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Dimension dueling...
A little art on my favorite girl Renée Roberts/Zakuro Fujiwara(with The Grey Wolf),and also my friend's Kaiba-Loves-Samara oc, Samara.That's why I asked you about Samara's favorite monster. Hey they look great with the female version Kaiba uniform!😂😂 (feel little ashamed now)
Anyway take it as a thank you for your support!!
Well I hope you like it! 😁😂
Thanks for the watch!!!!!!!
Yugioh&Tokyo mew mew/mew mew power crossover
🎄Happy new year to anyone!!🎄
May life give you all the happiness you require!
Ok there are only a few minutes left from 2019 in my country so here is a drawing of my OTP,Seto Kaiba and Renée Roberts/Zakuro Fujiwara,to wish you all a great new year!!
Thanks for the watch!
Yugioh&Tokyo mew mew/mew mew power crossover
Merry Christmas oceanfairie!
Gift for OceanFairie
Chazz and her lovely oc Melissa Yuki
Take it as a thank you for your support and hope you like it,my friend!!
Merry Christmas!!😁
Blue dark
So to my new kind of art wouldn't miss Seto Kaiba and his BEWD of course. Have nothing else to say,hope I haven't forgotten anything! Still hope you guys like it! 😀😁
...behind the dark
I was bored so I tried another kind of art at my favorite girls ever,since I was little!
So here are :
Renée Roberts/Zakuro Fujiwara from TMM/MMP
Raven from Teen Titans

Tokyo mew mew/mew mew power
Teen Titans


No journal entries yet.


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Crossovercomic Featured By Owner 2 hours ago   Digital Artist
 What would happen if the Cyniclons discover the power of the Seven Articles of the Millennium and the three cards of Egyptian Gods?
Crossovercomic Featured By Owner 21 hours ago   Digital Artist
 Renee: As I said that I was afraid and could not move, but there is more. When the Obelisk and Slifer power exploded I had a vison.

Zoey: A vision?

Renee: Yes.


The last clash between "Slifer" and "Obelisk" causes an immense explosion and both the Millennium Puzzle and Marik's Millennium Scepter react! At that time Yugi, Kaiba ... and Renee observe fragments of the past, of the confrontation between the pharaoh and the sorcerer Seto.

SetoxZakuro Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
Renee: What is going on?Why am I seeing this things?What is the meaning of all this?
Zoey: Renee?Hello?
Crossovercomic Featured By Owner 21 hours ago   Digital Artist
 Renee: I'm sorry, I only remembered that vision.

Corina: Can you tell us about that vision?
SetoxZakuro Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
Renee: I don't know.It was just me and the guys.Suddenly two giant sculptures of the Gods were shown.After that the ancient Egypt and some old visions of Seto and Yugi.
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Crossovercomic Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago   Digital Artist
I n fact, if I have an idea and I'll tell you that.

Bridget: Hey Renée, since when did you meet Seto Kaiba?

Renée: Since we were children.

Zoe: Really?

Renée: Yes, my parents were friends of Gozaburo Kaiba, the adoptive father of Seto and Mokuba.

Kiki: Adoptive father? So they were once orphans?

Renée: That's right, his biological parents died in an accident. But one day they were adopted by Gozaburo after being defeated by Seto in a game of chess.

Corina: So Seto challenged Gozaburo Kaiba to a chess game only to adopt him and his brother?

Renée: Yes. And that's where everything started ...


In the Kaiba mansion there were many guests, everyone was having a great time and there were three of them in the center, one of them was a five-year-old boy dressed elegantly and his hair was big and black was Mokuba, the second boy was ten years with a suit almost like his brother, his eyes were blue and his hair was short and brown was Seto and the last was a middle-aged humble, had gray hair and mustache and wine red suit with gold buttons and elegant shoes, that man was Gozaburo Kaiba. He and his adopted children were greeting all the guests at the party until Renée and her parents arrived.

Renée: I met Seto and his brother Mokuba at a party that Gozaburo had prepared, he had invited my parents and me to his party when I was a Little girl.

Gozaburo: Oh! Adam, and Sara, how good they could come.

Adam: You know that we would never miss one of your parties, old friend.

Sara: We also heard that you adopted two children from an orphanage and we wanted to see them.

Gozaburo: Of course, children come here.

And Seto and Mokuba did what he said.

Gozaburo: Children, they are the Roberts family, so say hello.

Seto: Hello.

Makuba: Hello.

Adama: Hello children and my wife and I are very happy to meet you, in fact we want you to know our daughter.

And a little girl came out between her parents, she was a girl with a nice purple dress like her hair and eyes she also has a white bow on her head, white stockings that reach up to her knees and purple slippers and that girl was from the Same age as Seto. She was Renée when she was younger.

Adam: Boys she is Renée so say hello.

