as:
"Dolls created in programs such as Gimp or Photoshop using automated anti alias techniques such as brushes from Photoshop and the smudge or blur tool. Dodge and Burn tools may also feature. Colour count is not an issue and often these dolls are saved in .png format to preserve all the colours. Tool dolls can often look like miniature CG
:iconxmarleauxx:XMarleauxX 28 17
Results of the '7 Reasons' articles
To begin with, I want to state that if you are unaware of what the “7 reasons” (abbreviated) article is, then do not continue trying to find out. Basically, anything that is in said article or any related article (and there are plenty) will only reaffirm the views you’ve already had, also, this is REALLY LONG. What I want to tackle is exactly what the articles have done, as well as some misconceptions and key points made in both, however lame an attempt it might be. I also want to make it clear that, I will attempt to take an unbiased view when sorting through the clutter and headaches of the last two days, and above all make this newsworthy.
Summary of events: A teenage girl attempted to write an article on why bases are not such a bad thing, and in fact, “Rock”. The article itself became widely known, (for a D.A news piece) and was heavily criticised, and occasionally supported. A huge debate sparked over the credibility of the girl’s claims, some
:icondunnyct:DunnyCT 12 37
7 Reasons why bases ROCK! (A Reprise+Features)
1. They're an excellent starting point to the creation of wonderful pieces of art.

2.  A good number of them are original works of art in their own right.
Freesia Base by Jillianne -Leo base- by RiEile
.:Gina - Set2:. by FionaCreates MelroseBase by gauche0gallery:thumb161028849: Base: Sienna by chloemalloyart
3. Even when reused over and over again, artists often change/edit them in surprising ways.
the pale man by TheThirdAct .:Tomb Raider Underworld:. by FionaCreates :thumb166362448: Oh Deer by pxl-scr4tch
Vanity by Sir4Sissors Kurzick Noble in Grey by isoldel :D by aerieyena  Doll 13 by xSIRENx
4. They bring people together, creating a collaboration between two (or more) artists.
-collab- by viiolaceus Flapper With A Derringer by atacuivel :thumb79686650: Beach Collab 2009 by DollingClub
:thumb152059404: Dragyn's Steampunk Princess by phoenix1784 Gypsy Dance by tata-s-z
5. They're like fashion templates - the human figure can be your canvas and all you have to do is style like crazy.
:iconladyhazy:LadyHazy 154 146
Around the World-Germany by 5T1N9R4Y Around the World-Germany :icon5t1n9r4y:5T1N9R4Y 26 22 The Lady of the Rainbow by orenji-seira The Lady of the Rainbow :iconorenji-seira:orenji-seira 1,197 196 uhyeah by jenjofer uhyeah :iconjenjofer:jenjofer 158 26 Idealistic Pessimist by Tekuuchi Idealistic Pessimist :icontekuuchi:Tekuuchi 44 4 Not Deviantbucket. by sarawtf Not Deviantbucket. :iconsarawtf:sarawtf 74 11




Dear Digital Dolls Cat:

What the heck?

(I'm starting to feel like an elitist. YOU'RE TURNING ME INTO A MONSTER. STOP IT)


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Eh...I want a shimeji, and I found someone who had the linkss to download it and stuff, but nothing worked. I would get the file, get the program, double click, a shortcut would pop up and....NOTHING. :( It makes me so saaaad. I just want-ez some help-ez.
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Daher: Wie geht's dir?, lange nichts gehört yada yada usw. hab ich was verpasst? D: Oh mann ich bin so ein Loser -___-

...dh du wurdest vermisst :meow:
XxXShutMeUpXxX Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2011
Hello, I really liked your shimeji!
I'm kinda new to doing this kind of stuff, and I was wondering if you could help me, I downloaded both files from mediafire but I'm not sure how you unxip the file.

Thank you very much!
AzzaLovesRenji Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I dont think she speaks english :c I asked too~
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Hi I love and like at the same time your Russia deviation =)
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hi i love the way you made russia :D can i have a request pls. ;D
the bloody past i had is still the same as the present....
littleandie02 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010
hi i love the way you made russia :D can i have a request pls. ;D
the bloody past i had is still the same as the present....
littleandie02 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010
hi i love the way you made russia :D can i have a request pls. ;D
the bloody past i had is still the same as the present....
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