When Seto and Renée looked at each other they were surprised, Seto had never seen a girl as beautiful as Renée and She had never seen anyone as interesting as Seto, both continued to see each other until they blushed and returned to each other and greeted each other.

Seto: Hello, I'm Seto.

Renée: Renée Roberts.

and then another memory of Renée appears where she played with Seto and Mokuba in the courtyard of the Kaiba mansion.

Renée: I always visited his house to play with Seto and Mokuba and we were happy since we became good friends but ...

They were happy and laughing as they are having a good time until the Kaiba steward arrived.

Butler: Sorry to interrupt the fun of you three but it's time for Master Seto come to the library to continue their studies.

Mokuba: But that's not fair! We did not even have five minutes to play!

Renée: It's true! Also Seto and finished his studies an hour ago and already put him to study so fast and without rest !?

Butler: They are the orders of Lord Kaiba.

Renée: But ...

Hedge: Renée is fine, leave it like that.

Renée: But.

Seto: I have to do what my stepfather tells me, I like it or not.

And the young man left leaving Mokuba and Renée alone.

Renée: Our hours of play lasted very little because Gozaburo exploited Seto to study every day without rest.

In the memory she looked very worried and sad about Seto.

Renée: The next day I went to Seto's house to see him again, but Gozaburo's men did not let me.

There were a lot of men in black blocking the entrance to the mansion.

Renée: But what are you doing !?

A Man in Black: Sorry but we have orders not to let you through.

Renée: Orders? Whose?

Gozaburo: Mine.

Then Seto's father appears next to Renée.

Renée: You did this? But why?

Gozaburo: So you do not interfere.

Renée: What?

Gozaburo: You will see as you know, Seto is my heir and I must do whatever it takes to make sure that nothing distracts him and that includes you.

Renée: But? What is he implying?

Gozaburo: I'm implying that like everything else you are also a distraction for Seto! That's why you're no longer welcome to my house!



Little Renée only saw Gozaburo with anger and hatred.

Renée: And that's where I saw Seto for the last time and we distanced ourselves ... Each one of us continued with his life like that.

And several memories of Seto and Renée doing different things

Renée: After that we made our own paths. Seto continued with her studies while I continued with my training to be a super model.

 You like? I made it for you. 
SetoxZakuro Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
OUUUH MYYY GOOOOD!!!!!!!!THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!*0*I have read it about 46 times and never stopped loving each word of it! Thank you soooooo much! You have no idea how happy you just made me! Never thought someone would do this for me!thank you,thank you soooooo dearly!😢😢😢😍😍😍
Crossovercomic Featured By Owner 5 days ago   Digital Artist
 But are not you sad that Gozaburo does not let Renée visit Seto? 
SetoxZakuro Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
No, feeling terrible.Actually the story continues this way in my head:
Zoey: This is horrible,that's why I never liked rich people!
Corina: Sure,Zoey! We're not talking about your opinion here!
Kikki: So you have never met him since then?
Renee: I have,but not the innocent kid I knew.
Bridget: What do you mean?
Renee: After a few years my family heard about Gozaburo's death and I decided to go with them....


Adam: Poor Gozaburo!He was a good person.
Renee: What happened?
Sara: Do you remember the Kaiba family hon?The little kid you used to play with?His stepfather passed away last day.
Renee: Oh,that's pretty sad!

Renee started smiling.Finally the only barrier to meet Seto was gone.

Renee: Father,mother may I come?
Adam: But honey,it's a funeral.Are you sure?
Renee: I am coming because I want to meet Seto and Mokuba.They might want a bit help.
Sara: Alright,then.You may come.They need help now more then ever.

After that,they went to the Kaiba Villa.

Renee asked a survent: Excuse me!Do you know where Seto Kaiba is?
Survent: I am really sorry miss!I have not seen him since yesterday.
Renee: Fine,you may leave!

After that a handsome boy wearing an elegant black suit walkes nearby.She recognized him.

Renee:Seto?Is that you?

Seto turned his head,said nothing,but looked rough.Renee's smile fainted.

Renee: Seto,it's me,Renee!You don't remember me?
Seto: I do,but I can not say I am pleased with that.
Renee:What do you mean?
Seto: You said you would come back again,but you did not.Every day we looked at the window and hoping you would be there,but you never showed up.You were the only escape we had from that snake and from the worst nightmare he had us captured in.But at least he was more honest than you,when he said that you didn't care anymore.

Renee said nothing.She was just looking at him.Never felt more disappointed by anyone,but mostly by herself.

Renee: Seto,I can explain..
Seto:No need to.I had more then enough from all of you.And now if you'll excuse me I have more important things to take care of.Have a great life,Miss Roberts!
...and left.

Back now:
Renee: I left the place and never met him.Even though I always followed him,his success,his tournaments,his duels. But never had the strength to talk to him.I feel like he is going to say the same thing he said that day.

She said that and closed her eyes.The other girls looked at each other with sympathy...

And there is more to come....
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